Ancient 2200 Year Old Computer Shipwreck to be REINVESTIGATED!

Antikythera MechanismIn the world of exploration and archaeology contradictions and controversy abound and the great debate is about to heat up once again as an advanced dive team prepares to make another dive on the 2nd Century B.C. Shipwreck.  The ancient Greek Antikythera wreck in the Agean Sea produced a highly controversial “out-of-place-artifact” debate by giving the world a look at the possible sophistication of ancient mankind with the discovery of a 2200 year old astrological computer hidden within this historic shipwreck.

The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient analog computer designed to predict astronomical positions and eclipses. It was recovered in 1900–01 from the Antikythera wreck, a shipwreck off the Greek island of Antikythera.  The instrument has been designed and constructed by Greek scientists and dated between 150 to 100 BC.  Technological artifacts approaching its complexity and workmanship did not appear again until the 14th century, when mechanical astronomical clocks began to be built in Western Europe. 

The so-called Antikythera Mechanism, a 2nd-century BC device known as the world’s oldest computer, was discovered by sponge divers in 1900 off a remote Greek island in the Aegean.
The highly complex mechanism of up to 40 bronze cogs and gears was used by the ancient Greeks to track the cycles of the solar system. It took another 1,500 years for an astrological clock of similar sophistication to be made in Europe.

Now archaeologists returning to the wreck will be able to use a new diving suit which will allow them to more than double the depth they can dive at, and stay safely at the bottom for longer.




oopART 2exosuit 5The deep water dive has deployed one of the most advanced dicing apparatuses ever used – called the Exosuit. 



deep sea 7

exosuit 1exosuit 3


( —Marine archeologists with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture research program (with support from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) are planning to explore the ancient Greek Antikythera wreck in the Agean Sea, using an exosuit developed by Nuytco Research—originally for use in helping workers in New York’s water treatment facilities. The iron-man looking exosuit allows a diver to descend to 1000 feet for hours at a time without need for decompressing upon returning to the surface.

gold n rules

The Antikythera was discovered by divers in 1900—attempts to explore the wreck resulted in recovery of many artifacts, mostly famously, one that is known as the Antikythera mechanism—now referred to as the world’s oldest computer. But it also led to injury and death due to the extreme depth (120 meters). Subsequent attempts more recently have led to more discoveries, but time constraints have prevented a thorough study of the wreck. Wearing the exosuit, the researchers hope will not only allow for mapping the wreck, but for discovery of more artifacts, some perhaps as interesting as the Antikythera mechanism.

deep sea 8deep sea 5


Deep water exploration technologies like these shown in this article are changing the world of underwater exploration.  Now divers can literally go to deeper depths and stay underwater for over 100 hours if necessary.  The depths are getting deeper and deeper as technological advances are made and the more mankind explore the deep, the more strange creatures we keep discovering.

deep sea 4Deep Sea Viperfish {Chauliodus sloani} with chromatophores and bioluminescence, Atlantic ocean


ocean weird 4ocen weird 5


ocean weird 2ocean weird 9


The need for the Exosuit for this dive is to give the exploration team more time to work underwater.

exosuit 2The Exosuit, built in Canada by Nuytco Research, will permit divers to reach depths of 150 metres (492 feet) and still perform delicate tasks, says archaeologist Theotokis Theodoulou.

The suit, which resembles a puffy space suit, “expands our capabilities”, Theodoulou told AFP as the team set off for a month-long expedition to Antikythera, which lies between Crete and the Peloponnese.
“I’ll be able to grasp, pluck, clench and dig… for several hours,” he said.

Archaeologists believe many other artefacts are yet to be discovered in and around the wreck. Up to now they had only been able to operate at a depth of 60 metres.

The suit, which is essentially a body submarine, allows for both arm and leg movements, courtesy of multiple patented rotary joints. It also has 1.6 horsepower thrusters that are activated by the “pilot” via pads inside the boots.

It’s made of mostly aluminum, and weighs 530 pounds. The hands are claw-like, which has meant many hours of training in pools for the research team.

The suit also has external LED lights and cameras, an oxygen replenishment system and a tether to the surface with a fiber optic gigabit Ethernet that allows for two-way communications, a live video feed, and monitoring of the suit and its wearer. In the event of an emergency, the suit has backup batteries and systems to maintain life support—if necessary, the four man crew up top can take over control of the suit to bring the diver out of harm’s way.


The mechanism was found with a spectacular bronze statue of a youth in the wreck of a cargo ship apparently carrying booty to Rome, and researchers are certain that other items on board still remain to be discovered.

“We have good signs that there are other objects present,” said Angeliki Simosi, head of Greece’s directorate of underwater antiquities, after exploratory dives in the area in 2012 and 2013.

“There are dozens of items left, this was a ship bearing immense riches from Asia Minor,” added Dimitris Kourkoumelis, another archaeologist on the team.

The archaeologists also hope to confirm the presence of a second ship, some 250 metres away from the original discovery site.

Antikythera, which now has a population of only 44, was on one of antiquity’s busiest trade routes, and a base for Cilician pirates, some of whom once captured and held the young Julius Caesar for ransom. He later had them all captured and crucified.

deep sea 3deep sea 9

deep sea 2deep sea 12


Deep water exploration technology is changing history and to read mores about this historic dive, their results and the cool technology used, click on the links below:

Divers sure of new finds from ‘ancient computer’ shipwreck

Researchers to use exosuit to explore ancient Antikythera wreck

Who is buried in Alexander’s Great Tomb? Watchers waiting on pins and needles

Who is buried in Alexander’s Great Tomb?  When you say it, this sounds like the old childhood joke we used to tell “Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?”

One of biggest mysteries of modern archaeology might be solved in the coming days—and all eyes are on a huge circular structure that lies beneath an ancient Greek mound.




blogarrator logo

tomb location200px-Ptolemy_I_Soter_Louvre_Ma849Who’s Buried in Largest Tomb in Northern Greece? New Finds Raise Intrigue.
A relative of Alexander the Great may lie in the 2,300-year-old burial site.

Fans of ancient history are laying bets on who was buried in the dark heart of a massive marble-walled tomb that is slowly coming to light in northern Greece

Dating to the tumultuous years surrounding the death of Alexander the Great, between about 325 and 300 B.C., the tomb is the largest ever found in northern Greece—a resting place monumental enough for royalty.

The burial borders the ancient Aegean port of Amphipolis (near modern-day Amfípoli), which once served as the base for the fleet that Alexander the Great took on his invasion of Asia.

After nearly two years of digging at the site (known as the Kasta tumulus after the name of the hill it lies beneath), archaeologists are now exploring its inner chambers.

Its entrances are guarded first by a pair of sphinxes, then by columns in the form of women—each stretching out an arm to ward off intruders. Beyond them lies one of the greatest mysteries of modern archaeology, one that might be solved in the next few days—or might trouble the sleep of scholars for decades, as the last great find in the territory of the ancient Macedonians, the nation once ruled by Alexander the Great, has done.

The structure that now holds much of Greece and Hellenists around the world in suspense stands at the site of ancient Amphipolis, about a hundred miles east of Thessalonica, on territory conquered by Alexander’s father Philip in the 4th century B.C. Amphipolis was a major Greek city and a stronghold of the vast Macedonian empire, but today the site is all but deserted. On grasslands where goatherds graze their flocks, under a hill called Kasta—now protected by a military cordon from throngs of onlookers—lies one of the most puzzling finds ever unearthed in the Aegean region.

blogarrator logoRound in shape and vast in size, the building beneath the hill has been called a tomb for lack of a better label. Circular buildings, though rare in antiquity, were sometimes used for royal burials, but no other known tombs approach the scale of this one: 500 meters in circumference (half again larger than Stonehenge) and surrounded by a superbly built marble wall. Atop the center of the building’s roof once stood a crouching stone lion, long ago removed from the site but still intact—a sign that the tomb, if such it is, probably held a great soldier or ruler. The structure’s date, fixed by analysis of the lion and the stonework, seems to be the last quarter of the 4th century B.C., the decades just after Alexander’s death in 323.

Only Alexander himself, it would seem, could have merited such an enormous and expensive resting place, yet Alexander’s remains are known to have gone elsewhere—stolen by Ptolemy, the Macedonian ruler of Egypt, for interment in Alexandria and later visited by thousands. So unless an ancient legend is true, that Ptolemy swapped a dummy Alexander for the real one, the greatest corpse in the ancient world is already accounted for (at least until its unexplained disappearance many centuries later). So too, apparently, are the bodies of Alexander’s father and son, widely believed to be the occupants of two sumptuous tombs discovered, totally intact, in the late 1970s, near Vergina, on the site of what was once the Macedonian royal capital.


Amphipolis tombn from aboveAmphipolis,Amphipolis tomb 2Greek PM Antonis Samaras takes a closer look at the ancient sphinxes discovered by archaeologistsGreek tomb at Amphipolis imosaic-floor-discovered-amphipolis-greek-tombphpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgGreece Ancient Tombvery largeSphinxes-ancient-greek-tomb

Two female figurines, known as caryatids, once guarded the entrance to the tomb with outstretched arms.







Find Treasure Faster! 5 Must-Have Treasure and History Hunting Tools everyone can afford!

freeOne does not have to be a former tech billionaire to afford the best lost treasure and lost history hunting gadgets.  In fact, nowadays – the best and most useful gadgets to improve your effectiveness as scoring a forgotten fortune are FREE!

Who can argue with Free?  Especially when it could mean the difference in finding your fortune or leaving empty handed?

 Let’s take a look at some of the most effective lost treasure and lost history hunting gadgets and best of all, the ones at the end of this blog post are free!


rangefinder twoYes, this one does cost money, but you can now find them dirt cheap on ebay and other “sale” websites.

laser-range-finder-1One thing you never want to encounter is “seeing” a treasure sign and heading out towards it, only to find out the distance to it was much father or higher than you expected.  You feel you are making progress and then you realize the target site was just too far or too high to make and now you  are even closer, but you just don’t have the energy and are forced to turn back from the target.  One way to better gauge the missions needs and whether or not you can reach the target this mission is to be able to KNOW the distance to the target.  To do that you will need (and should always carry with you) a range finder.  With just a simple click of a button, you can electronically obtain range and elevation and then make a better decision as to (1) how and (2) when you can reach the target, and more important (3) are you properly equipped to reach the target.

Here is how they work:

Range Finder, an optical instrument for measuring distance. Range finders are used mainly in photography for focusing cameras and in gunnery for aiming artillery. There are various non-optical, electronic devices that perform the same function as range finders.
The range finders used with cameras are coincidence range finders. Such a range finder uses mirrors or prisms to produce two or more images of an object. The viewer sights the object through a viewfinder and adjusts a knob or other mechanism to bring the images into alignment. The amount of adjustment is shown on a scale from which the viewer can read the distance to the object. The range finder is usually coupled with the camera’s focusing mechanism so that the viewer does not need to know the distance; when the images in the range finder are in alignment, the lens is in focus.  In gunnery, both coincidence and stereoscopic range finders have been used. A stereoscopic range finder has a pair of eyepieces through which the viewer sees a single image of the object and a pattern of lines that appear to float in a space. The viewer turns a control mechanism until the pattern appears to be at the same distance as the object; the viewer then reads the distance from a scale.Range finders are also a golf product.  Yes golfers use the device to ascertain their distance from the pin.  Now find your distance from the pin with one of these.


GPS_Location_FinderLet’s say you are out with your history hunting or artifact recovery buddies and you all agree to meet back at the car or at camp in two hours and share your finds.  During your two hours out (we always hunt in patios and highly recommend you do as well) you come across an amazing man influenced carved rock structure.  Problem is you took a long circuitous route to get there and there really is not a direct path to this location.  So, needless to say, you are somewhat concerned at your ability to re-find the site to show your treasure hunting buddies.  When have ALL been in this situation and how many times have you found something and wanted to show everyone in your party, to only have it take hours to re-find the “special spot” where you made your discovery?  The following is a piece of urban technology re-purposed for lost treasure and lost history purposes.  Most people refer to the device as a “back tracker”.

Originally designed for urban shoppers and then expanded to “less than  frequent – orientation challenged hikers” these devices work on a simple premise.  Click the button from where you start on your adventure, and then the device will read that setting always displaying your distance from and direction to a specific location. Most use this device to find their way back to base camp or a trail head, but they can be used in reverse.  Here is how the manufacture of the device we use, promote this device:  “With the Bushnell BackTrack, getting back at the end of the day is as easy as pushing a button and following an arrow. The BackTrack has only two buttons and stores up to three locations-just mark it and forget it until it’s time to return.  Whether it’s marking a car in a crowded parking lot or a campsite in the woods, the BackTrack provides distance (yards/miles or meters/kilometers) and a directional arrow to any of the three saved locations at the push of a button. In addition, the BackTrack can be used as a digital compass. Use it to find your car in a crowded parking lot, your favorite fishing hot spot, your campsite after a day of hiking, and more!”  Carry one of these devices (they are very small) and when you make a discovery, CLICK and then when you get back to base camp or rendezvous, you can take your group right back to it!


In lost history and treasure hunting, the expert hunter KNOWS to follow the eyes.  What does “follow the eyes” mean?

In ancient times, when those who deposited treasures in the ground for safekeeping chipped away at rocks and made directional markers, one of the most frequent markers they used where “faces and heads” carved in rocks and these were meant for the ones following the clues to the hidden hoards to “follow the eyes”.  Remember, when ancients (and the same would apply to you as well), only a FOOL would carve a small rock, pointer, arrow or even a boot – the size of a magazine and leave it on a trail to “point the way to treasure”.  Why?  Pointers and way markers that small can be washed off of the trail, blown over, knocked over by wildlife or moved by snow drifts and totally make the marker UNUSABLE to find the “treasure vault” – so EVEN THOUGH you see hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of social media posts and books with these tiny markers – THEY ARE NOT MARKERS!  Unless the original depositor is a FOOL and did not account for rain, wild animals, snow and such – and then if they were FOOLISH and DID use such “portable markers” then YOU TOO will not be able to “follow the pointers” to the treasure. (As you can see this is a hot button educational point of mine). Moving on.  Authentic treasure or lost history markers are monolithic and carved out of immovable stones!  WHY?  Who wants their valuable stash to be lost and not refundable due to the markers falling away? NO ONE – NOT EVEN THE ANCIENTS (who I think were booth smarter and more resourceful than us as modern advanced people).  They would carve LONG STANDING MARKERS and most would have EYES that one is to FOLLOW.

To show you what I mean, I offer the following two photos:

warriors head 2warriors head w commander

These authentic treasure “monoliths” are 12 feet exposed above ground (by that I mean – we really do not know how deep the bodies go into the ground.  But they are in fact in the ground).  As you can see you have a “head and shoulders” man carved monolith.  You can see the “hat or brow”, the “eyes”, the “nose” and the “chin”.  These are all “pointers” but for this article I am only going to use the “eyes” for your current focus.  In ALL AUTHENTIC TREASURE SYMBOLS and MONOLITHS where a head or head/face is featured- you are to follow the eyes to where the “sentinel” is looking.  These types of markers have been proven time after time to “watch over” the actual site, burial place, vault or treasure room.  So, if you want to find any of these types of things, you MUST FOLLOW the eyes.  So, how does one follow the eyes?  With laser guided precision of course.

laser-pointer-beam-greenNow I am assuming we are all adults here and we do not have to be told, don’t point these at people, or peoples eyes, or at aircraft, so the only instruction I am going to tell you isLaser_pointer_safety_distances “use such a laser to point your way to fortunes”!

These “green” lasers can be viewed for over 3 miles and when you find a monolith which “looks out over or watches over” a possible lost treasure or lost history location” you need one of these devices to “sight in” what the monolith is “looking at”.  NOTE:  HIS WILL NOT WORK WITH THE RED LASERS – THE RANGE OF VIEWING IS TOO TOO SHORT.  MUST be green laser only.

What you do is place the green laser into the “eye” and then “you can see” what the monolith sees.  In the instance of this monolithic man above, we found the exact location of the tomb just about three miles away (route distance) or 1.3 miles away as the crow flies.  When placing the laser in the eye of the monolith, we were able to “see the exact spot” where he looked (BTW, he look at a black rock and under the back rock was an entrance to a complete hidden system).

These devices can be as inexpensive as $10 at a thrift store and we recommend getting several if you buy the chapter ones.  The cheap ones tend to eat batteries and the lasers can become jumbled.  But since they are so prevalent now-a-days, even the top quality ones are just about $49.00 NOTE:  These are more effective when you use them at dusk to site, or do your sighting before sun up.  Set the laser, not the spot (take photographs) and then let the sun rise and “see in daylight” your next target.


Sometimes you cant carry a large metal detector with you, but at times you wish you really had one you could carry around in your pocket.  Well there is such a thing and it is called a Falcon Gold Tracker.  mimfalconlg

I actually own two of these devices and we have found them to be the most dependable “pocket carried” metal detector, so whenever you want one (usually when facing a vein or in a gully or tunnel) then you can just pull this one out and go to town and at least get a reasonable indication of your possible gold finds.

Here is what the manufacture says about their device:

Currently produced in Mesa, AZ, the most popular Falcon model, the MD20, has become an industry standard for electronic probes of all kinds.  Its high frequency of 300 kHz and unique electronic design have given it excellent ability to find super fine gold particles that other detectors and probes cannot find.  The Falcon can find particles of gold barely visible with the human eye.  The Falcon’s superior ability to detect gold, silver, copper, platinum and other valuable metals in rock formations provide the prospector with a tool unavailable until now.   Historically, tailings piles were created by miners selecting good ore from “worthless rocks” by sight alone.  Millions of dollars of valuable ore were discarded because the miner couldn’t see the metal!!  Those metals are still lying in those tailings piles waiting for someone with the electronic sight of a Falcon.   Small enough to fit in you pocket and rugged enough to be used in the field,  the MD20 will be a necessary tool for every serious prospector.


This headline and ad is what caught my attention: We used to pay $3,054.82 in 1991 to buy all the stuff in this ad that you can now do with your phone. That amount is roughly equivalent to about $5,100 in 2014 dollars.  LOOK

Everything From This 1991 Radio Shack Ad You Can Now Do With Your Phone


Just think about that for a moment.  What we used to pay thousands for, now is FREE in the form of various apps.  When you think about it, what a great was to justify your continued use of your smart phone!  So now, lets make your smart phone, Lost Hsitory and Lost Treasure Smarter!

To SAVE SPACE here, I am must going to give you a few screen shots and a sentence, but all of these are searchable and FREE on Google Play:

1.  Turn you Phone into a Powerful Flash Light! Yep, It’s Free!  Amps up the flash of your cell camera and makes it a FLASHLIGHT!


2.  Turn your cell phone into a Magnetometer for finding Treasure (Yep, It’s FREE)


3.  Turn your cell phone into a METAL DETECTOR (Yes, its FREE TOO!)

metal detect app

4.  Turn your cell phone into  GPS Layover and Advanced Mapper Tracker (yepper, another FREE ONE!)


5.  Turn your cell phone into a Long Running Audio Recorder (Its free and this is how I audio document all my finds as I find them and what I use to transcribe my books)

sound recorder app

6.  Turn your cell phone into a UV Spectrum Light for finding Gems, Diamonds and Minerals (yep its free and did you know 1/3 of all gems and minerals that are valuable turn bright colors when exposed to UV lights?  Use this to make them POP)

UV light app

I really could keep going and going and I did not even begin to touch all the GPS logging apps.  There are many tools which are now highly valuable in the field to lost history and lost treasure hunters and they a FREE, all you have to do it load them on your smartphone.

Enj0y these and happy hunting!


Archaeological Laws Killing New Discoveries – “Age of Piracy” Proven Unfounded!

Sometimes even the best intentions create horrible unintended consequences.  

Celtic TreasuresFor example:  In recent decades terrorist which have attacked western countries have actually fit into a specific “cultural” profile, yet “profiling or racial profiling” has become almost as “taboo” as “being a chain smoker”.  The laws were designed to protect one group of people, in America “racial profiling” came about to help prevent racial prejudices and harassment and they served a meaningful purpose – INITIALLY.  However, over time “racial profiling” was read over into other areas or laws and now the Transportation Safety Administration can no more stop someone of “cultural interest or identifiers” as a potential terror threat, due to now wanting to be subjected to “racial profiling laws”.    As such, a dead ringer for a militant Islamist wearing a “Jihad” t-shirt can salts right through NYC TSA Security unencumbered, while the red haired, 80 year old grand mother using a walker top hobble around, could be subject to body cavity searches with no ramifications.

Lessons here?  Laws can help, but some time the laws can create a worse situation than there really was prior – all in the name of protecting the “people”.   Thus TSA will conduct diligent body searches, not of real possible terrorist targets, but of those “safer” to target and not get into “legal trouble”.

See the vicious cycle?  It can actually create more chaos and can actually hurt humanity as a whole.  So, how does this relate to Treasure Hunting and Lost History Recovery?

During the late 19th and early 20th century — an era former Met director Thomas Hoving called “the age of piracy” — American and European art museums acquired antiquities by hook or by crook, from grave robbers or souvenir collectors, bounty from digs and ancient sites in impoverished but art-rich source countries. Patrimony laws were intended to protect future archaeological discoveries against Western imperialist designs.  But as it turns out, those laws may not be an unalloyed good. In country after country, empirical data show that when rigid cultural property laws are put in place, major archaeological excavations and discoveries slow markedly, making source countries — and the world at large — culturally poorer.

In fact, with various Archaeological Laws on the books and more (MANY MORE) coming, society and humanity ARE LOSING OUT – BIG TIME!


Here is how the Los Angeles Times studied this issue of “Unintended Consequences”:

The Getty Center in Los Angeles, the Metropolitan Museum in New York and Sotheby’s auction house — these are just some of the major institutions that have been forced to repatriate artworks in recent years. Italy, Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Cambodia have all successfully used their cultural property laws to secure the return of important antiquities from collectors and museums.

Treasures from King Tutankhamen’s tomb that had been in the Met’s collection for almost a century went back to Egypt. In 2006, the Met agreed to return the Euphronios krater, a masterpiece Greek urn that had been a museum draw since 1972. In 2007, the Getty agreed to return 40 objects to Italy, including a marble Aphrodite, in the midst of looting scandals. And in December, Sotheby’s and a private owner agreed to return an ancient Khmer statue of a warrior, pulled from auction two years before, to Cambodia.

Cultural property, or patrimony, laws limit the transfer of cultural property outside the source country’s territory, including outright export prohibitions and national ownership laws. Most art historians, archaeologists, museum officials and policymakers portray cultural property laws in general as invaluable tools for counteracting the ugly legacy of Western cultural imperialism.

During the late 19th and early 20th century — an era former Met director Thomas Hoving called “the age of piracy” — American and European art museums acquired antiquities by hook or by crook, from grave robbers or souvenir collectors, bounty from digs and ancient sites in impoverished but art-rich source countries. Patrimony laws were intended to protect future archaeological discoveries against Western imperialist designs.

But as it turns out, those laws may not be an unalloyed good. In country after country, empirical data show that when rigid cultural property laws are put in place, major archaeological excavations and discoveries slow markedly, making source countries — and the world at large — culturally poorer.

I surveyed 90 countries with one or more archaeological sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list, and my study shows that in most cases the number of discovered sites diminishes sharply after a country passes a cultural property law. There are 222 archaeological sites listed for those 90 countries. When you look into the history of the sites, you see that all but 21 were discovered before the passage of cultural property laws.




Red Headed Devils – when legend becomes provable fact!

The ancients knew MORE than history actually acknowledges. As a researcher and historian, I find it arrogant that historians over time poo-poo the legends and myths of ancient peoples as being “absolute fact and recording of real history” and instead relegate such aboriginal and native legends to the category of “fancy fictional lip flapping” to ship

Do you feel the same way? How is it when someone gets an archaeological or anthropological degree they immediately think they are smarter than an entire people and with such degree in hand they can claim the stories of the ancients “works of fiction” instead of “actual recording of history”? How arrogant is that?

Personally, I believe most passed down aboriginal stories and native accounts are more based on fact than being rooted in fiction in entertainment. For me, I choose to believe the telling of stories for “entertainment purposes only” is a more modern invention, and that ancient man was telling stories to share their history and as such, the story teller was a venerated position and not one relegated to that akin to a court jester or mere entertainer.
So, why is it academia continues to lump all legends and native stories into the fiction category? Why is it not the other way around, kind of like a court of law? True, until proven untrue?
viking swordThe answer is each successive generation believes the generations before (especially those in the far, far past) were ignorant and feeble, with slack jawed slobbering tendencies while barely able to feed and clothe themselves. Guess it is the need of each generation to think of itself and being better and more accomplished than the last. But in such thought comes a huge disconnection with reality and as such, we as a collective peoples and society, have lost more history than we have gained. The following article proves this point.
Many ancients in North America such as the ancient ancestors of the Chickasaw and Choctaw peoples tell of problems, wars, issues and even trading with the “red headed devils”, but in their “I am more knowledgeable than those who lived it – modern archaeologists and anthropologists have labeled such stories as “mythology”.
Well…. New flash… once again academia has lost another mythology to the proven science of a hard discovery. Here is the story:
Viking Ship Discovered Near Mississippi River
Memphis| A group of volunteers cleaning up the shores of the Mississippi river near the biggest city in Tennessee, have stumbled upon the remains of an ancient boat encrusted in mud. A team of archeologists from the University of Memphis that was rapidly called to the site, confirmed that the ship is most certainly a Viking knarr, suggesting the Norse would have pushed their exploration of America a lot further than historians previously thought.

The heavily damaged ship was found near the confluence of the Wolf and Mississippi rivers, and lies on a private property. It has a length of about 16 meters, a beam of 4.5 meters, and a hull that is estimated capable of carrying up to 24 to 28 tons, a typical size for this type of ship. Knarrs were naval vessels that were built by the Norsemen from Scandinavia and Iceland for Atlantic voyages, but also used for trade, commerce, exploration, and warfare during an era known as the Viking Age, that goes approximately from 793 to 1066 AD. They were clinker built, which means the overlapping of planks riveted together. It was capable of sailing 75 miles (121 km) in one day and held a crew of about 20 to 30 men.
This new discovery could be one of the oldest evidence of pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact, and it certainly brings to mind the famous colony of”Vinland” mentioned in the Icelandic Sagas. This mythical colony would have been established by Leif Ericson around the same period as the settlement at l’Anse aux Meadows, in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, the most famous site of a Norse or Viking settlement in North America outside Greenland.

Butternuts found in the Newfoundland site had already suggested that the Norse had explored the continent because they do not grow naturally north of the Canadian province of New Brunswick, hundreds of kilometers away from any known Viking settlement.

The carbon dating of the new ship estimates that it dates from between 990 and 1050 AD, approximately the period associated with Vinland and the various Canadian sites (L’Anse aux Meadows, Tantfield Valley, Avayalik Islands). This could mean that the Viking had actually developed a far wider trade network in the Americas that what was traditionnally believed. Unfortunately, very few other artefacts have yet been found on the site, suggesting the crew must have most likely abandoned the ship and continued on foot.



Earth’s Core Solid Gold? Hollow Earth? Current events as indicators? TreasureForce

Earth’s Core Solid Gold? Hollow Earth Theory? Current Events Baffle

Crater of unknown origin discovered on Yamal PeninsulaIs the earth’s solid inner core made of pure gold? Just imagine what a vast treasure that would be? Some scientist believe this is where gold comes to the surface of the earth from; melts from the core and bubbles up to the earths surface during various geological events! It is believed that the core also contains enough gold, platinum and other siderophile elements that if extracted and poured onto the Earth’s surface it would cover the entire Earth with a coating 0.45 m (1.5 feet) deep. The fact that precious metals and other heavy elements are so much more abundant in the Earth’s inner core than in its crust is explained by the theory of the so-called iron catastrophe, an event that occurred before the first eon during the accretion phase of the early Earth.

How about this theory? A vast network of tunnels span the length of the globe. Could the Earth be hollow and civilizations live underneath of very feet? This theory was so widely believed that both the United States Government and Hitler’s Nazi Force mounted expeditions.

As one who explores and knows much is hidden beneath our feet, I am forced to research these topics. With recent events in Siberia, I am now forced once again to take a long hard look at what may be “really” hidden within our planet (see below – amazing photos), but first – some background on the “Hollow Earth Theory”.   Perhaps some of the most bizarre scientific theories ever considered were those concerning the possibility that the Earth was hollow. One of the earliest of these was proposed in 1692 by Edmund Halley.

Edmund Halley was a brilliant English astronomer whose mathematical calculations pinpointed the return of the comet that bears his name. Halley was fascinated by the earth’s magnetic field. He noticed the direction of the field varied slightly over time and the only way he could account for this was there existed not one, but several, magnetic fields. Halley came to believe that the Earth was hollow and within it was a second sphere with another field. In fact, to account for all the variations in the field, Halley finally proposed that the Earth was composed of some four spheres, each nestled inside another.

astrostrategic_2_jpgHalley also suggested that the interior of the Earth was populated with life and lit by a luminous atmosphere. He thought the aurora borealis, or northern lights, was caused by the escape of this gas through a thin crust at the poles.

Others picked up Halley’s hollow-earth theory often adding their own twists. In the eighteen century Leonhard Euler, a Swiss mathematician, replaced the multiple spheres theory with a single hollow sphere which contained a sun 600 miles wide that provided heat and light for an advanced civilization that lived there. Later Scottish mathematician Sir John Leslie proposed there were two inside suns (which he named Pluto and Proserpine).

One of the most ardent supporters of hollow-earth was the American John Symmes. Symmes was an ex-army officer and a business man. Symmes believed that the Earth was hollow and at the north and south poles there were entrances, 4,000 and 6,000 miles wide, respectively, that led to the interior. Symmes dedicated much of his life to advancing his theory and raising money to support an expedition to the North Pole for the purpose of exploring the inner earth. He was never successful, but after his death one of his followers, a newspaper editor named Jeremiah Reynolds, helped influence the U.S. government to send an expedition to Antarctica in 1838. While the explorers found no hole there, they did bring back convincing evidence that Antarctica was not just a polar ice cap, but the Earth’s seventh continent.

Now, that you have a simple overview on the two theories, take a look at what has just developed in Siberia.

New unexplained holes have appeared in Siberia following the mystery over a giant crater on the Yamal Peninsula. A second is in the same permafrost region of northern Russia, and a third on the Taymyr Peninsula, to the east, in Kransoyark region. Reindeer herders who almost fell in spotted both. The original hole received worldwide attention after being identified by helicopter pilots some 20 miles (32km) from a huge gas extraction plant at Bovanenkov.





Symbols in Rock MAY lead to Treasures Out Of This World – according to NASA.

Part of being a Hidden History and Lost Treasure Hunter is knowing how to decode ancient rock symbols.  To be able to do so, one must study a symbol discipline of several eras just to begin to decode symbols and their true meanings.  For the last few weeks I have been head long immersed into the following ancient symbols:  South-Arabian, Modern Arabic, Safitic, Lihyanite, Royal Sabean, Ethiopian, Thamudean, Roman, Faliscan, Neo Etruscean, Early Roman, Oscan, Ertruscean, Athenian, Corinthian, Arcadia, Melos/Thera, Phenician, Hebrew, Aramaic, Byblos, Proto Sinaitic, Vinca, Azillian and Gosel (Gosel goes back to 12,000 B.C.) and there are still some symbols in the rock carving I am studying (38 different symbols in all) I cannot decipher or place.

So after about 200 hours of continual research in trying to decode the symbols that perplexed me, I came across the following headline:

NASA: Ancient Rock Art ‘Might Have Been Made By Aliens’ Not Human Civilizations -

Talk about a shocker!  First glance this was a hoax story, that is until I obtained and read the NASA book on the subject (Yes, I have attached a FREE download book for you of the NASA 300 plus page publication).  Here is the basis for NASA releasing the book:


Nasa has released a new book that suggests ancient rock carvings found across the globe were may have been created by extraterrestrials.

As the search for life on planets other than our own continues, the space agency has suggested ways in which we might communicate with aliens from other worlds.

In one section, William Edmondson, from the University of Birmingham, considers the possibility that rock art on Earth is of extraterrestrial origin.

“We can say little, if anything, about what these patterns signify, why they were cut into rocks, or who created them,” he writes. “For all intents and purposes, they might have been made by aliens.”

Edmondson maintains that suggesting the ancient markings were created by aliens is necessary to reframe the way we go about searching for signals from other worlds – and how we make contact.

“Consider again, therefore, the desirability of establishing symbolic/linguistic communication with ETI [Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence],” it reads. “It is helpful to review some parallels from human existence that pose problems for us today.”

“One of these is “rock art,” which consists of patterns or shapes cut into rock many thousands of years ago. Such ancient stone carvings can be found in many countries… We can say little, if anything, about what these patterns signify, why they were cut into rocks, or who created them.”

The book, Archaeology, Anthropology And Interstellar Communications, is edited by Douglas Vakoch, the director of Interstellar Message Composition at the Seach for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute.

Vakoch’s research studies ways in which different civilisations might “create messages that could be transmitted across interstellar space” – allowing communication between humans and extraterrestrials without face-to-face contact.

The introduction to the book states: “Addressing a field that has been dominated by astronomers, physicists, engineers, and computer scientists, the contributors to this collection raise questions that may have been overlooked by physical scientists about the ease of establishing meaningful communication with an extraterrestrial intelligence.”

Elsewhere, authors tackle the question of the possible biology, evolution and physics of an alien race. Vakoch examines methods in which extraterrestrials might communicate, as messaging through sound, as we do on Earth, may not be possible.

So what say you?  Could some of the symbols we all struggle to decode and rediscover hidden history and recover lost treasures, really be otherworldly?


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30 Vast Treasures Found.

Gold, Diamonds, Rubies, Silver, Coins, Ancient Text or rare artifacts are precious treasures, but have you ever taken the time to look at some of the most fantastic treasures on the earth that are absolutely free?  Treasure Hunting, just in terms of getting outdoors, or even digging deep into research is a mind freeing exercise.

Getting outdoors and hunting history has a valuable payoff of fantastic treasures, in the visual and spiritual sense both.  Below are some of the most amazing – and absolutely free – treasures to feast your soul upon in this world!  So feed your soul, feed your dreams and at the worst case, add a few more places to your “personal bucket list”.

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia – The salt flat is so reflective, it’s used to calibrate satellites. During the rainy season, the world’s largest salt flat becomes the world’s largest mirror. The Salar was born when several prehistoric lakes merged into one. 


Tianzi Mountains, China – You have seen these before -they were used in James Cameron’s “Avatar.” Formed underwater 380 million years ago, the flow destroyed surrounding sandstone, leaving only resilient stone pillars. Some of the columns have reached over 4,000 feet above sea level.

Tianzi Mountains, China

Reed Flute Caves, China – This 240-meter-long cave system. Massive multicolored stalactites, stalagmites and pillars were all created through water erosion.

Reed Flute Caves, China

Skaftafell Ice Cave, Iceland – temporary structures that form at the edge of glaciers when flowing water melts a hole into glaciers. Due to the tightly packed nature of the ice there are very few air bubbles and absorbs all light except for blue, giving the ice its unique color.

Skaftafell Ice Cave, Iceland

Fly Geyser, Nevada – Fly Geyser was accidentally created when a well was drilled and left uncapped. Minerals and algae started to rise from the geyser and accumulated to form an alien-like mound.

Fly Geyser, Nevada

These are only a few of these amazing natural treasures – click this link to see even more:  LOOK HERE

Treasure Hunters Eye Disease – “I see Jesus”

This is such an important topic we are forced to write on it once again.  Treasure Hunters can quickly succumb to an eye disease.  Somehow, in the universe of wishful thinking all treasure and history hunters, myself included; fall prey to an “eye disease” of the “mind”.  I say of the mind because it is not really an EYE disease, but a “mind’s eye” disease.

It is an phenomena that can overly consume ones time and money, problem is  money can be replaced, but the loss of time cannot.

So to tell this story, I have included in this article TONS OF PHOTO, first some “funny”  – “I see Jesus” photos, so you can see how the mind can so readily accept “seeing things” and then some more photos of REAL SIGNS treasure and history hunters encounter in the field, and then photos that can “trick” the “minds eye”.  But before the education on the disease, lets look at the ‘disease” in FOOD FORM instead of rocks!

jesus bananajesus in chickenjesus in ashtrayjesus grilled cheesejesus in dogs buttjesus in foodjesus in shower moldjesus orangejesus potatoe gnoccijesus sconejesus tortilla

Now I know using “Jesus” to prove a point is sort “off putting”, but the point is, our mind can see things that are not there (and this is not a religious post, so lets move on).  This is about being able to discern what is REAL and what is NOT REAL and there is a clinical reason and name for this occurance.   First here is what Stephanie Pappas says on this topic:

The man in the moon. Jesus in toast. The Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich. Faces are everywhere — even when they’re not, strictly speaking, supposed to be.

Now, new research reveals the brain processes that underlie these facial false alarms, a phenomenon called “face pareidolia.” The findings suggest that expectations matter. When people expect to see a face, these expectations may activate a brain region responsible for processing faces, the researchers report in the April issue of the journal Cortex.

Pareidolia is a well-known phenomenon, responsible for turning a rocky landform on Mars into a face and a water stain on a Chicago underpass into the Virgin Mary. Not all instances of pareidolia result in visions of faces. For example, in 2013, eagle-eyed Internet sleuths swore up and down that NASA’s Curiosity Rover had caught a snapshot of a rat on Mars.

Tricking the brain

The neural basis of this phenomenon is less understood, however, researchers from the University of Toronto and several institutions in China report in Cortex. To study what goes on in the brain during these misidentifications, the researchers recruited 20 Chinese men and asked them to look at imagery while in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) machine. The fMRI measures changes in the magnetic properties of oxygen-rich and oxygen-depleted blood, which enables researchers to tell which areas of the brain are getting an influx of blood flow at any given time. This blood flow signals increased neuron activity in those regions.

The researchers first asked the men to look at a series of images, all of which were obscured with the kind of static-y visual “noise” you might see on a television with a bad cable connection. Two images showed male faces, one easy to discern and the other camouflaged. Two others showed letters, again with one easy to see and one difficult to spot. The final image was pure black-and-white, splotchy noise.

The face and letter experiments were done separately, a week apart for each participant, but the set-up was the same. The men were asked to push one handheld button if they saw a face (or letter) and another if they could not.

After this initial test, the men saw another series of images and were told half contained faces (or letters). This time, however, all of the images were secretly just visual noise. The men were again asked to press a button to indicate whether they saw a face or letter in the pattern.

Your mind on pareidolia

The results revealed that priming people to look for identifiable objects in random patterns is bound to create a few hits. The participants reported seeing faces 34 percent of the time and letters 38 percent of the time, despite there being none in the images they saw.


Decoding Symbols, specifically Treasure Symbols is like any science; there are specific steps, formulas and applied logic.  Applied logic is the key.  When one is pursuing Lost History and Lost Treasure your success WILL ultimately come down to decoding symbols.  Not just decoding them and their hidden meanings, but decoding them correctly.

First, let me share with you some background information of why I wrote this particular article.  Two times, in just the last twelve months, we have been contacted by a fellow treasure hunter who was seeking help in their pursuit.  These two individuals had some of the same things in common:


1.  They each had the total passion a dedication needed to be successful in rediscovering Lost History and/or Lost Treasure.

2.  They followed various online treasure forums and groups to gain knowledge

3.  They possessed a never give up attitude (needed for being successful in rediscovering and recovering lost history and lost treasures)

4.  They invested in their education to train themselves on lost history and treasure hunting to help insure their success

5. They were willing to out their money into their venture to take the steps to “go for it”

All of the above five traits are needed for anyone to be successful in their hunts, BUT some of the same traits can work against one as well.  Here are the five traits these two people over who contacted me had that were NEGATIVE to their goals:

A.  They DID NOT do DEEP RESEARCH into their particular treasure they were hunting, to VERIFY their particular treasure was real to begin with

B.  In following online groups and such, THEY took information AS TRUTH from people expression opinions on decoding treasure symbols that have never actually found and recovered a treasure and only put out THEIR unproven ideas about such (RULE: can’t find tomb from someone who has not found a tomb, and what is a tomb?  A place were a body was entombed, thus finding a tomb would require entering such tomb, finding the body, making a recovery and documenting the recovery – NOT JUST calling a site a tomb site).

C.  Their never give up attitude was trumped by “lets go NOW” and as such they moved too fast trying to recover their target treasure

D.  They DID INVEST IN their education, but the books they bought were total bogus junk with NO BASIS in fact, and they did NOT buy everything on the subject and check out EVERYTHING on the subject

E.  Finally, yes they spent their money, but with poor research, poor education, and no help or advice from real treasure hunters THEY BOTH LOST THEIR LIFE SAVINGS AND BANKRUPTED THEIR FAMILIES?

As for me, I try to cut everyone some slack if possible, but I have no tolerance for those who put out bogus “treasure hunting and symbol decoding information” when they have no expertise in it, have never made any finds and the only experience they ever had in life was as limited to teaching preschoolers how to make clay models, or pushed cattle and sheep in Wyoming.

There are no ancient secrets to decoding the past, there is only great research and applied logic.  No, no Ancient Ghost is going to swoop down and possess your body and mind and all of a sudden IF you draw enough lines on a photograph the decoding will appear.  THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, and SEEING IS BELIEVING and unlike succeeding – IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SEE, is is most likely not there to be seen in the first place.

So before you go out and spend your money trying to find a lost treasure, educate yourself and STUDY EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and then just use some APPLIED LOGIC AND COMMON SENSE . Decide for yourself what is real.  So, now lets get to learning about treasure symbols and secret codes that point to things lost and the best way to do that is to TRAIN YOUR EYES.

To train your eyes I am going to show you some REAL, CARVED BY MAN, SYMBOLS that led to hidden things.  Look them over, take them in, see how they are permanent, easily seen (seen is different from decoded), see how they are made to LAST, and the environment does not ruin them beyond recognition over time.

Look at these symbols with this in your mind:

IF you were to hide $10,000,000 in gold would YOU DO THE FOLLOWING?

  • make light faint lines in rocks to mark you way – that might fade over the years?  HELL NO
  • make your treasure symbols and markers out of loose gravel that wind, rain, animals and snow could wash away? HELL NO
  • spend 10 years or more moving dirt or trying the carve the side of a whole mountain for all to see (and observe what you are doing and ask over time – Hey Noah, why are you doing that?)  HELL NO – you want to keep a low profile
  • make your “here is my vault” carved stone from the stone the size of a softball or volleyball and then set it on the side of a hill or trail so you remember your way years later, when that stone can be moved by wind, rain, snow and animals?  HELL NO

You get my picture.  When someone hides something of great value they DO NOT BROADCAST it, they use natural landmark and hidden marks and symbols to lead the way and THEY ARE ALL PERMANENT and can’t be picked up and carry away by the local rock lover!


Here are some real signs and symbols to authentic hidden things and treasures:

authentic symbolAuthentic symbolIntentional man modificationAuthenticAuthentic symbolAuthentic

Now I could keep going here and adding real image after real man made image left to mark a location.  But there are also some in nature that can trick you into thinking they are real, but they are only geo anomalies and not MAN MADE,  How can you tell, the weathering patterns and the lack of tool marks (see the about and you can always see the man made tool marks).  Here are some that look real, but are in fact naturally occurring:

Nature made anoNature made annoAuthentic


I know, even this one here LOOKS like a face, but is in fact NOT MAN MADE and is the result of a shearing anomaly.

Hard to believe on this one, but mother nature can fool even the best of us. 


Sometime nature will create images that look man made, but they are not.


But notice the lack of tool marks and the obvious weather and erosion formation of these images compared to the starting images.  Once you train your eyes, you can pick out what is real and influenced by the hand of man and what is the result of environmental reasons.


Once again, lets go BACK to looking at proven MAN MADE carvings, symbols, and glyphs marking hidden things:

varasauthenticAuthentica real tomb markerskull carvingauthentic

As you can clearly see with your eyes, when looking at man made and influenced versus nature made and influenced- side by side there is NO MISTAKING WHAT WAS MADE BY MAN and LEFT AS A CODE AND SYMBOL.

REAL AND AUTHENTIC SYMBOLS noting secret, sacred or treasure filled places are NOT subtle, they SCREAM to the viewer LOOK – even a 5 year old child can tell what man made versus what nature made after studying these photos.

Now lets turn our attention back to those TWO FELLOWS who threw away their life savings and families financial security on bad information and training.

One has to be crazy to chase lost history and lost treasures and every family has members that will say “you’re wasting your time” or “you are never going to find anything”.  That is okay, we all have those around us, but you don’t have to be as crazy as running off half cocked filled with misinformation that only waste your time and money.

These two people had one HUGE THING IN COMMON – they both had bought books and trusted people to teach them how to read the symbols, yet the people they trusted were nothing more than cowpokes with a propensity to use Microsoft Paint to doctor photos and then happened to publish their findings in book form and then call themselves Professional Treasure Hunters.

You and I are going to decode their images and see if the are real secrets and symbols, or just wishful thinking.  Here is one of my first rule of thumbs:

1.  IF YOU HAVE to draw lines on it for it to be seen as a symbol, is it MOST LIKELY NOT A SYMBOL

2.  If the ground the symbol is supposedly located on is eroded, then how can an ancient symbol be there in the first place?  Would it not eroded away as well?

Remember, applied LOGIC and COMMON SENSE.  Now lets dissect some images out there for all to see on the Internet from wise – Treasure Symbol Professionals and you see if you can SEE.  And IF you cannot see, then maybe at least you can smell?  Smell the stink on the images.

First, here is the master image that is held out as a treasure site:

Master Image

This is the base image we are going to keep coming back to, because as the “professional” states this is a site of “Skulls, Kings, Queens and vast treasure”.

Now, here is the supposed images buried within the above master photo.  NOTE- outside of obvious erosion that formed in a pyramid shape, there is not anything else I see.

BUT the “Professional” states there are all kind of symbols here.  For sake of clarity, each original native not marked image will be called “Master Image” and the doctored image to help you SEE what the supposed Professional see, I have labeled “Cowboy Con” (because you would have to be a beer chugging, totally drunk cowboy to see ANY of the images notated on the photograph.

So WITHOUT further wait – here are all the supposed images hidden to us who DO NOT know how to read them:

Cowboy Con Image

Now, I do not know about you, but I don’t really SEE what the person noted saw.

So, lets use some common sense and break down the image in a methodical scientific way and SEE what we can really SEE:

FIRST: lest study the knife handle.  The Cowboy Con photo shows a handle and a knife blade.

What do you REALLY SEE WITHOUT the lines added?

knife handle originalknife handle up close

Same photo, not retouched by us, just cropped and placing original next to the “Colored”.  I see NO Knife Handle, and the land is eroded and the slightest wind will move the rocks, as would rain or storms, so why would ANCIENTS leave a mark?  Wouldn’t it stand to reason with all the erosion, that the erosion created the handle ALTHOUGH I CANNOT SEE A HANDLE????

Call me weird, but this looks like the one too many Coronas!


kinfie handle middle nativeknife handle close center

Okay, YES I can see a pyramidal shape, but it is obviously due to erosion.  Anyone can see that, and the slab of rock underneath where the base limestone shows through, but is depicted as a blade, is really just the base rock exposed by erosion.  This is very easy to see.  ADDING a drawn pyramid does not make this a sign or code to something secret.


knife tip nativekinfe handle close tip knife

All too obvious here is the tip is formed by the underlying limestone here being forced down by a basalt intrusion and erosion and thus the illusion of a point.  Looking between the fairly tale draw on photo, compared to the original, one can see the coloration of rock that is tanned above, have broken away and eroded to a pile forming the lower pile that make the grey rock tip to a point.  Very easy to see.  NOT A SYMBOL.  Not a symbol, never was a symbol.


bart barf barf

Once again the native symbol.  Lets look at the so called experts decode once again as well:

bart barf barf 3

Other than drawing a bunch of lines on a photo and saying they are codes and treasures, LOOK FOR YOURSELF.

It is plan to see there is noting here and this is eroded soil on a mountain or cliff side and piled up.


If you were hiding secrets or codes, would they be obviously carved in stone as the listed photos at the start of this blog, or would you have done them in eroded soil?

1.  If the soil is eroded you can’t find the symbols 100′s or even 1000′s of years later

2.  If you were not smart enough to carve real symbols, and IF you even did bury something here, HOW COULD you find it once again after every trace erode away?  YOU CAN’T

Lesson to be learned:

1.  Do you research and compare everything

2.  Use common sense and logic when SEEING CODES

3.  If it has to be drawn on to SHOW YOU, then it was NEVER THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE

4.  Before y0u waste your hard earned money chasing treasure, make sure treasure is real, the symbols are real an your facts are solid.


If you really want to learn how to read and decode treasure symbols, here are our two text books on the subject:

Addicted to Artifacts? Arrowheads? Will “Selfie-Incrimination” put an end to the beloved Hobby?

Just a few short weeks ago a local news anchor in Arkansas stooped to a new low for local television journalism by stating “arrowhead collecting and selling ” was the new financial support system for “illegal drug use, the distribution of illegal drugs”, and she even went further to promote “”it supports child pornography”! Talk about over reaching and viewer backlash.
Viewer backlash was in the 1000’s. The news reporter did not take the time to research the beloved collecting hobby and passion of millions of people around the globe and tens of thousands of people with her state’s broadcast signal.
But a new, legal collectors initiated self-management program is combating the negative publicity and rooting out “illegal arrowhead collectors”!

Collectors Creed


The TV News Reporters over reach was to add further fuel to the negative publicity fire that makes good, honest and hardworking Americans that love to collect arrowheads and collect them legally, look like the bad guys. Instead of reporting on the hobby and its strong advocate base in the US, the decision was made to attempt to besmirch the industry and lump it in with “druggies, drug dealers and purveyors of child porn”.
Any logical and reasoning individual knows the selling of arrowheads does not support or fund the drug trade. So who are these passionate and legal collectors and hobbyist?
You may be surprised to find out the sport of “arrowhead collecting” (yes many consider it a sport since it involves being outside, walking and hiking, which the obvious by-product is EXERCISE). Collectors consider it a sport as well since many engage in a “can you top this?” friendly challenge of competition with other collectors.
Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Writers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, EMTs, Soccer Moms, Realtors and even a vast array of retired individuals who hail from the military, former state legislative positions and even former mayors are passionately engaged in the legal hobby of collecting and recovering arrowheads. That impressive list does not even include the many who are students and professionals of all types and ages.
Seems Artifact Collecting is an addiction along the lines of those passionate about bowling, fishing, hunting, painting or even other collecting trends such as trinkets, silverware, guitar picks, old books and even the collecting of art.
Interesting point is most collectors of artifacts DO NOT consider themselves collectors, but more importantly “rescuers of artifacts”.
How does one rescue artifacts?
Technically arrowheads were lost many, many years ago, but now with more and more land being plowed over in the name of urban sprawl, arrowheads are being scrapped up to the surface and exposing them to damage. What kind of damage? If tractors keep inadvertently driving and plowing over exposed arrowheads the arrowheads then end up being broken and suffering an even more damaging fate than just being lost to history. So many hard working men, women and their families head out when the weather is great (working hand in hand with private land owners) and start rescuing these artifacts so they can admired, enjoyed, learned from and shared among honest and legal collectors.
In fact, private collectors and artifact rescuers have saved more arrowheads than all archaeologists combined, and a significant number of the most impressive rediscoveries in the documenting and preserving for posterity of arrowheads have come directly from the individual artifact rescuers, their friends and family.
Without this dedicated and passionate hobby, history would surely be lost to time.
The simple fact is educational institutions, with ever decreasing budgets, almost no longer fund any diggings, excavations and artifacts just keep descending deeper into the ground and the forever lost hole in history.
So why all the bad press and hub-bub?
Simply put: it has become rabidly politically correct to bash the collecting of artifacts and specifically arrowheads. This is the unintended consequences of people hearing a “report” (like the horrible press that instigated this report) and then they just jump on the “politically correct” bandwagon and repeat hearsay, never taking the time to dig for the real facts.
So when criminal individuals enter a Native Reservation and decimate and rob a mound, those actions of a very, very few, backlash on thousands upon thousands of honest, legal, law abiding and history promoting and artifact protecting citizens.
Fact is most people do not dig into the real facts, and just regurgitate ill-conceived inflammatory reports and as such, arrowhead collecting by private, law abiding citizens who are actually protecting history and rescuing it for future generations.
Unfortunately, one intentionally incredulously reported news story leaves a stink covering good people that are actually the ones protecting the artifacts.
Consider this, when legal collectors come across illegal digs, these honest citizens are the ones who REPORT such crimes to authorities. With state and federal funds disappearing, areas that need protecting just simply cannot be patrolled and protected, however real collectors are outdoor people and as such they come in direct contact with outdoor spaces and immediately recognize illegal digs and report them.
More legal collars have been fostered over the last several decade’s thanks NOT to law enforcement, but to those aware citizens, who happen to be artifact rescuers, who recognize illegal activities.
But as long as news stations care more about ratings than truthfulness in reporting, stories will keep airing and keep harming private citizens and their perfectly legal private collecting rights.
But change has come.
Since the hobby is being harmed by the activities of a few (very few – maybe 1 – in 225,000) the LEGAL HOBBY is now being forced to take steps to keep the hobby safe, protected, legal and allowable.
Leading the charge in this step to improve the image of legal collectors and to educate the public at large that artifacts and arrowheads can and are being collected and rescued legally is Artifact Addictions and its Administrators.
Artifact Addictions is a global Facebook Group of over 10,000 legal artifact collectors and rescuers with policies in place to expose illegal arrowhead “diggers”.
But it does not stop there.   Artifact Addictions and other groups representing collectors all around the world are instituting “self-management” procedures and stepping up to improve the image of all collectors and it seems to be working and catching on.
Since news stations and reporters who are “against” the collecting of artifacts, including LEGAL COLLECTING are using online images to “build a case” that illegal collecting is rampant across America. But they ignore the fact most the people collecting are legal and recovering and collecting legally.
The downfall has now become the “Selfie” and the “Selfie” has now become the “Selfie-Incriminating Evidence”. Legal Collectors now need to protect themselves from their “selfies” being used against them.
Think of it this way, when a rogue reporter pulls an online a photo of a person standing in the dirt holding an arrowhead and then adds that to a “report” to a Senator or Congressman, they don’t bother to disclose the photo is a fully legal “collection of an artifact”; so to the short attention spanned who don’t do their own research, it can seem 100’s of thousands of people are “robbing ancient graves” and that is just not the case.
Here is what “legal collectors” are doing to improve the situation and image of legal collecting: Instead of selfies they are now photographing their finds ONE THE GROUND where they were legally found. Thus no bad connotation can be drawn from the innocent photo of a rescued artifact.
Collectors are now willingly posting their support of legal collecting and denouncing illegal digs. Collectors are now, with pride, displaying within their online profiles and websites the “Collectors Creed” and “NOTICE of Origin of Posted Artifacts”.
These public notices are showing to the public and those who despise “artifact collecting” that collecting of artifacts is both legal and a respected hobby participated in by people who care. Soon, as the banners and notice catch on, one will be able to tell an amateur or illegal collector, by not seeing the approved banners and Collectors Creed displayed by honest law abiding collectors.
Arrowhead collecting is a beloved sport and hobby of many and this new grass roots self-management program proves just how much they love the hobby and care to keep the hobby safe, protected, legal and to root out those who destroy protected sites.
Great job guys!
NOTE: If your group administrator or local club has not provided you with a digital copy of the “Collectors Creed” and “NOTICE of Origin of Posted Artifact” feel free to right mouse click and grab them here.
Display your support of legal collecting and ethics among proud arrowhead collectors.

Collectors CreedNOTICE OF ORIGIN

If You Love Any of These v4



Joker's Journal

TreasureForce Mission Recon Ranger

Everything You NEED TO KNOW about History Hunting and Expeditions

Fantastic Fortunes with Flex - Treasure Goddess

TreasureForce Expedition and Recon Team

Base Camp Basic Training

TreasureForce Base Camp Manager and Mr. Fix-It

TreasureForce TV Show Fan and Information Site

World's Top Treasure Hunting Team - Cacheologist

What's that Gizmo?

TreasureForce Expedition Scout

Commander's Corner - CACHEOLOGY

The life of a Modern Day EXPLORER!


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