Minoans Discovered America! Smoking Gun Artifacts and Over 1000 DNA Testable Skeletal Remains Prove Explorers Claim (100+ Photographs which will change how you view History)

 Minoans discovered America 4000 years BEFORE Columbus!  Documented ancient artifacts excavated during the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential years provide archaeological smoking guns proving the incredibly ancient history of foreign explorers in America.  


InvestigatingHistory.org and ExpeditionHistory.org have recently revealed what are being called “smoking gun archaeological evidence” which proves the ancient race of peoples called the Minoans were the first to discover, capitalize upon and trade goods to and from the Americas.  This blog article is actually 9000 words long, however you do not need to attempt to read all 9000 words since this article is narrated by the accompanying audio blog narration. ( You can READ this blog, LISTEN to this BLOG, or WATCH the video version – all posted below).  EACH PHOTO will enlarger when clicked.

In preparing for this research information release, some 60,000 artifacts found here in the United States of America had to be searched, documented and compared to their ancient matching counterparts found at various ancient archaeological sites in Europe and the Middle East.  Archaeologist, Explorers, Anthropologists and Academics have long been squabbling over the “origins” of what is know as the “Copper Culture in America” and the “who” was responsible and “when” did it take place?  Always a point of contention in the heated debate was there were no “smoking gun artifacts discovered” like verifiable “foreign ancient culture artifacts”, the “remains of ancient mariners visiting America”, discoveries of “Ox Hide Copper Ingots known in the Middle East and Europe” found in America, no “evidence of ancient copper smelting or molding facilities in the Americas” and specifically; “no ancient tombs, art or writings from such proposed ancient mariner cultures visiting the Americas”.

Screen_Shot_20150216_at_81622_AMThese “missing smoking gun artifacts” often cited by Archaeologists as examples of why “Ancient Mariner and Mining Cultures did NOT visit America” have now been shot down with the archive audits research conducted by J.Hutton Pulitzer of ExpeditionHistory.org.  Pulitzer has recently been seen on the History Channel in the series “Curse of Oak Island” bringing ancient symbols, glyphs and archaeological evidence to bear to the mystery known as “the Oak Island Treasure” and according to Pulitzer and his team the “goings on, on Oak Island” may date back to 596 B.C.  But, now Pulitzer has come forth with archaeological evidence which has been hidden away and lost to time which dates back to between 8,000 and 6,000 B.C., which seems to irrefutably prove “Minoans were the rightful discovers of America”.  ALL PHOTOS IN THIS BLOG can be CLICKED ON TO ENLARGED.  (The EXPLORATION TEAM can be found HERE and HERE, the RESEARCH TEAM found HERE and the FACEBOOK GROUPS discussing these findings and photos can be found HERE and HERE and Commander Pulitzer can be reached HERE)

InvestigatingHistory.org has released a hour long lecture and presentation of the initial facts on both an audio and video blog of “Commander Pulitzer’s” findings.  In this blog, we are going to present over 100 archaeological photograph exhibits which support the findings of Pulitzer.

InvestigatingHistory.org and Pulitzer will be delivering their full case files and findings in a scheduled book titled “Minoans in America – the real story of Ancient America”  The photographs below are presented in sequence in accordance with Pulitzer’s lecture called “The Minoan Mystery – Minoans in America”.  They are presented here and we highly suggest you click the PLAY button in this blog (as seen in the same opening picture of this article) and listen to the presentation, dates, facts and findings as you inspect the archaeological photographic evidence.

The premise of Pulitzer’s findings are “the Copper Culture of America fueled the Bronze Age”.  For comparison purposes, Pulitzer presents known “Minoan artifacts” and the “Minoan Artifacts found in America”.  In his presentation of the facts, Pulitzer presents hard artifacts, archaeological facts, dating, sourcing, DNA evidence, comparative studies and comparison of world famous known Minoan Shipwreck Artifact inventories compared with mislabeled Minoan artifacts found in the Tennessee Valley at what seems to be “an ancient Minoan encampment and manufacturing port/facility).  The most conclusive evidence is the discovery of the Minoan mining plants, molds and ox hide ingots which are exact matches to those found in the ancient world 6000 miles away and 6000 years apart.

The idea of posting all these photos is to allow you the reader (or listener) to be able to see the evidence and the artifact finds, and make your own decisions.  Additionally, posted are numerous photos of other pottery and artifacts; so one may begin connecting patterns and symbols and watch the connection occur.


ox hides manufactured ox hides when removed


the ship contentsScreen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.34.36 AM

wreck contents wreck ingots 2 wreck ox hides 1


ox hide recovered 2 ox hide recovered 3 ox hide recovered

trade ingotScreen_Shot_2015-05-21_at_11_49_18_AM


cc32 cc33

cc36 cc42


cc25 cc26 cc28

cc58 cc63



cc7 cc8 dive on wreck match of molds middle east ox hides

ox hide at stie 2ox hide at site 1


CC 1 CC2 cc3 cc4 cc5 cc6 cc10 cc11 cc12 cc13 cc14 cc15 cc16 cc17 cc18 cc19 cc20 cc21 cc22 cc23 cc29 cc30 cc31 cc39 cc40 cc41 cc43 cc44 cc45 cc46 cc47 cc48 cc49 cc50 cc51 cc52 cc53 cc54 cc55 cc56 cc57 cc59 cc60 cc61 cc62 cc65 cc66 cc67 cc68 egyptian temple

COMPARATIVE INVENTORY ANALYSIS BETWEEN USA SITE AND TURKEY MINOAN SHIPWRECK: (use the following photos to compare known finds to these “hidden” American finds)

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.36.44 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.36.58 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.37.26 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.39.00 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.42.57 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.47.45 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.48.12 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.48.23 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.54.46 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.55.07 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.55.23 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.55.37 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.55.52 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.07.26 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 4.44.19 PM


Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.35.50 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.40.02 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.40.30 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.50.08 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.51.24 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.56.31 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.56.46 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.59.42 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.00.12 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.01.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.03.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.04.30 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.06.39 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.09.33 PM linera b Ka


 copper horns horns man minoan dagger found minoan pendant minoan seal 1

minoan seal 2 ox hide at site 1 ox hide at stie 2 ox hide in america ox hide recovered 2 ox hide recovered 3 ox hide recovered Shipwreck inventories tablet 2 tablet 3 tablet 4 trade ingot trade ingots

8 star near tomb body armor cc20 cc42 egyptian temple Screen_Shot_2015-05-21_at_11_31_31_AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.33.35 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.33.58 AM  Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.58.33 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.05.52 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.10.26 PM

In his audio presentation Pulitzer comments “Archaeologist use artifacts, botanicals, glyphs, symbols, language, art, items of manufacture, tombs, burial mounds, burial artifacts, clothing remnants and other items to prove an archaeological theory; and this one site has everyone of these, PLUS the added elements of dendrology, ancient botanicals, DNA and over 7000 known full skeletal remains with 1000 or more relating to the exact Minoan artifacts identified”.  “If there ever was a better open and shut archaeological case this discovery is it!”

Columbus’s Secret about America. Did Columbus have Ancient Navigational Information? InvestigatingHistory.org

We ALL know the story of “Columbus discovering America” is baseless and an often repeated myth which is unfortunately still taught in schools this very day as being “historically correct”.  What is in question is the “real discover(s) of America” and not did Columbus actually make it to America.  Unquestionably, Columbus did make it to America.  However, we may be looking at Columbus in the wrong way.  The questions which should be asked about Columbus and his Voyage to America are:

1.  How did Columbus know of such a distant land?

2.  Did Columbus have “inside information” which enabled his voyage?

3.  Was Columbus really after “India and Spices” or where there a more “secret reason” for his voyage to America?

Columbus had an Oak Island Secret. Did Columbus know the Ancient Mariners way and a secret sacred geometry and navigation secret as well? What was Columbus’s real mission? Where is Columbus find the ancient maps and the ancient directions to the “Way of King Solomon”? Incredible and thought provoking interview with Author Jeff Irving, who is also a former Ships Officer. New theory and information.  CLICK TO PLAY and let us know what you think.  This is PART ONE of a Two part Series.

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.44.36 PMScreen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.44.16 PMScreen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.44.02 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-05 at 5.17.44 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-03 at 6.17.45 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-05 at 5.31.23 PM

History or Entertainment? Which comes first, Truth or Compelling Content?

The only way I can state this properly is “I have a feeling of being under duress”.  Duress caused by straddling life with one foot in each world I work in.  The world of History (Exploration, Discovery, Recovery and Documentation) and Entertainment (TV, TV Series, and Mass Media in general).

In one world everything is about getting the facts straight, documented and presented in a logical, chronological and unwavering manner.  In another world, it is not about any of those things, but only about “continual consumption” of an entertainment product.  Personally, my view of entertainment is “it is okay to entertain, as long as you give back to the viewers or audience helpful information, wisdom, understanding or something they can apply in their own lives; or the pursuit of their own passions”. Then it is at the very least a two way exchange.

Media the the driver of a widened and increased audience, but in a society increasingly lost and failing, where does honesty and truth fit in?

For example, as a historian and explorer, if I was to go out and find (lets say for illustrative purposes) the fossilized remains of a T-Rex and this particular T-Rex has a human (not caveman, not even Neanderthal) locked in it’s jaws.  At the moment of conflict, these two – in the middle of the throws of a death struggle- were caught in a cataclysmic event which forever memorialized them in stone by turning them into fossils.

Of course, you fully understand this would be a highly controversial find.  Much of the world believes we evolved from Dinosaurs and man and dinosaur did not coexists in the same time period.  But, here in front of eyes, is the living proof of such.  It would be monumental and in many ways it would be very educational and enlightening.

Now comes the conflict and I am not talking about the guaranteed religious and science conflict of a find such as this, but the history versus entertainment conflict.

Here is the set up for the conflict.  From a TV standpoint the finding of such a “smoking gun” artifact is off the charts, both in engagement and entertainment value.  However from an entertainment value, Producers don’t want the reveal and answer to a question which has been around for ages, i.e., “Did man evolve? Did man coexists with the dinosaurs”.  Entertainment demands you never rush to the reveal.  Why?  Entertainment demands that all viewers stay engaged as long as possible, meaning “evolutionists stay engaged”, “creationists stay engaged” “alien theorists stay engaged” and even the “conspiracy theorists” must stay engaged until the very last minute (no one wants to lose any audience share for any reason).

So there is NO path to definitive answers, since definitive answers will surely “shorten” the entertainment value and the entertainment lifespan and cause viewers to drop like a rock.  Here is the catch, and yes there is always a catch.  HOWEVER, TV is the platform to get millions upon millions engaged, because unfortunately people get their news (and their education and beliefs these days) from their set top boxes.

Now see the issue?  Play the game, reach more people – albeit painfully, with incredible rules, regulations, conditions, rights to edit, re-edit and even edit to make the end result be different from the findings.  Gain for following the “entertainment not answers” path?  Millions of viewers!  Pain for following the “factual history’ (regardless where it takes the story) path?  Limited air-time, or actually no air-time at all, because you “are not a team player”!  These are real daily scenarios in the trenches where history and entertainment collide.

So here are my questions for you:

1.  Which path would you choose?

2.  Which path would you choose, knowing one usually is at the expense of the other?

3.  Which is the right thing to do?

4.  Which is the smart thing to do?

5.  Which will have the most impact on people?

6.  Which will have the most impact on history?

7.  Which could you live with at the end of the day? or the end of your life?

And finally, with the goggles of “How can we have a productive and truthful future, if all our history is a lie?” on your face – looking out at the world and the people who depend on you (fans, family, fellows or otherwise), what decision would you make.

Now you understand the conflict and the duress.  How do you feel?  What say you?

Commander “currently conflicted”

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.45.33 PM Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.44.36 PM Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.44.16 PM Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.44.02 PM Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.44.45 PM estrala_oit oi_isis Wayne May Audio Part 1 berber-cross-on-wall-ghadames-olcity OAK ISLAND CLICK PIC learn to decod clikc pic find truth click pic 95088d140f1d94841457509769d99275 Ian_Fleming,_headshot trans-maghreb_tours HittWatr Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 5.58.14 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 11.50.20 AM OIS_photo_OI_Trees w notice Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 11.21.01 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 11.20.14 AM dumb-tattoo4 library-alexandria-destruction antiquity001 Alexandria Library1 261DAF6400000578-2970270-image-a-3_1424957222890 book-burning antiquity001 Screen_Shot_20150216_at_81622_AM templar Israel-2013(2)-Aerial-Jerusalem-Temple_Mount-Temple_Mount_(south_exposure) David amraham on temple site ark Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 6.16.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 6.17.18 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 6.17.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 5.31.23 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 5.17.44 PM

Ever Metal Detected in a TREE? Here is WHY you should!

Who in their right mind would metal detect a tree?  Well, seems those in the know DO in fact, metal detect the trees around old home steads.  Here is why:

TREES-TREASURES and an ODD ISSUE: Early last year I pointed out what could be scarification on a tree in a well known potential treasure locale and pointed up towards the top of the tree and said “Look there, I can see marks and that would be about the growth rate according to the legend”. Anyway, it caused a stir since the other person with me said “trees do not grow that way, the only grow from the top, so the mark would not move but be in the same place of where it was originally cut”. I stated, “No, marks can in fact climb with the tree”.

Well that statement was recently brought back up again and pushed at me as an “issue” and so, the researcher in myself HAD to go find a scientific answer and it seems the answer is “we both are correct”. Depending where the scarification occurs ‘even contrary to belief’ and ‘science of how trees grow’ the transportation UP can and does frequently occur. Without all the science, it boils down to trees age and WHERE the lowest of limbs are in relation to both the time and type of scarification.

In the treasure business we have all heard about the “butcher knife stuck in the tree and to look UP for it now that time has passed” and seems that is very correct. So, true to form, and due to the real lack of information, for all us treasure and lost history hunters out there I am writing a white paper on the phenomena for publication and here are some of the different “visually documented” instances of both occurrences. Enjoy and share with your lost history and lost treasure hunting friends. Commander


TREE !learn to decod clikc pic

TREE 2find truth click pic

TREE 3estrala_oit










Explosive Oak Island Artifacts and when History is Modified!

At last count there were some 7,000,000 (Seven Million) hard core TV watching fans of Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel, but even with all the TV coverage and fans, there are 7,000,000 little idiosyncrasies hang-ups and buggerations which can keep history from coming to light.   Can history ever be managed correctly?  What about history being shown on TV with millions hanging on weekly for answers, yet only getting more questions.  (Audio Recording CLICK TO LISTEN- look for Gollum Photo Below)

oak isla logic meme

The excitement is palpable as week by week viewers try to hang on and wait for more episode to hit the airways.  That is an enviable position to be in for TV Producers and Networks and a frustrating position for those hoping for some true and real historical breakthrough.  There was no possible way to answer all the questions coming at me through Social Media, so this week for my “Inside Track” I decided to give it to you in a one hour power packed does in information.

Here are some of the topics I cover in this recording:

  1. The “REAL” Curse of Oak Island
  2. The Oak Island “Gollum” Effect (it is a very precious story)
  3. New Explosive Oak Island Evidence
  4. The Case of the Time Traveling Pirate
  5. How History tends to get “Blown” out of proportion
  6. What COULD be 300 feet below Oak Island
  7. A Solomon’s Secret Publishing Update
  8. The Baffin Breakthrough
  9. Viewer Comments
  10. Backfiring Online “Shout-Outs”

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 4.10.21 PM

There was just too much to say this week, so only audio could get all the words out of my head.  Enjoy

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.45.33 PM


learn to decod clikc pic


Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.44.16 PM

How to Change History, Make Waves and Create Change for Truth! InvestigatingHistory.org

Can you still believe our children are being taught Christopher Columbus is the one who discovered America?

Hard to believe we still cling to such factually incorrect history, but for too long truth has not been a requirement for the recording of, teaching of or the memorializing of history.  Now is the time for change!  How can YOU assist in the changing and correcting of History and Historical Lies and Inaccuracy?  Get more involved in History and begin to use the power of Social Media to bring about Social Change.


Many people believe their voice won’t make a big enough difference in the changing of outdated systems, government or bureaucracies, but that is no longer true.  Social Media is the great change agent which has come onto the scene.  Your voice and opinion can now be multiplied by BINDING and CONNECTING with other like minded people into a force for change.  The first step is to be socially involved and socially engaged through social media.  But one warning about Social Media- YOU MUST choose wisely, because the wrong choices in social media and who and what to follow can do nothing more than jam your message and notification boxes with rumors, complaints, pictures of what someone ate for dinner and stupid photos of people stumbling around drunk.

The rules when it come to who, what and why to join a social media group is the same as selecting people to become real life friends with.

For example:  No one likes a downer, bitcher, moaner or complainer – so recognize if you join a social group and their post, comments and threads are mostly about bitching, complaining and ragging on people and ideas, then that is a reflection of the “personality” of the group and just like you don’t want friends who are downers, you don’t want to belong to groups that do nothing but turn you off.

Select the groups you participate in based on what you would want in a good mentor or role model, i.e., they share good information, you get good advice, they are inspirational, they motivate you to learn more and do better and they listen to you and make you feel like you are part of something special.

Once you have chosen your groups to participate in (and Facebook has many) then you become part of a like minded family.  Over time and participation, you and your “group” family can then start making a difference.

How can groups make a difference?  When enough people get together and become equally engaged and active, then they can start to propel ideas, thoughts and support over a broader medium.  For instance, one person complaining to the school book publishers association about the need to change text books and DELETE the erroneous history that Columbus discovered America, won’t get much traction.  But, get 1,000,000 people socially active and socially vocal on this point and not only can history be rewritten, history can be made where people made the difference NOT politics.

If you want to gain great insight on how social sharing and social activities work at their best, then consider joining some of the social forums we manage and learn with us, share with us and become part of something big.

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.44.02 PM

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.44.16 PM

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.44.36 PM


Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.45.33 PM

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.44.45 PM

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.47.44 PM

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.47.14 PM


Oak Island, Destruction of Artifacts and Blowing up Pyramids ExpeditionHistory.org

(Audio Available)  Early summer last year we made an announcement part of our TreasureForce Team was headed to Libya. Tripoli to be exact, due to findings we made while investigating Oak Island, some of those findings shared with you on “The Curse of Oak Island” on the History Channel.  Many on our ExpeditionHistory.org TreasureForce Team have been deployed to the Middle East and even served as Private Military and Blackwater Mercenary and/or Intelligence Associates, so for those on our team best for this expedition, it would be just another deployment and business as usual in the Middle East, i.e., hot, tough, dry, gritty, unpredictable, long periods of boredom mixed with relentless violence and attacks in fast hit and run spurts.


Our mission was three fold as it related to Oak Island and the 90 foot stone: (1) Get third party academic confirmation of the language match on the 90 foot stone, and; (2) document glyphs in Libya and the Northern Tip of Africa which match the glyphs found on the Oak Island 90 Foot Stone and around Oak Island and Nova Scotia, and; (3) find native glyphs which are matches for the style and design of the 8 Sided-Star we found in Nova Scotia and was featured in the series.

Our theory for Oak Island involves the Egyptian Delta and an ancient mariner voyage to Oak Island staged and launched from Tripoli. So, to go back in time and verify our findings, we needed to put of feet on the ground in a land where much remains the same, as it was thousands of years ago. But, first let’s give you a little history of where our mission was to take us.

Tripoli (Arabic: طرابلس‎, Ṭarābulus; Berber: Ṭrables) is the de jure (capital city) and the largest city of Libya. Tripoli, with its metropolitan area, has a population of about 1.1 million people. The city is located in the northwestern part of Libya on the edge of the desert, on a point of rocky land projecting into the Mediterranean and forming a bay.

Tripoli includes the Port of Tripoli and the country’s largest commercial and manufacturing center. It is also the site of the University of Tripoli.  You most likely know the name Tripoli due to the massive TV coverage afforded the massive Bab al-Azizia barracks, which includes the former family estate of Muammar Gaddafi, is also located in the city. Colonel Gaddafi largely ruled the country from his residence in this barracks.

trans-maghreb_toursThe Phoenicians, who named it Oea, which is a reference to a much older culture and complex, which Tripoli was built on top of, founded Tripoli in the 7th century BC.  Simply put, in antiquity Tripoli was a very, very important ancients mariners hub. Due to the city’s long history, there are many sites of archaeological significance in Tripoli.  Our work in Libya was to have us meeting with experts at the University of Tripoli and we were to make a stop in Tunisia for an ancient language meeting and discussion at University of Tunis and the University of Carthage.

But alas, this week you learned of Tunisia and Tunis as International TV News Headlines reported that 23 people at the National Bardo Museum were killed in an Islamic Terrorist attacked carried out by ISIS. In was in this very museum some of our work on decoding the infamous Oak Island 90 Foot Stone was to be conducted and we were to be digging deep into the ancient   Lybico-Berber and Amazigh-Tifinagh-Tamazight languages.

The theory is simple, if a Libyan languages scholar could in fact identify each and every symbol on the Oak Island 90 Foot Stone (as well as decoding it) how can the theory of it being a cipher, double cipher or a triple cipher- when it fact is a TRIPOLI CIPHER (only being a cipher in the sense that North American’s could not recognize it as an ancient language).


For almost 8 months now we have been planning, coaxing and prodding the Lagina brothers and the History Channel Producers of the Curse of Oak Island series, to follow us into a “hot zone” in the Middle East to crack the enigma of the Oak Island 90 Foot Stone (among numerous other sorties and missions). Of course, not many LA Producers or general everyday folk would intentionally put themselves in harms way for the sake of a few answers to historic enigmas. For us, TreasureForce it just comes with the territory. Sometimes the pursuit of history is dangerous, whether it be underwater in 10x, in ancient cave systems or in certain neighborhoods where they don’t watch TV, but would LOVE to watch a online video of our infidel heads being slowly serrated from our bodies (funny what some people consider entertainment these days).

Which brings me to a little bit of history of our own. Do you know WHY we call our exploration team TreasureForce or where the term TreasureForce even comes from?

Ian_Fleming,_headshotIt all starts with James Bond. Well, actually before James Bond became James Bond. Back when Bond was just an idea rolling around in the head of Ian Lancaster Fleming – creator of James Bond.  Commander Ian Fleming was a British secret agent for MI6 under journalistic cover before WW2, became the #2 man in Naval Intelligence during the war and afterwards worked again for MI6 while running the foreign news service for Kemsley newspapers until his untimely death. He was also a member of the Rothschild Illuminati by virtue of his family’s aristocratic identity – but was actually a man-of-the-people who warned us of what the secret elites were doing using the cover of action-adventure fiction.  Commander Ian Fleming was an intelligence officer, with field experience and exceptional journalistic abilities. While serving his country in 1942 he was known for creating a unit of special and diversely skilled commandos, known as No. 30 Commando or 30 Assault Unit (30AU). In later years, this team became TForce. TForce, as with its predecessor 30AU; goal was to guard and secure documents, persons, equipment, with combat and Intelligence personnel, after capture of large towns, ports etc. in liberated and enemy territory.

Better said, documents, treasures and information critical to all mankind – BEFORE they became lost to mankind. Secret knowledge, information and items hidden from people before they once again became hidden due to acts of war.

Even though many associate our efforts and activities with treasure (in the TV sense of the word- gold, silver and such), more than not; our treasures are documents and knowledge and just as it has all through time, required the mentality of a warrior and a team of diverse skills and expertise. The rediscovering and recovery of lost history is not a passive occupation. Subtle difference from Commander Flemings original TForce and our TForce is we engage when these items have been lost again to mankind or have remained lost and recovered by mankind.

Thus many times, recovering history or even just historically relevant answers requires putting oneself in harms way, such as intentionally going to Tripoli.

95088d140f1d94841457509769d99275However, there is such a REAL PHONEMEA as a “Treasure Curse”. In major motion pictures and on TV they portray a “treasure curse” usually in terms of “don’t read from the Book of the Dead, for if you do the Mummy will arise”, but in the real world of professional exploration and recovery there are real “Treasure Curses” and it goes like this:

“When we are getting close to the solution or the final payoff, all hell breaks loose in an attempt to keep us from the end goal” “When you have been guided successfully to the answers, the tombs, the vaults or the historic payday, all the dark forces emerge and do all they can to ward you off and destroy your efforts and keep you from success”.

This above is the real “treasure curse” in the real world. It is in many ways a battle between the light and the darkness. The forces which want to keep human kind and truth hidden and mankind enslaved to the system as hollow puppets.

So all this time, from when you have seen our work on the History Channel, our “Oak Island” work has never stopped. Yes, maybe we are not there with Rick, Marty and Craig on Oak Island sloshing in a swamp, which smells of sewer, but our work for Oak Island takes us to the distance places and origins of why Oak Island is even a mystery in the first place.

find truth click picTremendous effort has been spent in locating the missing 90 Foot stone and although we know its ultimate fate and location, what is more important is proving up its symbolic provenance.

That search for provenance takes us to the most ancient of the Middle East and we have been watching and waiting for months on end to put all the necessary elements, opportunities, assistances, reasons, covers and relations in place to execute what we need inside territory not too friendly to Americans at the moment. Granted, some of our TreasureForce Team is British, but they would not fair too well either, especially in the company of us Americans in radical Islamic territory, IRONCIALLY being lead by me a VISABLY MARKED JEW! Now that would just not go over too well, if you get my drift.

Knowing some of the sites within Libya and Northern Africa are still remote and fundamentalist in nature and control, we have to plan our actions and expedition carefully and part of that has forced us to keep an eye on the actions of ISIS and the various radical Islamic groups. We started to notice a trend. ISIS and other radical Islamic factions were not focusing on what one would expect, but they were and are focusing on “historic sites and places”.

You have seen the news lately:

Why does ISIS destroy antiquities?

CNN’s Ben Wedeman explains why the terror group is ruining Iraq’s cultural history.

ISIS Destroys Christian Churches In Iraq, Replaces Crosses With Islamic State Black Banner

Have ISIS destroyed ANOTHER ancient city? Iraq investigating reports jihadists have looted and blown up former 700BC Assyrian capital near Mosul

ISIS Destroys 10th Century Assyrian Catholic Monastery

ISIS destroys ancient city of Nimrud in Iraq

Isis destroys thousands of books and manuscripts in Mosul libraries

The headlines are endless and with us venturing to Libyan and ISIS Territories, we need to stay on the front of the intelligence coming out of the Middle East. However, what you might not know is another KEY reason radical Islam is destroying history and historic artifacts.

learn to decod clikc picOAK ISLAND CLICK PIC


If you are keeping up with the destruction of history you will regularly read that ISIS claims they are destroying these artifacts because they are “an abomination to the faith” and are “the worshipping of idols”. In fact, every religion has used, at one time or another, the same excuse; but in modern days is that the real reason for such appalling acts of destruction?

For the record, I want you to know my stance of the destruction of history. History, the good, bad and the ugly of it ALL, must be preserved. To this end I even mean I DO NOT agree with the recent destruction of even Saddam Hussein’s tomb in his hometown of Tikrit. Nope, don’t like the man or what he may of stood for and done, but history is history and at all cost history must be preserved.

The wiping of history off the face of the planet is unforgivable and it is only to achieve one thing. To unjustly control people, through controlling the historic record. If one can control history, then one can tell mankind and future generations anything they want and profess it to be the truth, i.e., Columbus discovered America.

It is easy to see how controlling history controls mankind and their thoughts in a significant way, but there is another reason.

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If you are not a resort beach or mountain, spa or entertainment destination then your tourism is built upon HISTORY.

History is one of the leading economic reasons people vacation and visit foreign countries, specifically countries inside “hot zones”. Let’s face it; tourists will endue bad food, horrible water and possibly dysentery to see some of the most historic places of all time. Places where history happened and the cause of mankind forged.

Thus, if many of these hot spots rely on the economics of tourism to survive then what happens if tourism stops? Money goes, local people start to suffer and people start to loose hope. And what do people who have lost hope want more than anything else? Someone to come onto the scene and promise hope and change and then the people will blindly follow them in droves.

Consider the following real situation and a hot chatter burning up the intelligence community lines.

You would think extremists would want to bomb a London, Los Angeles or New York, but the reality is many think that would be a waste of resources. Some feel the real targets are places of huge historic significance. Places such as the Great Pyramids.

berber-cross-on-wall-ghadames-olcityWayne May Audio Part 1

Why would an extremists want to destroy the Great Pyramids of Egypt?

It is simple, destroy the Pyramids they would destroy the tourists economy of Egypt.   Then take the Islamic citizens of Egypt, suffering economically due to the destruction of the Pyramids and then let one radical Islamic Caliphate spread the “word” that the “people were punished by Allah and that the destruction was the wrath of Allah” and in a single blow the currently teetering Islamic state of Egypt would most assuredly become an almost instant “fundamentalist one”.

Downs goes Egypt, and then falls Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and others. Then get all those dominos falling and either between encircling and the use of nukes, Israel – America’s strongest ally in the Middle East will fall. Can you see these events already being staged?

Simply by attacking history the extremists would gain more for Jihad than they ever would attacking the West directly. Think about it.

In closing, history has always been a fight. Keeping history truthful has likewise always been a fight. However the new fights are going to be bring history to light which has been both hidden and forbidden to mankind at a time when dark forces are working hard to erase history to write a new, apocalyptic future which will reverse the course of mankind by thousands of years. It has happened before to mankind and it is in the works as we all sit here, reading about history we should be protecting.

Get your family and friends involved and passionate about history for it may be the one thing that ends up getting people on fire about our future.

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Would Wood Do Wonders for Writing Well Written History? Dendrological Science is Changing History – InvestigatingHistory.org

This is my very FIRST blog intentionally designed to make you GET WOOD, by Commander J Hutton Pulitzer – ExpeditionHistory.org

Oak Island Oaks?  The Oak Island Mystery?  Would wood do wonders for writing well written history? Well, as a matter of fact – wood fiber fact – it would!  Many people have never heard of the scientific endeavor of Dendrology.  Here is the Wiki definition of Dendrology:  

OIS_photo_OI_Trees w noticeDendrology (Ancient Greek: δένδρον, dendron, “tree”; and Ancient Greek: -λογία, -logia, science of or study of) or xylology (Ancient Greek: ξύλον, ksulon, “wood”) is the science and study of wooded plants (trees, shrubs, and lianas).

There is no sharp boundary between plant taxonomy and dendrology. However, woody plants not only belong to many different plant families, but these families may be made up of both woody and non-woody members. Some families include only a few woody species.

This severely limits the usefulness of a strictly dendrological approach. Dendrology tends to focus on economically useful woody plants, their identification and horticultural or silvicultural properties.

Dendrology is often confused with botany. However, botany is the study of all types of general plants, while dendrology studies only wooded plants. Dendrology may be considered a subcategory of botany that specializes in wooded plants.

Dendrology played a critical role in our ExpeditionHistory.org team investigation and understanding of the real mystery behind Oak Island and it lead the way to finally putting some hard scientific answers to a mystery which most believed to be about 220 years old.  Could one of the most critical answers sought on Oak Island be solved with simple “tree testing”?

Not only does the science of Dendrology have long reaching ramifications for Oak Island, but it is rapidly becoming the “go to” science for answering some long pondered questions about the Copper Culture, the real discovery of the Americas AND some incredible insights into how such advanced civilizations made their way to South America.  Dendrology has “truth” locked up in those rings of wood.Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 11.50.20 AM

Granted, those who are hardened in their ways, immature in outlook, blocked in their brains and locked into the old system ideology  that will fervently deny scientific “anything” being proven by trees; but those are generally the “baftis bullshitters” (posers researching history between online games in their mothers basements) and “slone sycophants” (those who buddy up to others in the research community to gain inside information and then try to pass it off as their own original research or breakthrough).  Yep, the world of history and science are colliding and this collision is leading to huge breakthroughs and the breaking down of old ways, old thought and old systems which have been stymieing the truth about history for time immemorial.

There is a new game in town, baby; and its called science.

These new scientific tests and protocols are causing issues for the old system and more importantly, forcing the old system to stand up and take notice (unfortunately, they always go out kicking and screaming and trying their best to take others down with them).  There will always be those who are single minded regardless the scientific evidence and physical proof and that is just the way it is for those who cannot see the forest for the trees, or won’t swap the swamp for science.  I say let science flood the system with fact and then just deal with it whatever those facts may turn out to be.

For example, let me give you a few dendrology facts which are poised to change history as we know it.

How Dendrology Answers the Enigma of Oak Island

There are several curses upon Oak Island and other than the “7 Must Die” local legend, there are (1) focus on the wrong origins, (2) local ridicule and flatulence, (3) selective listening and selective deduction, and of course; (4) the curse of infighting and disagreements.  All of these have lead to wars, new laws being written, harder permits, blocking of permits, bad press, politics, infighting, blocked roadways, sabotage and 220 years of looking at one “supposed depression in the ground” for the single right answer.  Now that is depressing!  What IF there are SEVERAL right answers?  What IF NUMEROUS THINGS HAPPENED?  What IF the solution can be found by FORGETTING the PAST and asking WHAT IF – from a  FUTURE FORWARD standpoint?  The results? If the questions would change, then the results may change with them.

This is ALL about “removing the period”.  “The period” means putting a period on the end of a sentence and announcing it as FACT. Such as “coconut fibers mean pirates” and changing “the period” to a “question mark”, such as: “What are the 5 top reasons ANY island would contain coconut fibers, but not coconut trees?” and then seeing where the search leads.  So, lets exchange the “period” for a “question mark” and see if we cannot “find the mark”.

Here is howScreen Shot 2014-12-14 at 5.58.14 PM dendrology changes the scope of the Oak Island investigation by removing the “period” (“There were OAKS on Oak Island, thus that is why it was named Oak Island.”) and replacing the “period” with a question mark (What was so special about the Oaks on Oak Island, when there are in fact Oaks in Nova Scotia, all round Oak Island?  What made these OAKS special?).  See, just a simple adjustment in line of thought and here is what one finds.

In the picture accompanying this part of the article, you will see an old photo of some of the few remaining original trees on Oak Island.  In the same photo, I have placed two, immediate area, types of Nova Scotian Oaks.  One can easily recognize the differences.  The ORIGINAL TREES are SIGNIFICANTLY different than actual area oaks.  Thus, the attention should of originally been placed (or at any time in the 220 years of activity) on WHY WERE THE OAKS DIFFERENT?

Maybe IF someone took the time to find out WHY the OAKS on OAK ISLAND were DIFFERENT, then some real answers could of been secured.  Instead, people did what people do when hunting for treasure, they accept gossip and myth as fact and then run at the most obvious answer.  In the case of Oak Island it was, “Oh look a depression in the ground, it must be pirate treasure, lets dig!”  (NOTE: There never was a “block and tackle in a tree with a cut limb”).  Local legends explain WHY they just dug for pirate treasure right off the bat and we all know what that gets everyone, don’t we?  Two Hundred and Twenty years of NO ANSWERS, that is until we were able to show irrefutable proof of a chamber and man made object below; but I digress this is about TREES!

Imagine, IF we had the science and technology we have now, back 220 years ago.  We would all have some illusive Oak Island Answers.  Well here is what dendrological research is pointing to in relation to Oak Island.

Using a dendrological database of visual inspection of species of oak trees around the globe one finds something interesting.  The type of Oak which is depicted in the OakIslandSociety.org Archives shows what seems to be a specific specie of AFRICAN OAK.  Further, this African Oak has over twice the utensil strength and load bearing nature of any other oak on the planet (great to build ships with and maybe shore up mine workings?) AND it grows long from it’s base to its upper branching making for very linear usable lumber AND they grow to TOWER over all the native trees and can BE SEEN FROM MILES AWAY (we have always said the oak trees on Oak Island were navigational markers meant to be seen from a distance).  WOW, look what happened changing the “period” on “Oak Island has Oaks” to “What was so special about Oak Island’s oaks?”

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Dendrology, is not just visual, it is scientific testing as well and the wood samples in and around Oak Island, even ancient remnants, hold the scientific key to proving their unique and impressive origins in “the new world”.

Exciting I know.  Science is everything.  Science and technology is changing the game of lost history hunting.  No more trudging through the black ooze of old outdated ways.  Gone are those days and thankfully they have given way to proven exploration, research and scientific methods.

Oops, I almost forgot.  I did in fact mention the “Copper Culture” above and how science and dendrology is changing that game as well.  Here is what I mean.  The science of XRF technology (a soon coming article here so watch for it) is PROVING the copper oxides found in the hulls of wrecked ships at the bottom of the Mediterranean are being found to be EXACT chemical and lead isotope matches to copper from Michigan and Wisconsin AND- ready for this recent DENDROLOGICAL TEST on the timbers of those ships are finding out they come from trees found in NORTH AMERICA!

Isn’t science great!  Please watch the detailed video here on how dendrology is providing some answers and connecting many dots relating to Oak Island.

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Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 5.31.23 PM


Lost history is resurfacing at a faster rate than any other time in history. Just in time for us to destroy each other! (in English, ESPAÑOL, DUITSE, الشرق الأوسط, עברית, FRANÇAIS, 中国, РОССИЯ, Türk and ελληνικά)

Lost history is resurfacing at a faster rate than any other time in history.

Why is this occurring? (in English, ESPAÑOL, DUITSE, الشرق الأوسط, עברית, FRANÇAIS, 中国, РОССИЯ, Türk and ελληνικά)

dumb-tattoo4Technology has now advanced to a rate where we are able to search broader areas to deeper depths than ever before. Simply put, technology now allows us to scan for lost history from the air while at the same time scan deep into the ground and see what hasn’t been seen for thousands of years.  In terms of lost history hunting, we are at the dawn of a technology changeover that is the equivalent to the times when books were still hand written and the Gutenberg press came along. We are rapidly evolving from being forced to do everything by hand in a very slow process, to the point of being able to mass produce the ability to search this planet inch by inch once and for all.

Every day new headlines appear about new tombs, new shipwreck sites, new burial sites, new battlefields, and long lost mythical cities being found. All of this is attributable to the incredible advances in technology.

However today’s headlines are equally alarming as well. Museums bulldozed up, statues obliterated, artwork torched and thousands of ancient books and hand written texts reduced to ashes. We are making tremendous advances at the very same time we are losing precious history and historical ground.

With several hundred thousand daily followers of our blogs and social media around the globe, I realize every day how we are all tied to gather through the love of history. It truly seems that the need to solve lost history knows no international boundaries. We all want to know the answers to the same basic questions.

Where do we come from?

Who are we really?

How did we get here?

Why are we here?

What does all this mean?

What do we do to make it better?

Whether it’s my friend Mahdi in Iran, Maho in Instanbul, Mandy in Sioux Çity, Iowa or Joseph in Israel, we all have the same questions and the same passion for history and lost history.

The tie that binds us all is a strong belief that in history, and knowing the real truth about our collective history; that we ultimately find the purpose and our common blueprint for successful future.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 11.20.14 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-07 at 11.21.01 AM

Just this morning looking over our blogs technical data, there were over 160 individual countries accessing our information in the last 24 hours. Of course the United States and Canada are a given since I’m sitting here in the United States pinning this blog, but if you look at the records of who is accessing our information globally you will find countries such as Denmark, Russia, Israel, Egypt, Bolivia, Tanzania, China, Slovenia, Nigeria and even Trinidad & Tobago. It seems, thanks to the Internet, the love of history and the common ground of history, does in fact, know NO bounds.

IF a simple blog about lost history, exploration and lost treasures can bring over 160 countries together on any given day, why are we still warring between various nations? When I reflect on it the reason becomes clear. People are still fighting over history without recognizing the historical lessons of history which proves ultimately nobody, regardless of sides, wins.

Somehow in all this advancement of time, society, learning and technology we have still managed within some parts of the world, to devolve instead of evolve and here we are once again, in the name of religion, destroying history and priceless artifacts.

As for me personally, I have thousands of friends around the globe and it does not matter to me one bit their religion, their culture, their skin color, their sexual orientation or even their political views. What I judge my international friends on is simple humanity, ethics and a love of history. It has always been said if we do not study and understand history, then we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history.

So here I sit at a computer electronically linking myself to every country in the world and reaching out to friends that have incredibly different lives than myself, but we are connected through history and the love of mankind and an ardent desire to learn from history and not repeat the horrors of history.

At the end of the day the same basic who, what, when, where, how and why still connect us all; so why is it that we can all connect electronically and find common ground, but yet in many places men cannot connect in many places face-to-face and do the same? I cherish each of my international friends and challenge all who read our blogs or participate in our social media to get more of YOUR like-minded friends involved with you.

Why do this? It’s simple. All of us are gathered here today over the common ground of history and as we learned more about each other’s history, in turn we learned more about OUR individual history and because of this we have formed great relationships that know no boundaries. So let’s duplicate this process, let’s get more and more friends interested in history, passionate about history, learning how to reach out and share across the electronic frontier, thus all of us making more and more distant friends from distant cultures so that they too may find out, in the end, we are all the same and there is only one race.

The human race.

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La historia de Lost está resurgiendo a un ritmo más rápido que en cualquier otro momento en la historia.

¿Por qué esta ocurriendo?

La tecnología ahora ha avanzado a un ritmo donde somos capaces de buscar áreas más amplias a profundidades mayores que nunca. En pocas palabras, la tecnología ahora nos permite escanear de historia perdida del aire y al mismo tiempo explorar profundamente en la tierra y ver lo que no ha sido visto por miles de años.

En cuanto a la caza de historia perdida, estamos en los albores de un cambio de tecnología que es el equivalente a los tiempos en que los libros todavía estaban escritas a mano y la imprenta de Gutenberg llegó. Estamos evolucionando rápidamente de ser obligado a hacer todo a mano en un proceso muy lento, hasta el punto de ser capaz de producir en masa la capacidad de buscar este planeta pulgada por pulgada de una vez por todas.

Cada día nuevos titulares aparecen avisos de nuevas tumbas, nuevos lugares de los naufragios, los nuevos sitios de entierro, nuevos campos de batalla, y tiempo perdido ciudades míticas ser encontrados. Todo esto es atribuible a los increíbles avances en la tecnología.

Sin embargo los titulares de hoy son igualmente alarmantes también. Museos arrasados ​​hasta, estatuas borrados, obras de arte y quemaron miles de libros antiguos y textos escritos a mano reducidos a cenizas. Estamos haciendo grandes avances en el mismo momento en que estamos perdiendo historia preciosa y un terreno histórico.

Con cientos de miles de seguidores diarios de nuestros blogs y medios sociales en todo el mundo, me doy cuenta cada día cómo todos estamos atados a reunir a través del amor de la historia. Realmente parece que la necesidad de resolver la historia perdida no conoce fronteras internacionales. Todos queremos saber las respuestas a las mismas preguntas básicas.

¿De dónde venimos?

¿Quiénes somos realmente?

¿Cómo hemos llegado hasta aquí?

¿Por qué estamos aquí?

¿Qué significa todo esto?

¿Qué hacemos para que sea mejor?

Ya se trate de mi amigo Mahdi en Irán, Maho en junto, Mandy en Sioux City, Iowa o José en Israel, todos tenemos las mismas preguntas y la misma pasión por la historia y perdimos la historia.

El lazo que nos une a todos es una fuerte creencia de que en la historia, y saber la verdad acerca de nuestra historia colectiva; que finalmente encontramos el propósito y nuestro proyecto común para un futuro exitoso.

Esta misma mañana mirando por encima de nuestros datos técnicos blogs, hubo más de 160 países individuales que acceden a nuestra información en las últimas 24 horas. Por supuesto los Estados Unidos y Canadá son un hecho desde que estoy sentado aquí en los Estados Unidos fijando este blog, pero si nos fijamos en los registros de quién está accediendo a nuestra información a nivel mundial se encuentran países como Dinamarca, Rusia, Israel, Egipto, Bolivia, Tanzania, China, Eslovenia, Nigeria y hasta Trinidad y Tobago. Parece, gracias a Internet, el amor por la historia y el terreno común de la historia, lo hace de hecho, no conocen límites.

SI un simple blog sobre historia perdida, exploración y tesoros perdidos puede traer más de 160 países juntos en un día cualquiera, ¿por qué seguimos guerreando entre varias naciones? Cuando reflexiono sobre ella la razón se hace evidente. La gente todavía se están peleando por la historia sin reconocer las lecciones históricas de la historia que demuestra en última instancia nadie, independientemente de lados, gana.

De alguna manera en todo este avance del tiempo, la sociedad, el aprendizaje y la tecnología que todavía hemos conseguido en algunas partes del mundo, a delegar en lugar de evolucionar y aquí estamos una vez más, en nombre de la religión, la destrucción de la historia y objetos de valor incalculable.

En cuanto a mí, personalmente, tengo miles de amigos en todo el mundo y no importa a mí ni un poco su religión, su cultura, su color de piel, su orientación sexual o incluso sus opiniones políticas. Lo que yo juzgo a mis amigos internacionales sobre la humanidad es simple, la ética y el amor por la historia. Siempre se ha dicho que si no estudiamos y entendemos la historia, entonces estamos condenados a repetir los errores de la historia.

Así que aquí me siento en una computadora vincular electrónicamente a mí mismo a todos los países del mundo y llegar a los amigos que tienen muy diferentes vidas que a mí mismo, pero estamos conectados a través de la historia y el amor de la humanidad y un deseo ardiente de aprender de la historia y no repetir los horrores de la historia.

Al final del día, el mismo básico quién, qué, cuándo, dónde, cómo y por qué todavía nos conectan a todos; así que ¿por qué es que todos podemos conectar electrónicamente y encontrar un terreno común, pero sin embargo, en muchos lugares los hombres no se puede conectar en muchos lugares cara a cara y hacer lo mismo? Aprecio cada uno de mis amigos internacionales y reto a todos los que lean nuestros blogs o participar en nuestros medios de comunicación social para obtener más de sus amigos de ideas afines que participan con usted.

¿Por qué hacer esto? Es muy sencillo. Todos nosotros estamos reunidos hoy aquí sobre la base común de la historia y como aprendimos más sobre la historia de cada uno, a su vez, aprendimos más sobre nuestra historia individual y debido a esto, se han formado grandes relaciones que no conocen fronteras. Así que vamos a duplicar este proceso, vamos a llegar más y más amigos interesados ​​en la historia, apasionados por la historia, aprender a extender la mano y compartir a través de la frontera electrónica, por lo tanto todos nosotros haciendo más y más lejanos amigos de culturas lejanas para que ellos también pueden descubrir, al final, todos somos lo mismo y no hay más que una raza.

La raza humana.


Verloren geschiedenis wordt weer opduiken in een sneller tempo dan enig ander moment in de geschiedenis.

Waarom vindt dit plaats?

Technologie is nu gevorderd tot een snelheid waar we in staat zijn om te zoeken bredere gebieden dieper diepten dan ooit tevoren. Simpel gezegd, de technologie maakt het nu mogelijk ons ​​te scannen voor verloren geschiedenis uit de lucht, terwijl op hetzelfde moment te scannen diep in de grond en zie wat er niet is gezien voor duizenden jaren.

In termen van verloren geschiedenis jacht, we staan ​​aan de vooravond van een technologie omschakeling dat is het equivalent van de momenten waarop boeken werden nog met de hand geschreven en het Gutenberg pers kwam. We evolueren snel van wordt gedwongen om alles met de hand te doen in een zeer langzaam proces, tot het punt van de mogelijkheid om de massa te produceren de mogelijkheid om deze planeet centimeter voor centimeter zoek eens en voor altijd.

Elke dag nieuwe koppen verschijnen over nieuwe graven, nieuwe vindplaatsen van scheepswrakken, nieuwe begraafplaatsen, nieuwe slagvelden, en lang verloren mythische steden worden gevonden. Dit alles is te danken aan de ongelooflijke vooruitgang in de technologie.

Echter krantenkoppen van vandaag zijn even alarmerend als goed. Musea platgewalst up, standbeelden uitgewist, kunstwerken in brand gestoken en duizenden oude boeken en met de hand geschreven teksten in de as gelegd. We maken enorme vooruitgang op hetzelfde moment verliezen we kostbare geschiedenis en historische grond.

Met een paar honderd duizend dagelijkse volgelingen van onze blogs en social media over de hele wereld, realiseer ik me elke dag hoe we allemaal zijn gebonden om te verzamelen door de liefde van de geschiedenis. Het lijkt echt dat de noodzaak om te lossen verloren geschiedenis kent geen internationale grenzen. We willen allemaal de antwoorden op dezelfde fundamentele vragen weten.

Waar komen we vandaan?

Wie zijn wij eigenlijk?

Hoe zijn we hier gekomen?

Waarom zijn we hier?

Wat betekent dit allemaal?

Wat moeten we doen om het beter te maken?

Of het nu gaat mijn vriend Mahdi in Iran, Maho in Instanbul, Mandy in Sioux City, Iowa of Joseph in Israël, we hebben allemaal dezelfde vragen en dezelfde passie voor geschiedenis en verloren geschiedenis.

De band die ons allen bindt is een sterke overtuiging dat in de geschiedenis, en het kennen van de echte waarheid over onze collectieve geschiedenis; dat we uiteindelijk vinden het doel en onze gemeenschappelijke blauwdruk voor een succesvolle toekomst.

Vanochtend keek over onze blogs technische gegevens, waren er meer dan 160 verschillende landen de toegang tot onze informatie in de afgelopen 24 uur. Natuurlijk is de Verenigde Staten en Canada zijn een gegeven, omdat ik hier zit in de Verenigde Staten pinning deze blog, maar als je kijkt naar de verslagen van die toegang heeft tot onze informatie wereldwijd vindt u landen als Denemarken, Rusland, Israël vinden, Egypte, Bolivia, Tanzania, China, Slovenië, Nigeria en zelfs Trinidad & Tobago. Het lijkt erop, dankzij het internet, de liefde van de geschiedenis en de gemeenschappelijke grond van de geschiedenis, in feite, kennen geen grenzen.

IF een eenvoudige blog over verloren geschiedenis, exploratie en verloren schatten meer dan 160 landen kunnen samenbrengen op een bepaalde dag, waarom zijn we nog steeds strijdende tussen verschillende naties? Als ik erover nadenk de reden duidelijk. Mensen zijn nog steeds meer dan de geschiedenis van vechten, zonder erkenning van de historische lessen van de geschiedenis die uiteindelijk bewijst niemand, ongeacht kanten, wint.

Een of andere manier in al deze vooruitgang van de tijd, de samenleving, leren en technologie die we hebben nog steeds binnen sommige delen van de wereld in geslaagd, te delegeren in plaats van evolueren en hier zijn we weer, in de naam van religie, het vernietigen van de geschiedenis en onbetaalbare artefacten.

Als voor mij persoonlijk, ik heb duizenden vrienden over de hele wereld en het maakt niet uit voor mij een beetje hun religie, hun cultuur, hun huidskleur, hun seksuele geaardheid of zelfs hun politieke opvattingen. Wat ik oordeel mijn internationale vrienden op is eenvoudig menselijkheid, ethiek en een liefde voor geschiedenis. Het is altijd gezegd geweest als we niet bestuderen en begrijpen van de geschiedenis, dan zijn we gedoemd om de fouten van de geschiedenis te herhalen.

Dus hier zit ik op een computer mezelf elektronisch koppelen aan elk land in de wereld en het bereiken van vrienden dat ongelooflijk verschillende levens dan ikzelf hebben, maar we zijn verbonden door de geschiedenis en de liefde van de mens en een vurig verlangen om te leren uit de geschiedenis en niet herhaal de verschrikkingen van de geschiedenis.

Aan het eind van de dag dezelfde fundamentele wie, wat, wanneer, waar, hoe en waarom nog steeds verbinding maken ons allemaal; dus waarom is het dat we allemaal elektronisch kan aansluiten en een gemeenschappelijke basis vinden, maar nog op veel plaatsen mannen kunnen niet aansluiten op veel plaatsen face-to-face en hetzelfde doen? Ik koester elk van mijn internationale vrienden en daag iedereen die onze blogs lezen of neem deel aan onze sociale media om meer van uw gelijkgestemde vrienden die betrokken zijn bij je krijgt.

Waarom dit te doen? Het is simpel. Ieder van ons zijn hier vandaag over de gemeenschappelijke grond van de geschiedenis en als we meer geleerd over elkaars geschiedenis, op zijn beurt dat we meer geleerd over onze individuele geschiedenis en hierdoor hebben we veel relaties die geen grenzen kennen gevormd. Dus laten dupliceren dit proces, laten we meer en meer vrienden die geïnteresseerd zijn in de geschiedenis, over de geschiedenis, het leren hoe om uit te reiken en te delen over de Electronic Frontier, dus van ons allemaal het maken van meer en meer verre vrienden uit verre culturen gepassioneerd, zodat ook zij kunnen uit te vinden, op het einde, we zijn allemaal hetzelfde en er is slechts één race.

Het menselijk ras.


التاريخ فقد تم ترميم أرضه بمعدل أسرع من أي وقت آخر في التاريخ.

لماذا هذا يحدث؟

وقد تقدمت التكنولوجيا الآن إلى معدل أين نحن قادرون على بحث مجالات أوسع لأعماق أعمق من أي وقت مضى. ببساطة، التكنولوجيا يسمح لنا الآن للبحث عن التاريخ المفقود من الجو بينما في نفس الوقت تفحص عمق الأرض ونرى ما لم يره منذ آلاف السنين.

من حيث خسر الصيد التاريخ، ونحن في فجر التحول التكنولوجي وهذا هو ما يعادل الأوقات الكتب لا تزال مكتوبة بخط اليد وجاءت الصحافة غوتبورغ على طول. نحن نعمل على تطوير بسرعة من إجبارهم على القيام بكل ما باليد في عملية بطيئة جدا، لدرجة أن تكون قادرة على إنتاج كتلة القدرة على البحث هذا الكوكب بوصة بوصة مرة واحدة وإلى الأبد.

تظهر كل يوم عناوين جديدة عن المقابر الجديدة، ومواقع حطام سفينة جديدة، ومواقع دفن جديدة، ساحات القتال الجديدة، والمدن الأسطورية طويلة فقدت كونها وجدت. كل هذا يعود إلى التقدم المذهل في التكنولوجيا.

ومع ذلك عناوين الصحف اليوم مقلقة بنفس القدر أيضا. المتاحف تجريف ما يصل، والتماثيل طمس، والأعمال الفنية احراق والآلاف من الكتب القديمة والنصوص مكتوبة بخط اليد تحولت إلى رماد. ونحن نبذل التقدم الهائل في نفس الوقت جدا نحن نخسر التاريخ الثمينة والأرض التاريخية.

مع مئات الآلاف من أتباع اليومية للبلوق لدينا وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعية في جميع أنحاء العالم، وأنا أدرك كل يوم كيف ترتبط كل ما جمع من خلال الحب من التاريخ. يبدو حقا أن الحاجة إلى حل التاريخ الضائع لا يعرف حدودا دولية. نحن جميعا نريد أن نعرف الإجابة على نفس الأسئلة الأساسية.

أين جئنا؟

من نحن حقا؟

كيف وصلنا إلى هنا؟

لماذا نحن هنا؟

ماذا يعني كل هذا؟

ماذا نفعل لجعله أفضل؟

سواء كان صديقي المهدي في إيران، ماهو في إينستانبول، ماندي في سيوكس سيتي، ولاية ايوا أو يوسف في إسرائيل، ونحن جميعا لدينا نفس الأسئلة ونفس العاطفة للتاريخ وخسر التاريخ.

التعادل الذي يربط بيننا جميعا هو اعتقاد قوي بأن في التاريخ، ومعرفة الحقيقة الحقيقية حول التاريخ الجماعي. أن نجد في نهاية المطاف الغرض ومخطط مشترك لدينا لمستقبل ناجح.

هذا الصباح فقط تبحث على البيانات التقنية بلوق لدينا، كان هناك أكثر من 160 دولة على حدة الوصول إلى المعلومات لدينا في ال 24 ساعة الماضية. ومعين بالطبع الولايات المتحدة وكندا منذ أنا جالس هنا في الولايات المتحدة تعلق هذا بلوق، ولكن إذا نظرتم الى سجلات الذي يتم الوصول إلى المعلومات على الصعيد العالمي سوف تجد دول مثل الدنمارك وروسيا وإسرائيل، مصر، بوليفيا، تنزانيا والصين وسلوفينيا، ونيجيريا، وحتى ترينيداد وتوباجو. على ما يبدو، وذلك بفضل شبكة الإنترنت، والحب من التاريخ وأرضية مشتركة من التاريخ، لا في الواقع، لا تعرف حدودا.

إذا كان بلوق بسيطة عن التاريخ المفقود والاستكشاف والكنوز المفقودة يمكن أن يحقق أكثر من 160 دولة معا في أي يوم من الأيام، لماذا ما زلنا المتحاربة بين الدول المختلفة؟ عندما كنت تفكر في ذلك السبب يصبح واضحا. الناس ما زالوا يقاتلون على التاريخ دون الاعتراف الدروس التاريخية من التاريخ الذي يثبت في النهاية لا أحد، بغض النظر عن الجانبين، ويفوز.

بطريقة أو بأخرى في كل هذا التقدم من الزمن، والمجتمع، والتعلم والتقنيات لدينا لا تزال تدار في بعض أجزاء من العالم، لتؤول بدلا من التطور ونحن هنا مرة أخرى، باسم الدين، وتدمير التاريخ والتحف التي لا تقدر بثمن.

أما بالنسبة لي شخصيا، لدي الآلاف من الأصدقاء في جميع أنحاء العالم، وأنه لا يهم بالنسبة لي واحد بت دينهم وثقافتهم، ولون بشرتهم، ميولهم الجنسية أو حتى آرائهم السياسية. ما أنا قاض أصدقائي الدولي على غير الإنسانية بسيطة، والأخلاق وحب التاريخ. لطالما قيل إذا كنا لا دراسة وفهم التاريخ، ثم محكوم علينا أن نكرر أخطاء التاريخ.

حتى هنا أجلس في جهاز كمبيوتر يربط إلكترونيا نفسي إلى كل بلد في العالم، والوصول إلى الأصدقاء الذين لديهم حياة مختلفة بشكل لا يصدق من نفسي، ولكن ترتبط نحن من خلال التاريخ والحب للبشرية، والرغبة العارمة في التعلم من التاريخ وليس تكرار أهوال التاريخ.

في نهاية اليوم نفس الأساسية من وماذا ومتى وأين وكيف ولماذا لا يزال ربط لنا جميعا. ذلك هو السبب في أن نتمكن جميعا من ربط إلكترونيا وإيجاد أرضية مشتركة، ولكن بعد في العديد من الرجال الأماكن لا يمكن الاتصال في كثير من الأماكن وجها لوجه وتفعل الشيء نفسه؟ I نعتز بها كل من أصدقائي الدولي وتحدي كل من يقرأ بلوق لدينا أو المشاركة في وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعية لدينا للحصول على المزيد من أصدقائك مثل التفكير تشارك معك.

لماذا تفعل ذلك؟ انها بسيطة. يتم جمع كل واحد منا هنا اليوم على أرضية مشتركة من التاريخ وكما تعلمنا أكثر عن تاريخ كل منهما بدوره علمنا المزيد عن تاريخنا الفردي وبسبب هذا شكلنا علاقات كبيرة التي لا تعرف الحدود. لذلك دعونا تكرار هذه العملية، دعونا الحصول على أصدقاء أكثر وأكثر اهتماما في التاريخ، متحمسا التاريخ، وتعلم كيفية التواصل والتشارك عبر الحدود الإلكترونية، وبالتالي كل واحد منا تكوين صداقات أكثر وأكثر بعدا من ثقافات بعيدة بحيث يجوز أيضا معرفة، في النهاية، نحن كل نفس، وهناك سباق واحد فقط.

الجنس البشري.


ההיסטוריה האבודה התחדשות בקצב מהיר יותר מאשר בכל תקופה אחרת בהיסטוריה.

מדוע זה מתרחש?

טכנולוגיה עכשיו התקדמה לשיעור שבו אנו יכולים לחפש אזורים רחבים יותר לעומק עמוק יותר מאשר אי פעם בעבר. במילים פשוטות, טכנולוגיה עכשיו מאפשרת לנו לסרוק להיסטוריה איבדה מהאוויר ובו בזמן סריקה עמוקה לתוך האדמה ולראות מה לא כבר ראה במשך אלפי שנים.

במונחים של ציד ההיסטוריה אבוד, אנחנו בפתחה של מעבר כי טכנולוגיה הוא שווה הערך לזמנים שבם ספרים עדיין בכתב היד ודפוס גוטנברג הגיע יחד. אנחנו במהירות מתפתחים מנאלצים לעשות הכל ביד בתהליך איטי מאוד, עד כדי חוסר היכולת לייצר מסת היכולת לחפש אינץ ‘הפלנטה הזו על ידי אינץ’ אחת ולתמיד.

כל כותרות חדשות היום מופיעות על קברות חדשים, אתרי ספינה טרופה חדשים, אתרי קבורה חדשים, שדות קרב חדשים, וערים מיתיות ארוך איבדו שנמצאו. כל זה נובע מההתקדמות המדהימה בטכנולוגיה.

עם זאת הכותרות של היום הן מדאיגות באותה מידה גם. מוזיאונים בדחפורים עד, פסלים נמחקו, יצירות אמנות והוצתו אלפי ספרים עתיקים וטקסטים בכתב יד הפכו לאפר. אנו עושים התקדמות אדירה באותו הזמן אנחנו מאבדים היסטוריה יקרה והיסטורית קרקע.

עם כמה מאה אלף חסידים יומיים של הבלוגים שלנו ומדיה חברתית ברחבי העולם, אני מבין בכל יום איך כולנו קשורים לאסוף דרך האהבה של ההיסטוריה. נראה שזה באמת הצורך לפתור היסטוריה האבודה אינו יודעת גבולות בינלאומיים. כולנו רוצים לדעת את התשובות לאותן שאלות בסיסיות.

איפה אנחנו באים?

מי אנחנו באמת?

איך הגיע לכאן?

למה אנחנו כאן?

מה כל זה אומר?

מה עושה כדי לעשות את זה טוב יותר?

בין אם זה חבר שלי מהדי באיראן, מאהו בInstanbul, מנדי ב סו סיטי, איווה או יוסף בישראל, יש לנו את כל אותן שאלות ואת אותה התשוקה להיסטוריה ואיבדנו את ההיסטוריה.

העניבה שקושר את כולנו היא אמונה חזקה כי בהיסטוריה, ולדעת את האמת האמיתית על ההיסטוריה הקולקטיבית שלנו; שסופו של דבר למצוא את המטרה והתכנית המשותפת שלנו לעתיד מוצלח.

רק הבוקר מסתכל מעבר לנתונים הטכניים הבלוגים שלנו, היו מעל 160 מדינות בודדות גישה למידע שלנו ב -24 השעות האחרונות. אם אתה מסתכל על הרשומות של שגישה למידע שלנו ברחבי העולם תוכל למצוא מדינות כמו דנמרק, רוסיה, ישראל נתונה כמובן ארצות הברית וקנדה מאז שאני יושב כאן בארצות הברית תולה את הבלוג הזה, אבל, מצרים, בוליביה, טנזניה, סין, סלובניה, ניגריה ואפילו טרינידד וטובגו. נראה, הודות לאינטרנט, אהבת ההיסטוריה והמכנה המשותף של ההיסטוריה, אכן, יודעים גבולות.

אם בלוג פשוט על היסטוריה האבודה, חיפושים ואוצרות אבודות יכול להביא יותר מ -160 מדינות ביחד בכל יום נתון, למה אנחנו עדיין לוחמים בין מדינות שונות? כשאני מהרהר בכך הסיבה ברורה. אנשים עדיין נלחמים על ההיסטוריה מבלי להכיר את הלקחים ההיסטוריים של ההיסטוריה שמוכיח סופו של דבר אף אחד לא, ללא קשר לצדדים, זוכה.

איכשהו בכל התקדמות זה הזמן, החברה, למידה והטכנולוגיה אנחנו עדיין הצלחנו בתוך כמה חלקים של העולם, ועובר במקום להתפתח והנה אנחנו שוב, בשם דת, הורסים את ההיסטוריה וחפצים יקרי ערך.

באשר לי באופן אישי, יש לי אלפי חברים ברחבי העולם וזה לא משנה לי אחד נשך את דתם, את תרבותם, צבע העור שלהם, נטייתם המינית או אפילו הדעות הפוליטיות שלהם. מה אני שופט החברים הבינלאומיים שלי בהוא אנושיות פשוטה, אתיקה ואהבה של ההיסטוריה. זה תמיד נאמר אם לא ללמוד ולהבין את ההיסטוריה, אז נגזר עלינו לחזור על הטעויות של ההיסטוריה.

אז הנה אני יושב מול מחשב אלקטרוני המקשר את עצמי לכל מדינה בעולם ולהגיע לחברים שיש להם חיים שונים מאוד ממני, אבל אנחנו מחוברים דרך ההיסטוריה ואהבת האדם ורצון נלהב ללמוד מההיסטוריה ולא לחזור על זוועות ההיסטוריה.

בסופו של היום את אותו בסיסי מי, מה, מתי, איפה, איך ולמה עדיין לחבר את כולנו; אז למה זה שכולנו יכול להתחבר באופן אלקטרוני ולמצוא מכנה משותף, אבל עדיין במקומות רבים גברים לא יכול להתחבר במקומות רבים פנים-אל-פנים ולעשות את אותו הדבר? אני מוקיר כל אחד מהחברים הבינלאומיים שלי ולאתגר את כל מי שקראו הבלוגים שלנו או להשתתף במדיה החברתיים שלנו כדי לקבל יותר של החברים כמו אופקים שלך מעורבים איתך.

למה לעשות את זה? זה פשוט. כולנו התכנסנו כאן היום על המכנה המשותף של היסטוריה וכפי שלמדנו יותר על ההיסטוריה של זה, בתורו למדנו יותר על ההיסטוריה האישית שלנו ובגלל זה יש לנו יצר קשרים רבים שאינו יודעים גבולות. אז בואו לשכפל את התהליך הזה, בואו לקבל עוד ועוד חברים מתעניייינים בהיסטוריה, מתלהבים היסטוריה, ללמוד איך להגיע ולשתף מעבר לגבול האלקטרוני, וכך כל אחד מאיתנו עושים יותר ורחוקים יותר חברים מתרבויות רחוקות, כך שהם יכולים גם לגלות, בסופו של הדבר, כולנו אותו הדבר ויש רק גזע אחד.

המין האנושי.


Histoire perdue refait surface à un rythme plus rapide que ne importe quel autre moment dans l’histoire.

Pourquoi cela se produise?

La technologie a maintenant progressé à un taux où nous sommes en mesure de rechercher des domaines plus larges à des profondeurs plus importantes que jamais. Autrement dit, la technologie nous permet maintenant de numériser pour l’histoire perdue de l’air tout en même temps analyser profondément dans le sol et de voir ce qui n’a pas été vu depuis des milliers d’années.

En termes de chasse histoire perdue, nous sommes à l’aube d’un changement de technologie qui est l’équivalent à l’époque où les livres étaient encore écrit à la main et de la presse de Gutenberg sont venus le long. Nous évoluent rapidement d’être forcés de le faire tout à la main dans un processus très lent, au point d’être en mesure de produire en masse la possibilité de rechercher cette planète pouce par pouce une fois pour toutes.

Chaque jour de nouveaux titres apparaissent sur les nouvelles tombes, de nouveaux sites d’épaves, de nouveaux lieux de sépulture, de nouveaux champs de bataille, et les villes mythiques longtemps perdus étant trouvés. Tout cela est attribuable aux incroyables progrès de la technologie.

Cependant les titres d’aujourd’hui sont tout aussi alarmant ainsi. Musées bulldozer jusqu’à, statues effacées, illustrations incendiées et des milliers de livres anciens et des textes écrits à la main réduits en cendres. Nous faisons d’énormes progrès au même moment nous perdons l’histoire précieux et un terrain historique.

Avec plusieurs centaines de mille fidèles quotidienne de nos blogs et les médias sociaux dans le monde entier, je me rends compte chaque jour comment nous sommes tous attachés à recueillir par l’amour de l’histoire. Il semble vraiment que la nécessité de résoudre l’histoire perdue ne connaît pas de frontières internationales. Nous voulons tous savoir les réponses aux mêmes questions de base.

Où venons-nous?

Qui sommes-nous vraiment?

Comment avons-nous arrivés là?

Pourquoi sommes-nous ici?

Qu’est-ce que tout cela signifie?

Que faisons-nous pour le rendre meilleur?

Que ce est mon ami Mahdi en Iran, Maho dans Instanbul, Mandy à Sioux City, Iowa ou de Joseph en Israël, nous avons tous les mêmes questions et la même passion pour l’histoire et histoire perdue.

Le lien qui nous lie tous est une forte conviction que dans l’histoire, et de savoir la vérité sur notre histoire collective; que nous trouvons finalement le but et notre schéma directeur commun à un avenir prospère.

Juste ce matin à la recherche de nos données techniques de blogs, il y avait plus de 160 différents pays accédant à notre information dans les dernières 24 heures. Bien sûr, les États-Unis et le Canada sont une donnée depuis que je suis assis ici aux États-Unis épinglant ce blog, mais si vous regardez les dossiers de personnes qui accèdent à notre information au niveau mondial, vous trouverez des pays tels que le Danemark, la Russie, Israël, l’Egypte, la Bolivie, la Tanzanie, la Chine, la Slovénie, le Nigeria et même Trinidad & Tobago. Il semble, grâce à l’Internet, l’amour de l’histoire et de la masse commune de l’histoire, ne est en fait, ne connaissent pas de limites.

SI simple blog sur histoire perdue, l’exploration et trésors perdus peut apporter plus de 160 pays ainsi que sur ne importe quel jour donné, pourquoi sommes-nous encore en guerre entre les différents pays? Lorsque je réfléchis sur ce la raison devient clair. Les gens se battent encore sur l’histoire sans reconnaître les leçons historiques de l’histoire qui prouve finalement personne, indépendamment de côtés, gagne.

D’une certaine manière dans tout cela avancement du temps, la société, l’apprentissage et de la technologie, nous avons tout de même réussi au sein de certaines parties du monde, de déléguer au lieu d’évoluer et nous voici une fois de plus, au nom de la religion, l’histoire et la destruction des objets inestimables.

Quant à moi personnellement, je ai des milliers d’amis dans le monde entier et il n’a pas d’importance pour moi un bit leur religion, leur culture, leur couleur de peau, leur orientation sexuelle ou même leurs opinions politiques. Ce que je juge mes amis internationaux sur l’humanité est simple, l’éthique et un amour de l’histoire. Il a toujours été dit que si nous ne étudions pas et de comprendre l’histoire, nous sommes condamnés à répéter les erreurs de l’histoire.

Donc ici, je suis assis à un ordinateur me reliant électroniquement à tous les pays dans le monde et d’atteindre à des amis qui ont incroyablement différentes vies que moi, mais nous sommes connectés à travers l’histoire et l’amour de l’humanité et un ardent désir d’apprendre de l’histoire et non répéter les horreurs de l’histoire.

À la fin de la journée de la même base qui, quoi, quand, où, comment et pourquoi encore nous tous se connecter; alors pourquoi est-ce que nous pouvons tous se connecter électroniquement et de trouver un terrain d’entente, mais encore dans de nombreux endroits les hommes ne peuvent pas se connecter dans de nombreux endroits en face-à-face et de faire la même chose? Je chéris chacun de mes amis internationaux et défie tous ceux qui lisent nos blogs ou de participer à notre médias sociaux pour obtenir plus de vos amis partageant les mêmes idées impliquées avec vous.

Pourquoi faire cela? Ce est simple. Nous sommes tous réunis ici aujourd’hui sur le terrain commun de l’histoire et que nous avons appris davantage sur l’histoire de l’autre, à son tour, nous avons appris plus sur notre histoire individuelle et de ce fait nous avons formé d’excellentes relations qui ne connaissent pas de frontières. Donc, nous allons dupliquer ce processus, nous allons obtenir plus d’amis intéressés par l’histoire, passionnés d’histoire, apprendre à tendre la main et part à travers la frontière électronique, ainsi tout de nous faire de plus en plus éloignés des amis de cultures lointaines, afin qu’eux aussi peuvent savoir, à la fin, nous sommes tous les mêmes et il n’y a qu’une seule race.

La race humaine.


Shīqùle lìshǐ zhòng pù yǐ gèng kuài de sùdù bǐ lìshǐ shàng rènhé shíhòu.

Zhè shì wèishéme fāshēng?

Jìshù yǐjīng fāzhǎn dào yīgè sùdù, wǒmen kěyǐ sōusuǒ gèng guǎngfàn de lǐngyù, gēngshēn de shēndù bǐ yǐwǎng rènhé shíhòu. Jiǎndān de shuō, xiànzài de jìshù shǐ wǒmen nénggòu sǎomiáo diūshī de lìshǐ, cóng kōngzhōng, ér zài tóngyī shíjiān sǎomiáo shēnrù dào dì li kàn kàn yǐjīng bù míngxiǎnle jǐ qiān nián.

Zài shīqùle lìshǐ de shòuliè ér yán, wǒmen zhèng chù zài yīgè jìshù biàngé, tā shì xiāngdāng yú shíhòu de shūjí réngrán shǒuxiě hé gǔ dēng bǎo jìzhě láile shǔguāng. Wǒmen zhèngzài xùnsù de cóng bèi qiǎngpò zuò yīqiè yòng shǒu zài yīgè fēicháng huǎnmàn de guòchéng, yào jùyǒu nénggòu dà guīmó diǎn jìnhuà chǎnshēng, yǐ sōuxún gāi xíngxīng yīcùn yīcùn yīláoyǒngyì de nénglì.

Měitiān dū yǒu xīn de tóutiáo xīnwén chūxiàn yǒuguān xīn de língmù, xīn de chénchuán yízhǐ, xīn de mùdì, xīn de zhànchǎng, hé jiǔwéi de shénmì de chéngshì pī fà xiàn. Suǒyǒu zhè yīqiè dōu guī yīn yú jìshù de jīngrén jìnbù.

Rán’ér jīntiān de tóutiáo xīnwén dōu tóngyàng jīngrén de hǎo. Bówùguǎn tuītǔjī tuī píngle, fóxiàng mǒshā, yìshù pǐn fénshāo hé shù yǐ qiān jì de gǔdài shūjí hé shǒuxiě wénzì huà wéi huījìn. Wǒmen zhèngzài zuòchū jùdà de jìnbù zài tóngyàng de shíjiān, wǒmen zhèngzài shīqù bǎoguì de lìshǐ hé lìshǐ gāodù.

Suízhe wǒmen de bókè zài quánqiú gèdì shù shí wàn de rìcháng zhuīsuí zhě hé shèhuì méitǐ, wǒ zhīdào měitiān zěnme wǒmen dōu yīlài yú tōngguò shōují lìshǐ de rè’ài. Zhè quèshí sìhū xūyào jiějué diūshī de lìshǐ shì méiyǒu guójiè de. Wǒmen dōu xiǎng zhīdào de dá’àn xiāngtóng de jīběn wèntí.

Wǒmen zài nǎlǐ lái de ne?

Wǒmen shì shuí zhēn de ma?

Wǒmen zěnme huì zài zhèlǐ?

Wǒmen wèishéme zài zhèlǐ?

Zhè shì shénme yìsi ne?

Wǒmen gāi zěnme bàn, shǐ qí gèng hǎo?

Wúlùn shì wǒ de péngyǒu mǎhè dí zài yīlǎng, mǎ huò zài Instanbul, xiǎo mǐn zài sū chéng, ài hé huá zhōu hé yuēsèfū zài yǐsèliè, wǒmen dōu yǒu tóngyàng de wèntí hé tóngyàng rè’ài lìshǐ hé shīqù de lìshǐ.

Jiéhé wǒmen suǒyǒu de lǐngdài, zài lìshǐ, bìng liǎojiě wǒmen de jítǐ lìshǐ shàng zhēnzhèng de zhēnlǐ de jiāndìng xìnniàn; wǒmen zuìzhōng zhǎodàole mùdì hé wǒmen gòngtóng de lántú chénggōng de wèilái.

Jiù zài jīntiān shàngwǔ zhǎoguò wǒmen de bókè jìshù shùjù, yǒu chāoguò 160 gèbié guójiā zài guòqù de 24 xiǎoshí fǎngwèn wǒmen de xìnxī. Dāngrán, měiguó hé jiānádà de yīgè gěi dìng de, yīnwèi wǒ zuò zài zhèlǐ, zài měiguó qiānzhì zhège bókè, dàn rúguǒ nǐ kàn kàn shuí zài fǎngwèn wǒmen de xìnxī zài quánqiú fànwéi, nǐ huì fāxiàn guójiā rú dānmài, èluósī, yǐsèliè de jìlù, āijí, bōlìwéiyǎ, tǎnsāngníyǎ, zhōngguó, sīluòwénníyǎ, nírìlìyǎ, shènzhì tè lì ní dá hé duō bā gē. Kàn lái, yóuyú hùliánwǎng, lìshǐ de rè’ài hé lìshǐ de gòngtóng diǎn, zuò qíshí zhīdào méiyǒu zhǐjìng.

IF yuē shīqù lìshǐ, tànsuǒ hé shīluò de bǎozàng yīgè jiǎndān de bókè kěyǐ zài rènhé yītiān chāoguò 160 gè guójiā huìjí, wèishéme wǒmen hái zài bùtóng guójiā zhī jiān de jiāozhàn? Dāng wǒ sīkǎo tā de yuányīn jiù hěn qīngchǔle. Rénmen réngrán zhàndòu zài lìshǐ shàng bù chéngrèn lìshǐ de lìshǐ jiàoxùn zhèngmíng, zuìzhōng méiyǒurén, bùguǎn shuāngfāng, shèng.

Bùzhī zěn di, zài zhè yīqiè de jìnbù shídài, shèhuì, xuéxí hé jìshù, wǒmen zài shìjiè yīxiē dìqū nèi réng néngle, xiàfàng, ér bùshì fāzhǎn, bìng zài zhèlǐ wǒmen zàicì, zài zōngjiào de míngyì, pòhuài lìshǐ hé wú jià de wénwù.

Zhìyú wǒ gèrén, wǒ yǒu chéng qiān shàng wàn de shìjiè gèdì de péngyǒu, zhè bùyàojǐn, wǒ yī yǎo zìjǐ de zōngjiào, zìjǐ de wénhuà, zìjǐ de fūsè, tāmen dì xìng qǔxiàng, shènzhì tāmen de zhèngzhì guāndiǎn. Wǒ pànduàn wǒ de guójì yǒurén duì jiǎndān de rénxìng, dàodé hé àiqíng de lìshǐ. Tā yīzhí shuō, rúguǒ wǒmen bù xuéxí hé liǎojiě lìshǐ, nàme wǒmen zhùdìng yào chóngfù lìshǐ de cuòwù.

Suǒyǐ zài zhèlǐ wǒ zuò zài diànnǎo liánjiē diànzǐ zìjǐ de měi yīgè guójiā zài shìjiè shàng shēn chūlái de péngyǒu yǒu lìng rén nányǐ zhìxìn de bùtóng de shēnghuó bǐ wǒ, dàn wǒmen shì tōngguò lìshǐ hé rénlèi de ài hé yīnqiè qī pàn liánjiē cóng lìshǐ zhōng jíqǔ jiàoxùn, ér bùshì chóngfù lìshǐ de kǒngbù.

Zài yītiān jiéshù shí, xiāngtóng de jīběn shuí, shénme, hé shí, hé de, rúhé yǐjí wèishéme réngrán liánjiē wǒmen suǒyǒu rén; suǒyǐ wéi shén me wǒmen dōu kěyǐ liánjiē diànzǐ, zhǎodào gòngtóng diǎn, dànshì què yòu zài hěnduō dìfāng de rén wúfǎ liánjiē zài hěnduō dìfāng miànlín dào de liǎn, zhèyàng zuò? Wǒ hěn zhēnxī wǒ de měi yīgè guójì yǒu rén hé tiǎozhàn, suǒyǒu shuí yuèdú wǒmen de bókè huòzhě cānjiā wǒmen de shèjiāo méitǐ huòdé gèng duō guānyú nǐ de cānyù, nǐ zhìtóngdàohé de péngyǒu.

Wèishéme zhèyàng zuò? Zhè hěn jiǎndān. Wǒmen suǒyǒu de rén jīntiān jùjí zài lìshǐ shàng de gòngtóng diǎn, dāng wǒmen gèng duō de liǎojiě bǐcǐ de lìshǐ, fǎn guòlái, wǒmen gèng duō de liǎojiěle wǒmen měi yīgè rén de lìshǐ, yě zhèng yīnwèi rúcǐ, wǒmen yǐjīng xíngchéngle rènshí wú guójiè hěn dà de guānxì. Yīncǐ, ràng wǒmen chóngfù zhège guòchéng, ràng wǒmen duì lìshǐ gǎn xìngqù de péngyǒu yuè lái yuè duō, chōngmǎn jīqíng de lìshǐ, xuéxí rúhé shēnshǒu qù fēnxiǎng zhěnggè diànzǐ qiányán, yīncǐ wǒmen suǒyǒu de rén cóng yáoyuǎn de wénhuà shǐdé yuè lái yuè duō de yuǎnfāng de péngyǒu, ràng tāmen yě kěnéng zhǎo chūlái, dào zuìhòu, wǒmen dōu shì yīyàng de, zhǐyǒu yīgè zhǒngzú.



Забыли история шлифовка более быстрыми темпами, чем в любой другой период истории.

Почему это происходит?

Технология в настоящее время достигли такого курса, где мы можем найти более широкие области в большей глубине, чем когда-либо прежде. Проще говоря, технология позволяет теперь сканировать упущенное истории из воздуха, в то же время сканировать глубоко в землю и посмотреть, что никто не видел в течение тысяч лет.

С точки зрения потерянной истории охоты, мы находимся на заре смены технологий, что является эквивалентом во времена, когда книги были еще рукописные и нажмите Гутенберг пришли вместе. Мы быстро развивается от вынуждены делать все вручную в очень медленном процессе, вплоть до того, чтобы быть в состоянии в массовом производстве возможность поиска этой планете сантиметр за сантиметром раз и навсегда.

Каждый день новые заголовки появляются о новых могил, новых сайтов кораблекрушения, новых захоронений, новых сражений, и давно потеряли мифических городов были найдены. Все это связано с невероятной достижений в области технологий.

Однако сегодняшние заголовки столь же тревожный сигнал, а также. Музеи бульдозерами вверх, статуи уничтожены, работа подожгли и тысячи древних книг и рукописных текстов в пепел. Мы делаем огромные успехи в то же самое время мы теряем драгоценное История и исторические земли.

С нескольких сотен тысяч ежедневных последователей наших блогах и социальных медиа по всему миру, я понимаю, каждый день, как мы все связаны, чтобы собрать через любовь к истории. Это действительно кажется, что нужно решить потерянные история не знает международных границ. Мы все хотим знать ответы на те же основные вопросы.

Куда мы пришли?

Кто мы на самом деле?

Как мы сюда попали?

Почему мы здесь?

Что всё это значит?

Что мы делаем, чтобы сделать его лучше?

Будь то мой друг Махди в Иране, Махо в Стамбуле, Мэнди в Су-Сити, штат Айова или Иосифа в Израиле, у всех нас есть те же самые вопросы и ту же страсть к истории и проиграл историю.

Галстук, который связывает нас всех является твердое убеждение, что в истории, и, зная истинную правду о нашей коллективной истории; что в конечном итоге мы найти цель и наше общее план для успешного будущего.

Только сегодня утром, глядя через наши блоги технических данных, были более чем 160 отдельных стран, вступающих нашу информацию в течение последних 24 часов. Конечно Соединенные Штаты и Канада дали, так как я сижу здесь, в Соединенных Штатах закрепления этот блог, но если вы посмотрите на записях, которые получает доступ к нашей информации по всему миру вы найдете такие страны, как Дания, Россия, Израиль, Египет, Боливия, Танзания, Китай, Словения, Нигерии и даже Тринидад и Тобаго. Кажется, благодаря Интернету, любовь истории и общей почве истории, не на самом деле, не знает границ.

ЕСЛИ простой блог о потерянной истории, разведки и потерянных сокровищ может принести более 160 стран вместе в любой день, почему мы до сих пор воюющих между различными народами? Когда я размышляю о нем причина становится ясно. Люди продолжают борьбу на протяжении всей истории, не признавая исторические уроки истории, которые не докажет, в конечном счете, никто, независимо от сторон, выигрывает.

Как-то во всем этом продвижении времени, общества, обучения и технологии мы все-таки удалось в некоторых частях мира, переходят вместо развиваться и здесь мы снова, во имя религии, уничтожая историю и бесценные артефакты.

Что касается меня лично, у меня есть тысячи друзей по всему миру, и это не имеет значения для меня один бит свою религию, свою культуру, свой цвет кожи, свою сексуальную ориентацию или даже свои политические взгляды. То, что я судить мои международные друзей на простой человечности, этика и любовь к истории. Это всегда было сказано, если мы не изучаем и понимать историю, то мы обречены повторять ошибки истории.

Так вот я сижу за компьютером в электронном виде ссылки себя в любой стране мира и достижения к друзьям, у которых есть невероятно разные жизни, чем я, но мы связаны через историю и любви к человечеству и горячим желанием учиться у истории, а не повторить ужасы истории.

В конце дня те же основные кто, что, когда, где, как и почему до сих пор подключить всех нас; Итак, почему это, что мы все можем подключить в электронном виде и найти общий язык, но еще во многих местах люди не могут подключиться во многих местах лицом к лицу и сделать то же самое? Я дорожу каждым из моих международными друзьями и призываю всех, кто читает наши блоги или участвовать в нашем социальных медиа, чтобы получить больше из ваших друзей-единомышленников, связанных с вами.

Зачем это делать? Это просто. Все мы собрались здесь сегодня на общей почве истории и, как мы узнали больше об истории друг друга, в свою очередь, мы узнали больше о наших индивидуальных истории и из-за этого мы создали прекрасные отношения, которые не знают границ. Итак, давайте дублировать этот процесс, давайте больше и больше друзей, интересующихся историей, страстные об истории, научиться достигать и поделиться через электронную границы, таким образом, все мы делая все более и более далекие друзья из далеких культур, чтобы они тоже могут выяснить, в конце концов, мы все же и есть только одна раса.

Человеческая раса.


Kayıp Tarih tarihinin başka bir zaman daha hızlı bir oranda cilt soyma olduğunu.

Neden bu gerçekleşiyor?

Teknoloji artık her zamankinden daha derin derinliklere geniş alanları arama yapabilir bir oranda ilerlemiştir. Basitçe söylemek gerekirse, teknoloji artık aynı anda toprağa derin tarama ve binlerce yıldır görmediği görmek ise bize havadan kayıp tarihin taramak için izin verir.

Kayıp tarih avcılık açısından, biz kitaplar hala el yazısı ve Gutenberg basın birlikte geldi zaman zaman eşdeğer bir teknoloji değişimi şafakta vardır. Biz hızla kitle mümkün olma noktasına çok yavaş bir süreç içinde her şeyi elle yapmak zorunda olmaktan gelişen bir kez ve herkes için inç tarafından bu gezegen karış arama yeteneğini üretmek.

Her gün yeni başlıklar bulundu olan yeni mezarlar, yeni batık siteleri, yeni mezar siteleri, yeni savaş ve uzun süredir kayıp efsanevi şehirler hakkında görünür. Tüm bu teknoloji inanılmaz gelişmeler atfedilebilir.

Ancak bugünün başlıkları de eşit derecede endişe verici bulunmaktadır. Müzeler sanat ateşe ve antik kitaplar ve el yazılı metinleri binlerce kül, heykeller oblitere, yukarı buldozerle. Biz değerli tarihi ve tarihsel zemin kaybediyor aynı zamanda muazzam ilerlemeler yapıyoruz.

Dünya çapında birkaç yüz bin, bizim bloglar günlük takipçileri ve sosyal medya ile, hepimizin tarihin sevgi yoluyla toplamak bağlı nasıl her gün fark. Gerçekten ihtiyacı kayıp geçmişi hiçbir uluslararası sınırları bilir çözmek için görünüyor. Hepimiz aynı temel soruların yanıtlarını bilmek istiyorum.

Biz nereden geliyor?

Gerçekten Kimiz?

Nasıl geldik?

Neden buradayız?

Tüm bu ne anlama geliyor?

Ne biz daha iyi hale getirmek için yapıyorsunuz?

Benim arkadaşım Mehdi İsrail’de Sioux City, Iowa veya Joseph Instanbul, Mandy İran, Maho öyle olsun, hepimiz aynı soruları ve tarih için aynı tutku var ve tarih kaybetti.

Hepimizi bağlayan kravat tarihinin ve kolektif tarihi hakkında gerçek gerçeği bilerek güçlü bir inançtır; sonuçta amaç ve başarılı bir gelecek için ortak plan bulmak.

Bizim bloglar teknik veriler üzerinde seyir Sadece bu sabah, son 24 saat içinde bizim bilgilerinize erişmesini 160 bireysel ülkeler vardı. Tabii Birleşik Devletleri ve Kanada bir ben bu blogu iğneleme Birleşik Devletleri’nde burada oturuyorum çünkü verilen, ancak global olarak böyle Danimarka, Rusya, İsrail gibi ülkeleri bulacaksınız bizim bilgilere erişmek kimin kayıtlarına bakarsanız, Mısır, Bolivya, Tanzanya, Çin, Slovenya, Nijerya ve hatta Trinidad & Tobago. NO sınır tanımıyordu, aslında yok, internet, tarihin sevgi ve tarihin ortak bir zemin sayesinde görünüyor.

Kayıp tarih, keşif ve kayıp hazineler hakkında basit bir blog herhangi bir gün birlikte 160 ülkede getirebilir EĞER, neden hala çeşitli milletler arasında savaşan vardır? Bunun üzerine yansıtmak zaman nedeni netleşiyor. İnsanlar hala ne olursa olsun iki tarafın, sonuçta kimseyi kanıtlıyor tarihin tarihsel dersleri tanımadan tarihi boyunca mücadele ediyoruz, kazanır.

Her nasılsa biz hala dünyanın bazı bölgelerinde içinde yönetilen zaman, toplum, öğrenme ve teknolojinin tüm bu ilerlemesi, yerine gelişmeye ve devretmek ve burada tarih ve paha biçilmez eserler yok, din adına, bir kez daha vardır.

Biri kendi dinlerini, kültürlerini, kendi cilt rengi, cinsel yönelimi ya da kendi siyasi görüşlerini biraz şahsen benim için olduğu gibi, ben dünya çapında arkadaşlar binlerce var ve bu benim için önemli değil. Ne benim uluslararası arkadaşlar yargıç basit insanlık, ahlak ve tarih bir aşk. Biz çalışma ve tarihini anlamak yoksa her zaman söylenmiştir, o zaman tarihin hataları tekrarlamak mahkûmdurlar.

Yani burada elektronik dünyadaki her ülkeye kendimi bağlayan ve kendimi daha inanılmaz farklı hayatları var arkadaşlar uzanarak bir bilgisayar başında oturmak, ama biz tarihe öğrenmek için tarih ve insanlık sevgisi ve ateşli arzusu ile bağlı değildir ve Tarihin dehşet tekrarlayın.

Günün sonunda aynı temel kim, ne, ne zaman, nerede, nasıl ve neden hala hepimizi bağlamak; Peki neden biz tüm yüz yüze birçok yerde bağlanmak ve aynı yapamaz birçok yerde erkeklerde henüz elektronik bağlantı ve ortak bir zemin bulmak, ancak bu? Ben uluslararası arkadaşlar her beslemek ve sizinle ilgili SİZİN gibi düşünen arkadaşlar daha fazla almak için bizim blogları okumak ya da bizim sosyal medyada katılmak herkes meydan.

Neden bunu? Bu kadar basit. Hepimiz tarihin ortak zemin üzerinde bugün burada toplanmış ve biz birbirimizin geçmişiyle ilgili daha fazla öğrendim, buna biz BİZİM bireysel geçmişiyle ilgili daha fazla öğrendim ve bu nedenle hiçbir sınır biliyoruz büyük ilişkiler kurdu. Yani tarih, böylece hepimiz, uzanmak ve elektronik sınırına genelinde paylaşmak için öğrenme uzak kültürlerden daha fazla ve daha uzak arkadaş yapma konusunda tutkulu tarihinin ilgilenen daha fazla arkadaş, gidelim, en bu süreci çoğaltmak izin onlar da olabilir, böylece öğrenmek, sonunda, hepimiz aynı ve tek bir yarış var.

insan ırkı.


Ξεχάσατε ιστορία ξαναέρθει στην επιφάνεια με ταχύτερο ρυθμό από ό, τι οποιαδήποτε άλλη στιγμή στην ιστορία.

Γιατί να συμβεί αυτό;

Η τεχνολογία έχει προχωρήσει τώρα σε τέτοιο ρυθμό που είμαστε σε θέση να αναζητήσετε ευρύτερες περιοχές σε μεγαλύτερα βάθη από ποτέ. Με απλά λόγια, η τεχνολογία μας επιτρέπει πλέον να σαρώσετε για τα χαμένα ιστορία από τον αέρα ενώ ταυτόχρονα σάρωση βαθιά στο έδαφος και να δούμε τι δεν έχει δει εδώ και χιλιάδες χρόνια.

Όσον αφορά την απώλεια κυνήγι της ιστορίας, είμαστε στην αυγή μιας τεχνολογίας αλλαγής, η οποία είναι το ισοδύναμο με τους χρόνους όταν τα βιβλία ήταν ακόμα χειρόγραφη και τον Τύπο Gutenberg ήρθε μαζί. Είμαστε ταχέως εξελισσόμενες από το να αναγκάζονται να κάνουν τα πάντα με το χέρι σε μια πολύ αργή διαδικασία, σε σημείο που να είναι σε θέση να παράγει μαζικά τη δυνατότητα αναζήτησης σε αυτόν τον πλανήτη σπιθαμή προς σπιθαμή μία φορά και για όλα.

Κάθε μέρα νέες πρωτοσέλιδα εμφανίζονται για νέα τάφους, νέες τοποθεσίες ναυάγιο, νέες τοποθεσίες ταφής, νέα πεδία μάχης, και χαμένο μυθικές πόλεις που βρέθηκαν. Όλα αυτό οφείλεται στην απίστευτη πρόοδο της τεχνολογίας.

Ωστόσο, η σημερινή πρωτοσέλιδα είναι εξίσου ανησυχητικά, καθώς και. Μουσεία ισοπεδώνονται πάνω, σβηστεί αγάλματα, έργα τέχνης πυρπολήθηκαν και χιλιάδες αρχαία βιβλία και το χέρι γραπτά κείμενα στάχτη. Κάνουμε τεράστιες προόδους στην ίδια την ίδια στιγμή χάνουμε πολύτιμο ιστορικό και ιστορικό έδαφος.

Με αρκετές εκατοντάδες χιλιάδες καθημερινά οπαδούς των blogs μας και των κοινωνικών μέσων μαζικής ενημέρωσης σε όλο τον κόσμο, συνειδητοποιώ κάθε μέρα πώς συνδεόμαστε όλοι να συγκεντρωθούν μέσα από την αγάπη της ιστορίας. Είναι πραγματικά φαίνεται ότι η ανάγκη για την επίλυση των χαμένων ιστορία δεν γνωρίζει διεθνή σύνορα. Όλοι θέλουν να ξέρουν τις απαντήσεις στα ίδια βασικά ερωτήματα.

Πού ερχόμαστε;

Ποιοι είμαστε πραγματικά;

Πώς φτάσαμε ως εδώ;

Γιατί είμαστε εδώ;

Τι σημαίνουν όλα αυτά;

Τι πρέπει να κάνουμε για να το βελτιώσουμε;

Είτε πρόκειται για τον φίλο μου Μαχντί στο Ιράν, Maho στην Κωνσταντινούπολη, Mandy σε Σιού Σίτι, Αϊόβα ή Ιωσήφ στο Ισραήλ, όλοι έχουμε τις ίδιες ερωτήσεις και το ίδιο πάθος για την ιστορία και έχασε ιστορία.

Η ισοπαλία που μας ενώνει όλους είναι μια ισχυρή πεποίθηση ότι στην ιστορία, και γνωρίζοντας την πραγματική αλήθεια για τη συλλογική μας ιστορία? ότι θα βρούμε τελικά το σκοπό και το κοινό μας σχέδιο για την επιτυχή μελλοντική.

Μόλις σήμερα το πρωί αναζητούν πάνω από τα blogs τεχνικά δεδομένα μας, υπήρχαν πάνω από 160 μεμονωμένες χώρες πρόσβαση σε πληροφορίες μας τις τελευταίες 24 ώρες. Φυσικά, οι Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες και ο Καναδάς είναι δεδομένη αφού κάθομαι εδώ στις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες καρφώνει αυτό το blog, αλλά αν κοιτάξετε τα αρχεία του ποιος έχει πρόσβαση σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο τις πληροφορίες μας θα βρείτε χώρες όπως η Δανία, η Ρωσία, το Ισραήλ, την Αίγυπτο, τη Βολιβία, την Τανζανία, την Κίνα, τη Σλοβενία, τη Νιγηρία και ακόμη και Τρινιντάντ & Τομπάγκο. Φαίνεται, χάρη στο Διαδίκτυο, την αγάπη της ιστορίας και του κοινού εδάφους της ιστορίας, πράγματι, δεν γνωρίζουν όρια.

Αν κάνουμε μια απλή blog για τη χαμένη ιστορία, εξερεύνηση και θησαυρούς που χάθηκαν μπορεί να φέρει περισσότερες από 160 χώρες μαζί σε οποιαδήποτε δεδομένη ημέρα, γιατί είμαστε ακόμη αντιμαχόμενες μεταξύ των διαφόρων εθνών; Όταν σκέφτομαι ότι ο λόγος γίνεται σαφής. Οι άνθρωποι εξακολουθούν να αγωνίζονται για την ιστορία χωρίς να αναγνωρίζει τα ιστορικά διδάγματα της ιστορίας, η οποία αποδεικνύει τελικά κανείς, ανεξάρτητα από τις πλευρές, κερδίζει.

Κάπως σε όλη αυτή την πρόοδο του χρόνου, της κοινωνίας, της μάθησης και της τεχνολογίας έχουμε ακόμη καταφέρει μέσα σε ορισμένα μέρη του κόσμου, να μεταβιβάσει αντί να εξελιχθούν και εδώ είμαστε για άλλη μια φορά, στο όνομα της θρησκείας, καταστρέφοντας την ιστορία και ανεκτίμητα έργα τέχνης.

Όσο για μένα προσωπικά, έχω χιλιάδες φίλους σε όλο τον κόσμο και αυτό δεν έχει σημασία για μένα ένα bit τη θρησκεία τους, τον πολιτισμό τους, το χρώμα του δέρματός τους, τον σεξουαλικό τους προσανατολισμό ή ακόμη και τις πολιτικές απόψεις τους. Τι κρίνω τους διεθνείς φίλους μου για την ανθρωπότητα είναι απλή, την ηθική και την αγάπη της ιστορίας. Έχει πάντα έχουν ειπωθεί, αν δεν μελετήσουν και να κατανοήσουν την ιστορία, τότε είμαστε καταδικασμένοι να επαναλάβουν τα λάθη του παρελθόντος.

Εδώ, λοιπόν, να καθίσει σε έναν υπολογιστή που συνδέει ηλεκτρονικά τον εαυτό μου σε όλες τις χώρες του κόσμου και την επαφή με τους φίλους που έχουν απίστευτα διαφορετικές ζωές από τον εαυτό μου, αλλά είμαστε συνδεδεμένοι με την ιστορία και την αγάπη της ανθρωπότητας και έναν διακαή πόθο να διδαχθούμε από την ιστορία και να μην επαναλάβετε τη φρίκη της ιστορίας.

Στο τέλος της ημέρας, η ίδια βασική ποιος, τι, πότε, πού, πώς και γιατί εξακολουθούν να συνδέουν όλους μας? έτσι γιατί είναι ότι μπορούμε όλοι να συνδεθεί ηλεκτρονικά και να βρουν κοινό έδαφος, αλλά ακόμα σε πολλά μέρη οι άνδρες δεν μπορούν να συνδεθούν σε πολλά μέρη πρόσωπο με πρόσωπο και να κάνει το ίδιο; Τρέφω καθένα από τους διεθνείς φίλους μου και να αμφισβητήσει όλους όσους διαβάζουν blogs μας ή να συμμετέχουν στην κοινωνική μας μέσα για να πάρετε περισσότερα από ομοϊδεάτες τους φίλους σας να ασχοληθούν μαζί σας.

Γιατί το κάνετε αυτό; Είναι απλό. Όλοι μας Συγκεντρωθήκαμε σήμερα εδώ, πάνω από το κοινό έδαφος της ιστορίας και όπως μάθαμε περισσότερα για την ιστορία του άλλου, με τη σειρά του, μάθαμε περισσότερα για την ατομική μας ιστορία και γι ‘αυτό έχουμε σχηματίσει μεγάλες σχέσεις που δεν γνωρίζουν σύνορα. Ας επανάληψη της διαδικασίας αυτής, ας πάρει όλο και περισσότερους φίλους που ενδιαφέρονται για την ιστορία, με πάθος για την ιστορία, την εκμάθηση πώς να προσεγγίσουν και να μοιράζονται σε όλη την Electronic Frontier, έτσι όλοι μας κάνει όλο και πιο μακρινή φίλους από μακρινές κουλτούρες, έτσι ώστε και αυτοί μπορούν να μάθετε, στο τέλος, είμαστε όλοι το ίδιο και υπάρχει μόνο μία φυλή.

Η ανθρώπινη φυλή.


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