The Dirty Underbelly, Secrets and the Poison Posse of Being on TV.

Many people think being on a television series is a wonderful and exciting thing, and besides who wouldn’t want the adoration of fans, photos and signing autographs, right?  There is a dark side to television and when one really weighs the pros and cons of being a public figure there is a very slimy, dark, dank and dirty underbelly fans never see.  We have been conditioned by the media to think being featured in on TV is a great and wonderful thing, and yes there are some distinct advantages, but this article is about the non-glamor side of the business and the price one pays for being on TV and in the public eye, may actually outweigh the advantages of being on TV.


Little bit of a background story first. I was always interested in the movie business and as a child, with my father being the head ranch manager for a famous Texas businessman and his Presidential partner – Lyndon B. Johnson and the Johnson Ranch just outside Johnson City Texas, I was accustomed to all types of famous TV and Major Motion Picture Icons around me as a little fellow. Roy Rogers, George “Gabby” Hayes, Audie Murphy and many others, were always around the ranch and events held at the ranch. I found they were just real people with really cool jobs (some time I will share the story of the goat who rammed me and busted my nose open and Gabby Hayes scooped me up, stopped my crying and took me to my Dad. But that is for another time).


On my mothers side of the family (my folks were divorced when I was still young enough to breast feed), being in Carmel, California I was further exposed to Clint Eastwood (BTW, did you know Clint Eastwood is a ANAGRAM for – Old West Action?) and over the years my mothers bit parts in his “Play Misty For Me” movie and then “Rosemary’s Baby”. Although to read some tabloid stuff about me you would think I WAS Rosemary’s Baby! LOL.

To further drive my love of movies, TV and the whole creative process I got a unaccredited background part in a Jose Ferrar, Jackie Chan, Kristine DeBell and Mako Iwamatsu movie which was Jackie Chan’s first US movie after Enter the Dragon. My fondest memory of being on set was seeing how they could make daylight at nighttime with powerful lights. I was amazed with the technology involved in filmmaking.

To make matters worse, I married a TV/Radio Talent later in life and we had a son and in his mothers’ line of family are notables such as Humphrey Bogart, Peter Breck of Big Valley and now his sisters are doing their first film projects and my son has done his first film project as well (see photo – handsome guy isn’t he?). So as you can see, this whole TV/Film stuff runs deep within our family lines.

casablanca-humphrey-bogart-grayscale-947886-480x320Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 11.45.52 AM peter-breck-dies-the-big-valley-actor

Seems fascinating to some, but the real story is can become very personally handicapping and sometimes debilitating.


When I became an adult my passion for TV led me into production, into being an Agent, then being the one on camera and then behind the camera. All the experience was both exciting and valuable. I loved being on morning TV News with Fox News and I particularly loved having a syndicated coast-to-coast radio show (I adore talk radio) and a coast-to-coast TV Series with a live studio audience was great fun as well. I have always loved meeting the fans who support ones TV efforts, for without fans there is no TV job.

But, …. (Yep that dreaded “but” – here it comes) there is an unseen price to pay and here are a few real time personal examples:

  1. Long time friends you grew up with and love and cherish drop away once they see you on TV regularly. Some assume you are now “not the same person and have gone Hollywood”. PRICE PAID: Loss of long time friends and school buddies.
  2. New friends. There are tons of these, but many of them are “fair weather friends”, meaning only there because you are on TV and them hanging out with you makes them feel as if they get attention. But, let your series go off air (as all TV series and roles do) and they are gone to the wind as well. PRICE PAID: Way too many fair weather friends”.
  3. You go to the auto repair shop, get a quote and then leave your vehicle. You give the clerk your credit card and ID for the credit card and leave. When you come back at the scheduled time and get the bill you see it has increased by 100% or more. You inquire, they make excuses and invariably this sentence is uttered by the clerk and store manager, “Well you are a TV star and you can afford it, what are you a cheapskate?” and then you have to weigh the “price gouging” versus “the inevitable bad press that can come from arguing over the bill and them calling the local tabloid to offer a “slimy story”. You just pay, walk away and never go back there again and wonder if you can ever trust any service provider in the future. PRICE PAID: “You’re a star and you can afford it!” (Even if you are not a “star” at all but just perceived to be one since you work on TV).
  4. You hire a staff writer for your technology company (even though you are on TV weekly coast-to-coast you have a real business as well). The staff writer is habitually late, not a very professional employee and just does not take the job as serious as you want. You fire them. The, using your name now, they go get a new job for the local tabloid magazine, and guess who they write about to build their new career? YOU, that’s right. Now you not only have a fired, non-performing employee, you just created your tabloid nemesis that builds their career off of bashing your career. PRICE PAID: You now wonder if you can trust ANYONE at ANY time.
  5. THE WORST ONE- Very large man (size and stature) who is a fan on TV sees you driving down the highway. He copies down your license plate info then checks online and finds your home address. He then begins to stalk you and shows up in your gated community and professes his “manly love” of you and wants to make you his personal “love puppet”. Boy what a nightmare! Between police help and such you finally get rid of the stalker and try to gain some personal privacy and security. This was the source of my name change from my birth name I used on TV, to a legal name change so I could do maneuvers to protect online records, just as most people in movies and TV do, i.e., Thomas Mapother versus Tom Cruise. PRICE PAID: Family security, privacy and living with a dangerous felon stalker who can pop up again at any moment.

This list could go on and detail the effect on your children, people who work in your home, workmen who visit your home and find out “it’s you!” and on and on and on.

As for me, I have learned to live with a certain portion of it, since I started so young being in and under the “publics eye”, but one still never fully gets used to it. You have to make hard decision about which is more important: (a) your personal privacy or; (b) your mission and goals in life. It is most certainly is not all it is cracked up to be.


adjusted oi groupEven though this article does have a decidedly negative tinge to it, I am a wholehearted supporter for “if you are on TV and in the public eye, you should be reachable by the public”. After all the public is really your boss when you are on TV, so IF you do not honor your fans, your fans go away and when the fans stop watching your career is over (a double edged sword for sure). Here are some points to consider.

  1. I have always encouraged the Lagina Brother’s to engage with people in social media and be reachable, but if you really look at the comments on the History Channel’s fan and show site, you would find for every two to four positive “great and we love you comments” are negative “this is fake”, “you guys are stupid”, “I can find that treasure by now” and the ever present “Your show is faked and rigged” comments. I often wonder what would possess someone to watch a series, and then look up the fan site only to post negative comments? Get a life, right?

Who intentionally wants to subject themselves to negative comments when one out of every three people you engage with potentially wants to take a shot at you? Or tell you that you are an idiot and tell you they can do what you do, but better?   Why subject yourself to that punishment, rudeness, personal attack, scrutiny and ridicule? Almost everyone’s nature is to shy away from ‘personal attacks” as a form of self-preservation.

  1. 2.  But there is a second side to the coin. Battling the Poison Posse fort he good of the masses. Remember the period in a toddler’s life called the “terrible twos”? Well in the adult world there are people who never left the terrible twos behind and it followed them into their adulthood. They want the attention of others even if they have to throw tantrums as an adult. These are the “tainted trios” otherwise know as the “POISON POSSE in the business”.

 rumorsFor every hater (1 – first individual) that posts or starts a rumor, there is a fool (2 – second individual) that spreads the unfounded rumor and there is also an idiot (3 – bringing up and forming the trio) who accepts the rumor as truth.

So attackers come in threes. To be in the public eye you have to understand these things come in threes and they participate in “hate mongering”, and even though these guys come in threes, there are infinitely more people reading, watching and learning who are not one of the 3 Part Hater-Fool-Idiot Package and do not engage in membership in the Poison Posse.   As a public figure, the others (reading, watching and learning) are your audience and you have to make sure you are available and reachable to those people who are the real people who just want to learn, share and be part of the process or the grand adventure.

  • Here is how the comment and message cycle goes when you are in the public eye and reachable (these are my real numbers and real comments): for every 20-25 comments (depending on how a particular episode went the ratio is 20/25 to one – meaning one negative direct message comment to 20 to 25 complementary comments). The comments trend like this: “great job”, “love what you do”, “love the series”, “you have a cool job”, “tell Rick I am in love with him and want to marry him” or “by where I live can I hunt for lost history or treasures?” and then invariably will roll in the one negative nelly with “your clothes look stupid”, “you think you are all hot sh-it”, “You wear stupid boots”, “you’re the fat Indiana Jones” or “You’re a grave robber and you deserve to be locked up or killed!” (Yes there are some very weird death threats for the weirdest of things).

Once again, things can get out of hand when you become a person featured on TV.

Try this one: Driving down the road, someone recognizes you and they could be friendly, but there are some that see you as a target. Those who target you, zoom around you in traffic to get ahead and then slam on their brakes to try to get you to hit them from behind in hopes they can sue you. Not pretty at all, but it comes with the territory.

In closing? Now that I have shared some inside secrets and the dirty underside, why would anyone want to be on TV and subject themselves to all this kind of gunk and junk?

group banner

There are only three reasons: 

  1. Professional actors – it is how you earn you paycheck. It’s a job.
  2. Fame and Notoriety – some need the attention and adoration.
  3. Part of the over all far-reaching goal plan – it is something you need to agree to do to get to the meaningful and greater end game.

As for me, I fall into Category Three. The end game is being a catalyst in bringing about historical change, correcting false history and getting young minds interested in the outdoors and exploring. Yes, one could accomplish this same goal by going to schools and speaking to classes of 40 to 50 at a time, but the most people you can reach in a year is about 7000 minds hungry for knowledge.

However, go on TV with a great story and message and you reach 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 hungry minds EACH AND EVERY WEEK. So you can see, the real key is REACH. Your message has to reach millions and millions to become a movement and reach critical mass, if you want to bring about change.

My message? Everything you were taught about history is wrong!

The government, politicians, ruling classes and the Church has hidden the truth about our collective history from each and every one of us. We ALL know the Christopher Columbus discovery of America is total horse hockey, but yet each year in schools and on TV we keep getting hit the same historical sci-fi. It is brainwashing; it is unforgivable and it should be changed as fast as possible.

Our mantra? Fight For Truth.

The only way we are going to get the truth about history out is to fight for truth. It is NOT going to be academics and educators who change history and get it corrected. You know why? If they start teaching and sharing the truth THEY WILL GET FIRED for going against the status quo and they will loose their jobs and their retirements. So change WILL NOT come from the sources you expect to be giving and teaching the truth in the first place, it will only come from the public who cares about banding together and creating a voice to be reckoned with, that FORCES change of the system.

As for the haters and those who are part of the Poison Posse (the 3 Part Hater-Fool-Idiot Package) here is how your cycle goes. When you post hate, statically research proves you hate your life, you have no goals or ambitions, you are jealous of others success and for you the dragging down other people is a way of life.   Since you only know how to hate – here is the cycle you will go through:

  1. As a hater you will always hate.
  2. You will find other people and issues to hate on in order to feed your need for hate
  3. Your life will continue to be a miserable mess with holes left unfilled
  4. Your joy only comes from hating on others, but as those “others” move on and continue to succeed and innovate, your hate will only consume you more and that is sad.

For those who want to make a difference, which is someone like me:

  1. I will continue to innovate and create
  2. I will continue to search out history and work tirelessly to get history corrected
  3. I will continue to use all media platforms to reach like minded people
  4. When the Poison Posse rears their heads, I will know it is because we are making a difference, creating waves and forcing change of an outdated and no longer acceptable system of hiding history and forbidding truth.
  5. The Poison Posse will always be a small number, but as for my team and I, we will not stop until we have gathered millions upon tens of millions of like-minded people who want to change the world. As we walk hand in hand into the history books and know we brought about change and a better world for our future generations, people will only remember those who put themselves out there, took the public shots and criticisms and attacks in the name of a grand adventure and a life with purpose. And sadly, no one ever remembers the hater’s names; they all fade away in misery.

Want to join us on a grand adventure? Want to change the world for the better? Want to make a difference in life? Then keep helping us Fight For Truth while we work tirelessly in getting the message out – History has been recorded wrong and we need the truth about history. Will you join me?

AFTER THOUGHT: Decades past I always said “you can tell the true nature of a person by how they act when driving. If they are road bullies and the people who get to a merge, but straddle both lanes to make people merge BEHIND THEM, even though the merge land is 2 miles up, you have seen those types. Those are the people who have no control in their real lives, so they try to control others with their actions on the road.

Now in a world of Social Media we have new indicators to be able to tell what a person is really like. Do they post hateful comments and hate on people? It is telling of their true nature as a person. There will always be haters.

As for tabloid press and far-fetched rumors?

There will always be those who spread the “rumor mill version” of my name change or my tech company going down, but I JUST HOPE they do not find out about me, the transvestite Bigfoot and the hamster with duct tape; then there really will be a big story about me! LOL

Murdering History – Killing the truth and hiding the facts!

How to kill the truth by “Commander” Hutton Pulitzer – Jackson, Wyoming

When history is hidden through deliberate acts of destruction (both physical and reputation wise) the world loses, but in a modern society are acts of destruction still carried out in order to keep history hidden and the truth forbidden? Read along and let me know what you think.

Assassination is the deliberate killing of a prominent person or political figure, usually for payment or political reasons and such is usually prompted by religious, political, or military motives; an act usually done for financial gain, or for a desire to acquire fame or notoriety.  We tend to only think of the use of the word assassinate when it comes to the killing of people, but it is one of the oldest methods for killing history as well. Long ago, Politicians, the Ruling Class and the Church learned that murdering history and ones professional reputation is just as useful of a tool for control as murdering political or ideological opponents with the arrows of a real assassin.

Poisoning the publics mind is just as effective as the literal poison tipped arrow of a hidden assassin waiting to draw his bow and shoot the deadly arrow. However in modern times the poison tipped arrows are now the words used by the media.

As modern day citizens we watch this “system of destruction” take place each significant campaign year. The idea being, if there is a strong leading candidate who looks like he or she may command the respect of a vast majority, opponents of the candidate will rush to create campaigns aimed at killing the candidates trust among the constituency and when it comes to history, there can be a local or a global constituency, or both.

For example, let’s use an ancient and a modern day example of “murdering history” by using “modern reputation assassination” techniques.


Hunters in the field, after a flash flood event, come across a skeleton. After reporting the discovery to the Medical Examiner, the Medical Examiner announces the skeletal remains are Caucasian in origin and of a very old age. Anthropologists swoop in discover the remains are over 9,000 years old. The dating causes a huge history conflict.

How can a skeleton cause a conflict? The local native population is said to be less than 2000 years old and they currently have all kinds of rights, entitlements and special considerations (both earned and expected), however this new skeletal remains discovery is said to be 9000 years old and Caucasian. Thus the war over history begins.

War over history, you might ask yourself? Sounds odd but consider the following:

If the local natives are 2000 years old, yet their ancestors are 9000 years old and Caucasian, one could imagine many possible arising conflicts. Who is really native? Who really owns the land? Who has hereditary rights? Lists just grow and grow from there and this is only a brief glimpse into the potential complications and issues, which arise when historic discoveries are made

Lawyers, lawsuits, protest, court cases, Supreme Court cases and the situation become an endless mess of legal machinations and accusations.

Are all these legal maneuvers over the history? No, they are over money, entitlements and government programs. The modern people (regardless the side they align with) have the same issue at focus, money. One side does not want to LOSE control of funds and assets and the other side wants to GAIN control of funds or assets; all the while the “human” in us all is losing out on authentic history.

Since money is involved the “assassination” tactics come out. Granted no one is hiring a real – kill the perceived enemy – assassin, but there is a new kind of assassination occurring. Assassination of ones name, reputation, career, support and/or credentials.

The ones finding the original skeletal remains get their character assassinated by being labeled “grave robbers”. The anthropologists who called the skeletal remains Caucasian get their reputation assassinated by being called “racists” “Zionists” or “unqualified” to make such determinations. Skills, education, credentials and reputations are put under a super-sized microscope and even if it means going back to find where the anthropologists failed a science test in high school, then such ancient and irrelevant history as the failed high school test; is brought to light and used as an example of “why this particular anthropologist” is unqualified.

Those opposing the rewriting of history will pull out all the stops to discredit the anthropologist(s) bucking the system and even if a friend of a friend of an old college roommate can be found to say they “once heard” something bad about the offending anthropologist(s) – such individual or rumor will be put forward as truth and used as written or verbal weapons of character assignation to discredit the anthropologist(s) in the media and academic circles.

It can get pretty vicious and rapidly escalates as the rumor mill takes up the rhetoric and the issue of history being rewritten takes a back seat as those trying to bring about historic change are subject to the modern Malleus Maleficarum brigade.

Yes, as ridiculous as the Old Witch Trials and Hunts associated with the Malleus Maleficarum were, those who oppose rewriting history are just as guilty and biased as the Church was in days long ago for stating, that those who believed in such things “had been seduced by the Devil in dreams and visions into old pagan errors”. Funny how such things return in cycles and academics who regularly stand against “Church ways” will gladly adopt the old tactics of the Church to attack and discredit anyone who goes against the “approved history of mankind”.

Simply put, go against the current system, be on the precipice of rewriting history and the system will systematically work to discredit you in an attempt to keep your discovery from seeing the light of day.

From a modern perspective there are three things to remember here:

  1. There would not be attacks by the media or rogue individuals IF the find was not historic in nature or the individual they are targeting with attacks were not loved by the public. The attacking opponents see such history-rewriting individuals as a threat to their “ancient ways, thoughts, ideology and sacred territories”, thus they attack. Stands to reason (does it not?), if the find was NOT potentially historic in nature, OR a real game changer; then no one would care or even bother to write about the person or the history, good, bad or indifferent. The first clue something big is emerging is when the press and opponents start loud, rumor filled attacks on the discovery, the history, the people involved or the actual discoverers who are forcing history to be rewritten.
  1. Second, by attacking someone or something which is making history or forcing a rewriting of history, the media and opponents of historical truth work to change the dialog from the historic find to the rumor mill about the person. If they can change the dialog and make it about people and character assassination, then the opponents can keep the public at large from learning the truth. First by changing the story to a different topic and second (and their most ardent hope), keeping people from reading or discovering the historic truth because they believe the rumor mill and discount the discoverer of such historic truth.
  1. THIRD and MOST IMPORTANT, remember this Russian Cold War adage: “There is no news in the truth and there is no truth in the news”. 


Now that you know the modern versions of assassins, let’s take a look at just how long this has been going on.

In my work to bring historic truth to light, particularly in the terms of King Solomon and what we learned was “King Solomon’s Secret”, the same tactics were used against one of the wisest and richest Kings to ever rule on earth.

Many modern day people were lead to believe by dishonest academia that both King David (Solomon’s Father) and King Solomon himself were fairytales. To be just fanciful myths and not based on facts and to be discounted, if not fully ignored.

However, modern archaeology and recent finds have irrevocably proven the existence of both legendary Kings.

From ancient times King Solomon was known as the wisest of the wise and an embracer of all cultures, talents and expertise. Through embracing various cultures and learned sciences, King Solomon was able to achieve astronomical wealth.  King Solomon’s legacy was he knew where true and vast riches were sourced. He knew the location of the ancient places. This information in the hands of smart people and common people was both inspiring and motivational at the same time, for who cannot help but be inspired to great wisdom as displayed by King Solomon? And who would not be motivated to go in search of the “unknown ancient places” King Solomon knew of but took such secrets with him to his grave?

Now consider this – if in ancient times, or even a much closer history to us today (say the Middle Ages), what could a determined individual with some means do IF they could find the source of King Solomon’s wealth? If King Solomon’s wealth could not be described in words, but it enabled him to build a powerful nation and people, what would happen if someone else discovered the secret of this wealth? A new powerful challenge would occur to the old established systems, would it not?

You are correct, if someone could find the source, then they too could build powerful kingdoms and challenge the current ruling class, politicians and the Church of the times. (It’s that money and control thing again).

Now for the kicker: King Solomon dies with his secret still hidden behind his lips. Armies begin to rule, then Caesar’s and then Caesars yield to the Church and the Church becomes the NEW ruler, owner and final say of everything.

If the Ruling Class, Politicians and the Church owned all the land and controlled all the funds, do you think they could allow anyone to amass great wealth and challenge them? NO WAY.

So here is how they dealt with such issues in ancient times.

Aside from death by sword and automatic death for questioning the authority of the Church or rulers, the “system” needed to control the “mind and thoughts of the people”. Remember, if any average person or rogue ruler was able to attain the wealth of King Solomon, they could build an army to take away lands and ruling powers from the Church and the then current and corrupt rulers.

But there as a HUGE problem- the legend of King Solomon and his wisdom and riches lived on despite labeling them ancient myths, so the Church and ruling class had to do several things to “change the mind of mankind” from thinking King Solomon was great and nobel (remember because if one could follow in his footsteps they could become powerful rulers as well).

How did the Church and ruling class do such?

  1. They started a campaign that King Solomon was a myth.
  2. They switched the story from his great wisdom and deeds to a man with uncontrolled sexual desires and a man of less than moral character.
  3. The changed his legacy through controlled propaganda, meaning even though King Solomon ruled in 970-913 BCE, his inspiration was still talked about hundreds of years later. So in order to stop the inspiration they needed to assassinate his character. How did they do it? How did they stifle the secrets to his wisdom and wealth?
  4. First, rumors were spread of death, monsters and evil forces being found outside the Pillars of Hercules (you know this place today as the channel at the Rock of Gibraltar and the Gateway to the Atlantic and Mediterranean). Go past those land features and you would surely die. But people are people and adventurers are adventures and many were still sailing. So they needed a better weapon.
  5. The Church and ruling class kept everybody in the dark literally, in the Dark Ages (5th to 15th Centuries CE) by outlawing learning and sciences. The Church took over from the fallen Roman Empire and a shameful period of intellectual darkness and economic regression came to rise, but as man began to come out and awaken again, adventurers sailed again, and they still remembered King Solomon. Now how could the Church gain control of the myth once again?

Generating Bad Press for King Solomon was the answer.

  1. First they spread the rumor “Money is the root of all evil”. If you believed wealth was bad, and you surely wanted to be Godly, then you needed to shun wealth (note – just you and your family NOT THEM).
  2. In the same 15th Century, as the world was waking up for the political and theological blindness and forced dumbing down, the Church funded a project, which took myth of Solomon and associated the keys to his secret with being demonology and evil (Clavicula Salomonis Regis and Ars Goetia to name a few). Now Church Propaganda changed the tides, so IF you now studied King Solomon to try to learn his secret, you were now akin to a devil worshipper and allowing demons into your world, and the true history of the world and King Solomon was shut down once again.

Does this entire formula of character assassination sound familiar? Of course it does, because it is the very same tactic used today to smear history, suppress history, hide the truth and attack those committed to bring the real truth and the worlds real history to light.

group banner

In the Dark Ages the Church outlawed reading, writing, sciences and education, but now times have changed. Thankfully we are headed into an era I call the “Revolution for Truth”. Thanks to the Internet, every bit and source of knowledge is available to every person on the planet; it is now hard to suppress information and truth. However, there is still one bastion of deception left and that is deceptive media practices and those unscrupulous media sources are scrambling to do as much damage as they can to history and truth.

The media wants you hanging on their words, their truths and their beliefs and to not have you become a freethinker or truth seeker. Why? If you become a freethinker then chances are you are going to see through the media spin and political garbage and start to become a liberated thinker and see the manipulation of the masses by the old system. Media has a vested interest in you not learning the truth and still turning to them for your information, in your zombified consumption of pre-spun, pre-determined “for you” daily media servings.

Now you may see why the old media cannot afford freethinkers, people who research facts and come to know the real story. An educated reader is one that walks away from the trash and mass media filtered truth and starts to do their own research and investigations for the truth.

NOW you know how deep this battle for history and your mind really is. It is a war that has been raging for a thousand years. Personally, I think we are on the precipice of setting our minds free and truly becoming free thinkers and digging for our own truths. But to get truth, one must be willing to FIGHT FOR TRUTH.

I see the need to FIGHT FOR TRUTH everyday. I see people’s minds being controlled and thoughts being controlled by the media deploying old Church character assignation techniques. Hell, I have been a victim of the attacks myself in case you have not already read.

Regularly people, who do not want the real truth known or fear for the old ways being lost, attack my character and me as an individual, history hunter or historian. How do they attempt to do such? They deploy the very same tools the Church created and fine-tuned. Divide and conquer people through disinformation and rumors. Take the people who are bringing truth to the forefront and turn them and their stories into demons. Change the dialog from great discoveries and history making events to character assassination and unfounded rumors and lies.

It worked to help build the Church into one of the single largest corporations in the world, its own country and rules and the single largest land owner in the world, so way not used what worked for the Church to keep people in the Modern Dark Ages of Incorrect History and Historical Sci-Fi?

The truth about history is a war that has to be fought.

If we are ever going to get our real history, then real people need to become history warriors. We as warriors must demand the cease and desist of running programming and printing text books that ‘Columbus discovered America”. That was the history “sold” to us by a corrupt and manipulative Church and it is NOT our real history. We as warriors are going to have to stop believing rumors and understand “once cannot chart new waters, without making some waves” and that the system will always want to label us then divide and conquer us. They want us to forget we are all human, from the same source and we all want the same things in a good life. They want to sell us “their image of us and what we need” and “what they think we should pay attention to”.

They do not want us to think for ourselves and they want to feed our minds junk, rumors and false history. Now we may not be able to change our government at the moment, but we can start demanding accurate history reporting and if we can work to change history and get it corrected, then people just may start to see that when history started being recorded wrong it was the seed that started changing our free thinking and lead us like sheeple into willing indentured servitude.

I believe if traditional media is the addictive drug that keeps us disconnected and addicted to the system, then free thought and digging into truthful history is the ONLY antidote we have. The words are real and true when said “The Truth will set you free”, but the deception is “the media and the system are giving you the truth”.

Believe me, thrumorsose wanting to bring about truth and change are attacked daily and those that attack the change agents out there are the ones with the most to lose.

If you do not believe what I am saying, tune into the current squabble (or listen to the audio file I attached to this article) where my work in Nova Scotia on Oak Island pissed off and challenged a local Nova Scotian who is in the public relations business. He did not like me saying that Nova Scotia and Oak Island were the tipping point in history that would change all history, as we know it. He openly challenged me by asking, “Why do I (as in me writing this article) have the right to say Nova Scotia history could be rewritten?” The answer is simple; we connected the dots and proved the historical facts and discrepancies – that’s why!

So what steps did he take to combat the real truth from coming out? He deployed the old Church tactics and got his traditional media sources to being attacking me and sharing lies and rumors. Why go to such lengths?

Divide and conquer, because you can divide people by spreading rumors and lies and if they follow the rumor mills and lies, they ignore the real story that history, as we know it is about to change.

Changing the dialog is a powerful tool, it worked for Kings, Queens, Politicians, the Ruling Class, the Church and even works for real shadow organizations and organizations with funny hats, self awarded medals and Captain Crunch style costumes in very localized “traveling man” fiefdoms. Gather a group and some will always want to hijack the message for their own goals. It is and always will be about controlling the message to control people’s minds and if you can control their minds you can control their money and pocketbooks.

Everyone has a stake in history, from secret orders and societies, to the ones who were there in real time, but the real stake is in revealing the truth, decoding the secrets and scouring the archives and telling (retelling that is) the story of history in a real, unbiased, facts as they are, history of mankind.

FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH, it is up to you. Refuse to be divided and conquered, demand history be reported truthfully and updated to reflect the real truth and whatever the truth may be, truth is the standard we must accept and honor and then we move on an grow from there – as HUMANS, not segmented, divided and corralled labels.

The fight to control peoples thoughts and spin negative stories to suppress truth is a real phenomena and here is an example of a “writer” who wanted to interview me about “my work” and from the very beginning let his real intentions be known.  LISTEN IF YOU DARE to how media does not care about truth, but only wants to spin negativity.  

What say you?

The Treasure That Was Found on Oak Island

The Treasure That Was Found on Oak Island

For 219 Years many have searched and very little, if any, has ever really been found, until now. But to tell this story correctly one needs some background information.

Hunting for lost treasure seems to be in our DNA and here is how you call tell it is part of our very own genetic make up.


  1. Regardless where we each grew up we “played” as children searching for lost treasure. We could hail from NYC, the Texas Panhandle, a farm in Missouri, or any country; we all as kids played hunting for treasure.
  2. As an adult, with childhood games and dreams set aside, we still have treasure lurking in the deep dark recesses of our minds (and I can prove it). Think about this. Almost every week we can see someone stranded on the road, or with the hood on their car up, or maybe changing a tire on the side of the road and car after car will pass and never stop to help. BUT, let the following scenario occur:
    1. You are driving down the highway
    2. Out of the corner of your eye you spy a briefcase on the side of a road, just off in a ditch maybe
    3. Your first thought IS NOT “Oh someone lost their briefcase” it is “I wonder if it is loaded with money?” and if you don’t slam on your brakes, you turn around as soon as you can and head back to investigate.

That very scenario is how I have come to believe the quest for hidden treasures is in our DNA. We may have never read a treasure story as a child, nor hunted for or found real treasure; but we have all experienced the above.

DNA, 2,857,698,560 sequenced based pairs and infinite combinations and it seems hunting for treasure and seeking the lost, is within and desired by each and everyone one of us. Maybe, just maybe, it is how God made us hard wired to continually search out the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How?

Maybe we are inherently wired to just know “history has been recorded wrong” by the Political Parties, Ruling Classes, the Elite and the Church and the only way a great creator could assure that one day the real truth would emerge was to seed into our very formula, our hidden owners manual, if you will; the desire for search and the thrill of the chase? Who really knows, I do not? But this idea does seem logical to me.

Now back to Oak Island and this on going 219 year old mystery.

We all know the original story, and if you don’t, just watch two episodes and it is burned into your brain – repeatedly (lol, just an inside joke), but what some people do not know is just how long it took this story, this legend, this magical story to grip the world and morph into a movement.

In a post on Facebook, I posted there were over 2700 individual published books, which either tell, re-tell, theorize or mention the Oak Island Treasure and in the years between 1800 and 2000, there were (in the United States alone) more than 44 MILLION WORDS written about the Oak Island Treasure.

Let me give you something to measure context here:

  1. The Bible has 807,361 words
  2. That means JUST IN USA NEWSPAPERS for the years mentioned above, IF you were to publish those words in tiny print and on thin sheeted paper all into one book, the story would be contained in a book 55.5 TIMES A THICK AS THE KING JAMES BIBLE!
  3. NOTE: this does not even include magazines nor any other countries printed words except for the USA. (Imagine the volumes such would take)

A book 55.5 times as thick as a Bible! Now that is a legacy.

What you might not also know is Canada, for 217 years of the 219 years of searching has downplayed, joked about or ridiculed all those involved in the search for the treasure of Oak Island. Yes, there have been supporters for certain areas, groups or factions, i.e., hard-core treasure hunters – but the support has been few and far between.

These points bring me to Dan Blankenship.

50 Years ago THIS MONTH (funny how this falls on the 50th Anniversary date of the story that changed peoples lives) Dan Blankenship read that well know fateful article in the Reader’s Digest. The story of Oak Island was enough to inspire and encourage an America living in Florida, to leave friends and family behind and move lock-stock-and barrel to Nova Scotia, Canada. It was then that Dan became just “another one of those Oak Island treasure hunters”.

Dan became part of the story and fabric of Oak Island, but in the process he also became the butt of hate, ridicule and mockery. It is bad enough to be, much less announce to the world, “I am a treasure hunter”, but to have the world look at you as a joke, or one wasting their life or the lives and resources of their family is brutal. Forget the back breaking labor, think of all the hateful words written.

In fact, the term “money pit” dubbed on Oak Island became lodged in the modern vernacular as the term used for “the bottomless hole of squandered debt and futile efforts”

The Urban Dictionary defines the term “money pit” as the following:

Something of value, which, for some reason or another, has continued to absorb considerable amount of payments due to its continuing failure to live up to expectations.

That idiomatic expression became solidified in the minds of the world as a direct result of the efforts conducted on Oak Island and as such the idiom has been the bane of Dan Blankenship’s existence and retelling of his life’s work.


Time always has a way of coming full circle and in time those with a passion and are driven to both dream and execute on those dreams end up proving all the doubters wrong and history will go though an adjustment period and all those what hated and ridiculed will start to act as if they supported the “nut case” from the beginning and were always backing them and “knew they could do it!” that is just part and parcel of the road traveled by those who choose to take the road less traveled. Yes, there still will be naysayers and I still maintain, “The vultures are circling”. With the huge success of the Curse of Oak Island series, and the millions of fans engaged, you can bet some opportunist newspapers, magazines and such will try to capitalize on such attention by trying to discredit the series, the participants, the island, the potential of recovery of something; you can bet stories will be coming out soon to attempt to hijack the attention. This always happens when groundbreaking things are afoot and especially when history is on the precipice of monumental change. I would be the first negative shots are fired by the very place the story began- Nova Scotia (just sit back and watch).


As for me, it is my desire to start correcting history and part of that is to share with the world what the lives of these “nut jobs and cranks and hoax masters and stock scammers” (and those are the more polite words that have been used about all Oak Island Treasure Hunters, but especially Dan Blankenship, since he has been at it the longest)

Here is the true story of Dan Blankenship and what he really is to the world and history.

In a world where we have lost touch with supporting those with dreams and have moved from “innovation to entitlement”, we have forgotten what it means to take risks and that with taking risks comes the saying; “the greater the risk the greater the reward!”

Decades ago we started the move from “dream and work hard son and make a difference” to “everyone gets a trophy for just breathing and showing up”. We have watched in the 50 years Dan has dedicated his life to a dream, to being told don’t dream because just because you exist and take up space, we all owe you.

We have been taught not to “make our way” but to “take our fair share” and while all this undermining of the true American Dream (no offense to my international friends and readers, just using a known saying – lol – see even I worry at times about offending), Dan became the living epitome of “living the dream”. Here is what the story really is:

Dan left the comfort and security of his permanent residence, circle of friends and family to pursue a dream, which stirred in the deepest part of his soul. Not many in today’s world would take such a step.

Dan left a career and you could say, a guaranteed regular paycheck, to swap it for a dream, which more likely than not, would be met with NO paycheck and certainly no guaranteed security. How many in todays world would leave a guaranteed paycheck, to pursue a dream with no guarantee of a paycheck, that everyone thought to be a myth? Not many I think.

Dan swapped a successful career for something there was no real training course for and was an occupation based only on backbreaking work and trusting your gut instincts; two things, which are no longer valued in this upside down world we live in.

Dan swapped the comforts of his wife and children (more unsung heroes in this story), and made them feel the pressure and discomforts in numerous ways that no spouse and/or parent would want family to experience; but that is what it took to pursue the dream. How many people today would take such steps? Not many, but mark my words, just like those who say, “I am a descendant of Ben Franklin” or even “Or as a Bell, Alexander Graham Bell is my ancestor” – all the Blankenship’s going forward will be proud to say “I am a Blankenship, an ancestor or relative of Dan Blankenship” and people will know they mean and are referring to Dan Blankenship of Oak Island Fame and Lore.

Dan swapped a normal life for a life where when ever you read about Oak Island and its legendary treasure, you were more than likely to read “Dan is chasing a pipe dream” and many other hurtful words. How many people who knowingly enter a career knowing they would become the butt of jokes and hate? Not many.

As a writer, one could go on and on and talk about what Dan gave up to pursue this dream of dreams which had the odds stacked against him (169 years of pre-existing baggage and ridicule), but there is a greater lesson to be learned here.

As I have traveled the United States these last few days there has not been an airport, coffee shop, gas station or grocery store where that has not been several people who has stopped me and say, “Hey you’re on Oak Island!” Even entering one line heading through airport security, where I dress weird enough to begin with, I noticed several TSA Officers gathering, looking at me and even pulling their drug-sniffing dog over to where I would pass through the line.

Naturally, I have learned when I pass through airports with my HOLDSTER not HOLSTER under my arms, which holds my cameras, recorders and small scientific equipment; I am going to have to address “what is that rig under your arms?” So I prepped myself for the usual answers and my ever-standing joke “my ass just does not look good in a fanny pack, so I wear my fanny pack under my arms”.

So here I come getting ready to either be shifted to another line or having to pull out my current State Department ID and explain who I am and why I look the way I do. As I drew closer their faces seemed just a little too stern for me, but as I got mere inches away, the lead Officers face broke into a huge smile and he said “I love you on Oak Island!” Come to find out – THEY ALL – were huge fans of Oak Island and it was regularly the topic as they did their thankless job checking passengers by the tens of thousands each day.

In all the fans I met while on the road and the countless photos and selfies we took together so they could show their friends and brag to their friends they watched the show with, there was ONE RESOUNDING COMMON MESSAGE.

We as a family or group of friends gather and watch Curse of Oak Island.

This occurs for three reasons:

  1. Great Story
  2. Great People
  3. And the most fantastic executive producer/writer to ever-put together engaging and authentic television programming – Kevin Burns.

Now for the real lessons learned:


Dan Blankenship being not willing to give up, led this dream to morph into this incredible television series. This incredible television series has families gathering together and friend gathering together to discuss a great story, a passionate legend and to join in something which is great, clean, upstanding family entertainment which is not centered about goof-balls, antics, made up drama, missing teeth, foul language and general TV buffoonery. We have learned to come together again in homes and share and engage and rendezvous over something special about a regularly scheduled TV event.


Millions of people, thanks to the stick-to-it nature of Dan following his dream, how now witnessed it is okay to dream and is okay to dare to dream big! Not too many shows out there now which support dreaming YOUR OWN DREAM. They all seem to promote dream about being someone else, or having what someone else has, versus “make you own dreams come true”.


Dan not giving up has shown the world it does take a team, all with different expertise to be willing to work together to get to the end game. In a world which features bitchy housewives, backstabbing each other to get more attention or contest shows which teach a message of “get people to like you, and then use those people to get the one you don’t like voted off the island and when you are one of the last few, then ditch all those other bastards at all costs, because its about you baby!”

As Marty coined “The Fellowship of the Dig” is a real phenomena and that feeling has extended into TV households around the globe where people gather with refreshments and snacks and gather in their own form of fellowship our team calls “Digging the Fellowship of the Dig!” No much TV programs these days stand for such a great, inspiring and wholesome message.


Dan and following along on TV have shown getting outdoors and exploring can be both exciting and healthful. One could easily attribute the sharp mind, wit and body of Dan’s 93 years to all his physical activities on the Island. One, when watching the Curse of Oak Island, can clearly see the “hunt” has kept him sharp. Dan remembers all the facts and is an incredible walking encyclopedia of knowledge. This I attribute to his constant reading and research in the pursuit of solving this Oak Island Mystery. How many things on TV promote outdoor activities and mind engaging research? Not many – if any.


Dan is officially retired and one knows Rick is retired as well; yet here are two men who exemplify that one can still pursue their dreams into retirement. A segment of the population clearly ignored and considered by most to have served their purpose and should be on their porch and in a rocking chair, now get to see men (with an average age in their sixties) chasing a dream and living a full life. Now that story has become cool. TV always gravitates to the young and the twenty and thirty something’s willing to play and act a fool on TV to get ratings. That is not the case with Curse of Oak Island. Mature men chasing a dream and the unequivocal leader being 93 years young! Now that is a shining example and how many TV shows reflect such today? Not many. My own father is 83 years young and leads our Base Camp Team on all our expeditions. There is tremendous value in old age and earned wisdom.


Unscripted TV shows and producers love to stage junk to add drama, not Curse of Oak Island, but more important the show is all about “Hard work and NEVER GIVE UP!” Now there is a grand message for all to see, hear and learn. In a society which is getting further and further away from hard work and with advertisements and glossy magazine adds selling “instant gratification”, Curse of Oak Island is about “patience and determination” and the value of such. Now, how many things today teach the lessons of never give up, Work hard and persevere? Not many IF ANY!

These examples could just go on and on, but you surely see my point. Treasure Legend aside, there are numerous benefits to society – specifically TV viewers- are gaining from watching the Curse of Oak Island.

thecurseofoakisland_2014_davidblankenship-EThere are many unsung heroes of Oak Island; two, which should be recognized, is Janie, Dan’s late wife and his son David that you see in the series. Janie stood side by side with Dan and supported his dream and although she has passed, one can only imagine she is watching over Dan and Dave and seeing the difference in the world they are making and she is proud and can surely feel “treasure or not, my guys are making a difference”.

Dave, working arm and arm – hand in hand with his father, also had to endure his share of ridicule and jokes, but he stood solid with Dan as well. Dave deserves as much credit as Dan for giving his best years to this dream and for working hard towards solving this amazing mystery.

For me, this year Season Two Finale – the most important payoff was the shows vindication of both Dan and Dave which came from the irrefutable scientific and visual proof of something monumental and game changing at the bottom of 10x. But even a more amazing point is DAN USED ANCIENT DOWSING to find the spot for 10x and his instincts and gut where correct.

There may not be a final, final answer our immediate gratification society wanted for the season finale, but we all now know in our gut, Dan was right all along. To see Dan’s reaction and to hear his words and to share that moment with him there on the Island was one of the highlights of my life .  Yes, there will be many who still say and think nothing was found, but I was there and tend to know more than most, and I still firmly believe Oak Island is the “tipping point” in changing history as we have been sold”.

Now for the haters and those who have or still mock or ridicule Oak Island and specifically Curse of Oak Island. Those people will always around and they will never go away. Why will they not go away? It’s simple.

Even if you witnessed us bringing up something like the Ark of the Covenant or the bones of Mary Magdalene LIVE ON TV, the haters will still hate and you know why they will still hate and naysay?

DNA. Yep, DNA as I stated at the beginning of this article. A certain code in DNA that allowed Dan to chase the dream and never give up and it is a section of DNA that makes haters perpetually hate and naysayers always naysay. It is just the way they are made. The most fantastic finds in history will not change that. Watch how people comment in social forums and you will gain great insight to their genetic make up. It is very telling.

In closing, Dan has outlived all his original haters in the media who made the term “money pit” take on a life of its own and have a negative connotation. But Dan stayed the course and that is all that matters and is what we should celebrate and honor.

As I sit here writing this article on Martin Luther King day 2015, I have come to realize what I have known since I first read about Dan Blankenship, got to confirm once I met him (along with the honor to work shoulder to shoulder with him), Dan is a treasure himself.

Dan Blankenship and what he stands for is something to be aspired to by all. He is a rare breed of man, which society is not making many more of anymore. I for one VOTE for all of us to push for “Dan Blankenship Day”, a national day of remembrance where we honor the dreamers, the ones who made waves, bucked the system and proved thinking out of the box can be meaningful to mankind.

Dan and Dave Blankenship are two of the amazing and irreplaceable treasures found on Oak Island. Can I get an Amen?



350-Foot Deep Tomb and Megalithic Structures Found on Oak Island! Breaking Story

You are now one with odds of 40,000 to 1 to possess this inside information about Oak Island and below you will read how you are really the one of “528,000 to 1” odds of knowing this information. New discoveries on Oak Island are rapidly emerging and the newest information released by History Channel is the footage and facts regarding ancient rock structures on Oak Island made from rocks NOT NATIVE to the surface of Oak Island but come from a nearby Island and 350 BELOW the surface of Oak Island. [NOTE: Detailed annotated photographs accompany the embedded videos in this article. You will find the photos at the end of this article.]

movement of monoliths

When we started our investigations on Oak Island instead of dealing with what artifacts had already been found, we started with two things:

(1)What the island itself would tell us upon investigation, and;

(2) What the native history and lost stories and wisdom would tell us about what went on hundreds, even thousands of years ago.

Our work literally began just yards outside the War Room you see on “Curse of Oak Island”. Literally feet away from the door we spotted a native glacial rock, which displayed signs of being worked by the hands of man and contained symbols not identified before. From there we moved several yards up hill and came to what is known as the McGinnins Foundation (in this sense, foundation means the stones used to build the foundation and/or basement of one of the original land owners home on the Island).

When inspecting the McGinnis Foundation we found many things. Numerous rocks have ancient symbols on them, many matching those known to have been on the 90 Foot Stone, however some of the symbols were slightly obscured which means “they existed on the rocks BEFORE” they were repurposed as building materials. Next, what stuck out like a huge sore infected thumb was NOT all the stones were native stones from on surface of Oak Island. Oak Island is comprised mostly of Glacial Till and Boulders (see photo) this means that in the time of the ice age the boulders where push and tilled in the receding edge and made to be ROUND. Many of the foundation stones were CUT; ancient style man made cuts from large 1000 and 2000 pound stones NOT from the island. Look at this first part of the video released from History on our starting investigation of the McGinnis Foundations stones (play video)


As we pointed out to Charles, these rocks DO NOT come from topside, so what’s the real story? Remember for our team we do not care about 1795 forward and those finds, we care about 1795 backwards in time, so NOW we have a solid ancient clue which was over looked by previous searchers. These videos that accompany our story here are part of History Channels bonus footage and segments for the Episode called “The Eight Pointed Star”.

So now we know we have ancient monolithic stones, NOT native to Oak Island and NOT cut by the original island owners, so we must answer- “Where do these Monolithic stones originate from?” The Answer? Two Places: (1) 350 feet below where we are standing (according to the Canadian Provence’s geologists and his report), and; (2) From an island not too far from Oak Island itself. (Watch bonus footage two as we move along in this forensic investigation)

Interesting point, while investigating the origins of these monolithic rocks we discovered a “hidden, mostly underground, rock structure; which no one seemed to of have noticed and recorded in previous generations”. How can someone miss and entire – multi room huge monolith stone structure on Oak Island? The answer is easy to figure out. Everyone was looking for “Pirate” oriented clues when this whole thing began and anything not smacking of Pirate they ignored and were oblivious to. Here were some of the very specific clues the Island was sharing willingly on her own, and no one was paying attention.

Before we move on to the THIRD VIDEO CLIP, lets ask ourselves a few questions.

Why are there stones from 350 deep within Oak Island, out ON TOP of Oak Island?

Who would have cut these stones, but more importantly; who would have possessed the skills to not only cut and move these stones, but KNOW HOW TO GET THEM FROM 350 BELOW THE SURFACE?

These stone where cut using a very ancient method (a method known to have been originated in the Middle East). So how did someone on the island or visiting the Island learn this method?

How did who ever cut the stones, transport the multi thousand pound stones to the top or from a greater distance?

If these stones did come from 350 feet BELOW the Island, then set aside cutting and think of this – WHY were they cut from 350 below the surface? What is in the void left in its place?

Now lets watch the investigations THIRD VIDEO and see where it takes us.

So as you can see, Beast from my team, Charles and Tony and I head over to the island known as Mash and Little Mash. These islands are tricky since they disappear when the high tide comes in, but they are huge ancient clues since all across the top of this appearing and disappearing island (if you were not looking at the right time of day the whole island disappears and you would not know it is there), are the very types of stone USED monolithic style ON OAK ISLAND, but you can clearly see this little island was where the ancient stones were cut (as evidenced by the rock shards). Now watch the last video segment of this forensic investigation about the origins of the Oak Island mystery rocks.

As you can see, this tiny island shows exact matches of the cut rocks on Oak Island (yes we did the forensic testing) and there is was a different treasure hunter researching the island who believed this island might hold clues to finds either a tunnel system or back door to Oak Island. The cut rocks and the rocks present within the McGinnis foundation do prove some validity to this theory.

But there is more – a lot more – and that is why we wrote Solomon’s Secret – King Solomon, Ancient Ophir, Ark of the Covenant, Priceless Treasures, Templar Quests, The Lost Symbol and the Most Valuable Secret in the World! There is no way on a TV series one can bring about all the research and information. As you can see from the video, we found numerous ancient symbols, which MATCHED those found on Oak Island, the H/O Stone and the 90-foot stone. Coincidences? We think not.

Here are a few more juicy tidbits we wrote about.

Back at the beginning of the Oak Island mystery there used to stand a stone carved statue upon this little island called Mash. One hand embracing the sea entrance and one, with pointing finger pointing back at Oak Island, but what is most important is – remember the story we told about an ancient trip from long ago coming to Oak Island with important artifacts?   Well, that statue, fitting the same description as the one said to be on Mash existed but was said to have one hand pointing from the direction of origin (Pillar of Hercules) and the other hand with a pointing finger pointed in the exact direction of Nova Scotia. Coincidences? We think not.


For a little more juice, so to speak. The Church and Ruling Class deemed the ancient statue, which was found on the opposite side of the Atlantic, heretical and thus they sent an expedition to locate it and destroy it. Only pieces where left as physical evidence to the historical tale. It is interesting to note, the EXACT SAME THING happened to the statue on this small island leading to Oak Island.

As you can read, there is more, so much more to the true tale of Oak Island and its importance to the history of mankind.

The only way we could get the full details out and share this history changing story was to write Solomon’s Secret. Now maybe, just maybe you get a little taste of how monumental this written work is and why our first release of it was with other books, maps and a very important accompanying 6-hour audio lecture of all the facts and how we uncovered them. Oak Island is a story that will change history.

We have always maintained that Nova Scotia has the most to gain in the telling of this forgotten history and we believe it will greatly magnify the Nova Scotia tourist business. We are excited for the story to come out.

bundleWe were asked a few questions like, “when will the kindle version be out?” and that will not be for more than a year come this March. Why? We have to wait for the series end (globally) to release the book and even with a kindle version, there is no way for you to get all the information and facts you need to know and that is why this initial pre-order kit is so important.

Aside from the fact we limited it to 1000 units (They are going fast and won’t last much longer now) is because to be fully educated and learn the process we went through to make the discoveries and in turn be able to share and evangelize the message of this historical code cracking and time line of events, you need the full kit.

As the videos show, there is much not known and even more mysterious than you could ever imagine about Oak Island and its deep-rooted mystery. An Island with structures made of rock, which only occurs, from 350 feet below the island? Monolithic stones and structures and ancient symbols everywhere?

Now consider this, ONLY the ancient Tomb Builders were known to tunnel deep and remove monoliths from below to make rooms inside rock!

Oak Island is the tipping point for the changing of History as we know it and you can be part of it and help fight for truth in history by supporting our efforts and research to bring the full story out and not have one moment of it hidden from you, the world or the future generations. This is BIG PLEASE help us spread the word!


Secret-Seal-of-Solomon-30As a fan of “Curse of Oak Island” you are one of 4,000,000 combined regular fans following the series, and what that means is: IF there are only 1000 Information, Fact and Detailed Kits for Solomon’s Secret available you could be the one ardent fan in every 40,000 of the TV fans to have the full and not hidden information on history and how Oak Island is the tipping point in History.

But remember, Oak Island is a well-known global phenomenon and the TV series is broadcast internationally as well. So IF we just consider the number of people in North America alone (USA and Canada specifically) if you have one of these limited edition Solomon’s Secret Kits then you are the ONE out of 528,000 who has this high detailed information.

These 1000 copies will not last long and with Season Two ending within under a week and with what will be shown in the episode “The Big Reveal” you can bet all of the few remaining kits will be gobbled up.

So fair warning, but this is about to all break loose and everyone is going to want to know the facts and with what little is being shown on TV, it may be YOU who is that One in 528,000 that has all the facts, history and details before anyone else! Do not doddle; the kits are going to be gone quickly.

novascotia-oakisland3caledonian-mixed-glacial-boulders-1553-pcauseway rocks

movement of monoliths1901245_1596576600556956_6706889725755534359_n

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How To Lose Friends and Infuriate People. Oak Island on Television!

How To Lose Friends and Infuriate People. Oak Island on Television!


History ignites passionate conversations, almost as passionate as politics or religion. People who love history tend to have passionate views and usually have no qualms about getting engaged in passionate dialog about history.  Intense passion and hard line views are to be expected when people, especially when people from different cultures, states and even countries; gather interconnected thanks for the Internet. What brings up this same passionate fire? Treasure and lost history hunting. When we began opening up our files, experiences and expertise to sharing on the Internet, we came to find “treasure legends” and “lost history” can be as charged of a discussion as those surrounding religion or politics.

People, especially within Social Media and Internet Groups, are passionate about their views on lost treasure and lost history as much as they are about their religions and political affiliations.

Now you want to take something that easily ignites and turn it into a booming blowtorch?

 Just combine these topics: History+Treasure Legend+Relegion+Lost History and Multiple Foreign Countries; and you have a topic which can get pretty heated and passionate. Now there is a great TV show idea, right?

Oh, wait- there is a TV series like that, Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel.

Curse of Oak Island, talk about a passion, an igniter and something, which can turn into a blowtorch in an instant! For over 219 years this legend has been festering into an eruption of volcanic proportions. In one treasure legend, you have all the polarizing topics mentioned above, but it also brings people together. Over the last few months is has been very interesting to watch the social media groups grow in members (by several hundred percent) in the groups which gather to share, discuss, debate and debone the mystery known as Oak Island.  What is even more interesting is to see the connective threads, which bind the members of these groups together. But as interesting as the connective binds are, those binds can be ripped apart by personal views and opinions. These groups can become a place where people lose friends and infuriate people.

This part of this story is very personal for me. A long-standing friend on Facebook, after watching the last episode (Episode 9 of 10 for Season Two) – where our TreasureForce/Expedition History Dive Team Echo Team started their dive on the famous Oak Island 10x. This friend posted on my page the following comment after the airing of the episode:

  •  “Not cool… Done with it. This is corporate machine TV. You’re a part of it when you make excuses. No replies needed. Your minions will jump up and down with joy…not this guy.”

Wow, talk about a stinging post. Here is someone I consider a friend, have tremendous respect for, truly care about this person’s online friendship and ZAP; in a flash this friendship is lost. What was the disconnect or issue? The Episode NOT showing what we found and my friend not understanding we do not get to see nor approve the edits and when I share that with him, he basically called me a liar and posted the above. I felt like a hot knife stabbing into my gut. Something I cannot control on the TV end and I (just like him) am just as passionate about getting the REAL TRUTH OUT!

Over the last few weeks, I could tell the tempers were flaring and could see people morphing into something different. Words became harsher; the answers became shorter, curter and sometimes cutting. Why?

Reflecting on this it came to me that the series Curse of Oak Island is one TV Program that has all these “igniter elements” in one series:

  1.  History
  2. Treasure Legend
  3. Religion
  4. Lost History
  5. Multi-Cultural
  6. And, last but not least – 219 of frustration of no solid answers to the mystery

Do not get me wrong, I am NOT trying to paint this as a bad thing, it’s a passionate thing, but the manifestations of how the “passion and frustration” come out are an interesting study in human nature. People are FUSTRATED and Curse of Oak Island has hit a deeps seated wounded nerve.

Let’s look at each one of the “igniter elements” within The Curse of Oak Island and see if we can deduce what causes them to become flash points.

  1. History – Everyone has a stake in history and we have found overwhelmingly people around the globe KNOW that we have all been lied to about History, all throughout history.   We can see this frustration coming out in people engaging over Oak Island. People know and can feel that Oak Island is (as we maintain) a tipping point in the history of mankind. They can sense something big is coming and they feel the news, facts and information is just not coming out fast enough. On top of that frustration and anticipation, is the knowledge that “whatever is recovered from Oak Island may in the end may be taken over by the government and the news or details of the discovery may never see the light of day, due to their controversial nature.” You can see how this is a potential flashpoint.
  2.  Treasure Legend – In our work as professional lost treasure and lost history hunters we have found people to be as passionate about their own ideas as to what is or is not the “actual story” of any particular legend and if you do not concur, they can get pretty upset with you. For example, you should see when people read our posts and white papers that “The Lost Dutchman Mine” never existed. We have to be careful when we post that because the computer screen can heat up so much with all the squabbling that the papers on your desk could ignite! And remember this – Oak Island and its mystery go back longer and deeper so the passions may be ever greater!
  3. Religion – Boy, talk about a touchy subject and there is very little way (even with disclaimers and such warnings as “this is not a religious discussion but a scholarly discussion”) not to inflame a post and it still gets out of hand. With Curse of Oak Island, it is hard at times to discuss the potential of Holy Relics or the Ark of the Covenant being part of the Oak Island Mystery and not have people get “religiously defensive”. Case and Point: Another group member with some group credibility posted “The Ark could not be on Oak Island, since it is in heaven” and then started posting scripture verses. From a scientific standpoint, a response was posted (by me) that using the Book Of Revelations as the answer to where the Ark is now located, might need to be reconsidered since the Book of Revelations was written over 700 years after the disappearance of the Ark and the John who wrote the Book of Revelations was not the John with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, but a John who lived and wrote the book about 100 years AFTER the death of Jesus the Christ. Thus the attacking of me ensued and the original poster of the religious quotes and post DEMANDED an apology from me, even after my response included a disclaimer “that is was not a religious post but a scholarly fact”. Of course all kinds of people in the Oak Island group reprimanded the poster for posting religious materials in a treasure group and the flame war ensued. As for me, I have only blocked or unfriended two people from my association for what could be construed for religious reasons. One for posting a photo of his 4-year-old son urinating on the Flag of Israel. Was it because I support Israel or because I am a Jew? No, it is because that was the wrong indoctrination of an innocent child to hate over a symbol, religion or culture.  The other was a Muslim friend who posted a wall photo of severed heads hanging on fence post in the Middle East supporting cutting off heads in the name of religion. Those I can’t stand for, but to each their own religion. Unfriended and gone.
  4. Lost History – Lost history by default seems to be history that has not be lost but has been hidden or shelved by mankind since it conflicts with approved doctrine. Think of how many myths of the past are regularly and rapidly being proven as absolute fact. Thus, I feel people know they have been continually lied to about our collective history and there is a deep-seated mistrust of the government, the church and institutions over this deception and the their support of forbidden truths and hidden history. An educated citizens pent up anger of this comes out in online group discussions regarding all that we have lost of our collective history.
  5. Multi-Cultural Differences – Oak Island has a huge fan base and that fan base is all across the globe and represents many different countries.   When the discussions turn political or religious then the multi-cultural beliefs come into play. A great example are people in socialist countries commenting when, say someone in the USA, states a mistrust in government and the citizen on the other side of the planet states that government should control everything for its citizens. BOOM- FLAMES!
  6. 219 years – Now take all the above, combined with over 219 years of what seems to be perpetual unanswered questions and you can see the powder keg AND how people flock to this bright light like a moth to a flame.

For me, it is exciting as a History Author to see so many people getting reengaged over history and rediscovering how fascinating History can be when one starts to do a little digging combined with a lot of questioning.


bundleBut I would issue one warning. History on TV is better served as being called “Entertainment History as Television Programming”. Very little TV purporting History is really about putting forth history that shows all the real facts, figures and players involved. If you don’t believe this look up in TV scheduling just how many TV programs you can still watch about Columbus’ Discovery of America.

Television Programmers, Producers and Executives are still subject to two things:

  1. Their own biased personal belief systems, and;
  2. The sickness of Political Correctness over Historical Correctness.

Until people start demanding that “Historical Truth” become THE standard, then Historical SCI-Fi will still be the norm (Sci-Fi: acronym for Systematically Corrupted Identification and Falsified Identification of History and Historical Objects). Reports of new finds come out daily yet they are still systematically identified with old, antiquated and absolute corrupt definitions of what they are, who they came from and what they stand for. Today we need to start standing for and more important fighting for the TRUTH!

This need to FIGHT FOR TRUTH became intensely apparent for us, both as an exploration team and Authors/Publishers when we brought tremendous research to the table of the War Room on Curse of Oak Island, yet what was shown and divulged on TV was 1/75th of what we evidenced.


ONLY 1/75th of the newly discovered facts about Oak Island made it to your television set. Why is that? Mostly because TV is an entertainment medium and not an educational medium, and by that I mean the following: the show in questions needs ALL viewers, i.e., disbelievers, Spanish Treasure believers, Pirate Treasure Believers, Templar Believers, Alien Hidden Base Believers, Naysayers, Evangelists, Church Gold, Natural Gold and even Fools Gold believers to stay tuned. Thus offering an answer- a final answer is the polar opposite of programming goals.

Realizing this is how the system works, we were forced to write Solomon’s Secret and to detail the over 8000 pages of research we brought to the Curse of Oak Island. The real history is what has to be reported and as we have always said, Oak Island is the tipping point in history, which may get the world to stand up, be counted and take notice and demand HISTORICAL TRUTH.

We felt so strongly about Solomon’s Secret that we released a pre-order kit (limited to 1000 numbered editions), which includes 6 hours of audio inside secrets, teachings, and things you never got to hear on TV. This was the only way we could get the whole story out and educate people so that the story- the real history- can be told. We did only 1000 special edition kits and they are almost gone. It is those 1000 progressive and knowledge hungry who are going to have the full story and the inside story so they in turn can start evangelizing the world and changing the world one person at a time. (BTW, hurry the total 1000 allotted is almost gone).

You, just as my team and I, are very worried about the real truth behind Oak Island, what it is, who was there, why they were there and what it means to our collective history; and that it is going to be buried, covered up, government controlled, church confiscated and never make it into the history books, much less your own personal knowledge base. YOU DESERVE TO KNOW THE WHOLE STORY AND THE HISTORICAL FACTS.


The real story is TOO EXPLOSIVE, too history changing and there are trillions of dollars in claims at stake over the revealing of the real truth. Maybe one day all the truth and findings will be told, but do not expect it to be told on TV, that is NOT what entertainment TV does.

The ONLY way for the real truth and information to come out is INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS take the step to learn the truth, then start sharing the truth with others and then ALL OF US TOGETHER fighting for truth and hopefully starting a REVLOUTION FOR TRUTH.

However THERE IS A HUGE COST, aside from the coming War over History.

On this bit of history in particular – as it relates to what was really discovered on and around the famous Oak Island – is going to cost ALL involved or engaged in learning and sharing the real true history.

 What is that cost? You are going to LOSE FRIENDS and INFURIATE PEOPLE!

Truth has a price and the human condition is currently “knowledge is bliss” and when you start awakening people, opening their eyes to what has been hidden from them there are going to be those you piss off and they will turn on you in a heartbeat. They will try to call you out, attack your credibility and will call you the vilest of names. Some of the people will be your friends; some may be as close as your family. People you considered friends WILL start falling by the wayside and cutting you off.

Now you know why the name of this story is “How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People”, simply because ignorance is bliss and if you JOIN THE FIGHT FOR TRUTH and take steps to learn the truth and then start evangelizing those truths, YOU WILL start upsetting people who do not want to know the truth or as the saying goes “Cannot Handle The Truth!”

Please join us and FIGHT FOR TRUTH! Get educated, get the real story and truth from the SOURCES digging it up and putting it out there. You can make a historical difference when you are armed with the truth!

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Oak Island STORIES

What I Learned Hunting Oak Island – Facts, Fictions, Fanatical Fans and $190m SPENT!

SPOLIER ALERT: 2014 was an amazing year and as the hours click away marching forward towards 2015, reflections from this past year run through my head. This year was a flurry of amazing historic finds, inspirational people, committed warriors mixed with a venomous mix of toxic sludge and online hate.

For over 219 years men have tried to solve the riddle of Oak Island and it comes down to one two things: (1) Why so little results? (2) Why the unique engineering efforts? It is the baffling contrast of these two things, which keep this mystery such an engaging mystery. Is everyone ever involved in Oak Island and it’s legendary quest just total-bat-shit-crazy? What would obsesses men so much they would nudge up against the spending of over $190,000,0000 (in modern dollar equivalents) to keep trying to crack this enigma? IS it and WAS IT all for naught?

One hundred and ninety million dollars is quite the expenditure to attempt to solve Oak Island. Was a bit of a gold chain, or parchment and a few odd coins worth it?

Then again, how can one gauge the quenching of a thirst for knowledge or a thirst for history in mere dollars?

1901245_1596576600556956_6706889725755534359_nJust walking onto Oak Island was awe-inspiring and in many ways a spiritual adventure. One could sense, deep in their bones, they were walking upon ground that was special and at the same time a mysterious maiden. Ground which has been tormented and violated so much, but still not willing to regurgitate her deepest secrets. What made and makes this place Oak Island so special?

My own mind has come to believe the ground and story is infused with something very special and hard to extinguish – that of deep-seated passion, unbreakable will and the powerful thoughts and words of passionate men. So how best to explain this idea of the effect of “deep seated passion and the unbreakable will of mankind”?

Think about this: Dan Blankenship has been at solving Oak Island for 50 years straight! Look at the negative comments, ridicule, and mockery he has endured at the hands of the press all around the glove over those 50 years. But now, the story is becoming something else. One now sees the press turning and people starting to realize there really is something special about Oak Island. However, before the last two years, Oak Island has been mostly the butt of a bad joke and an example of “wasting ones time, money, resources and life”. Yet the saga continues. Many detractors and unlimited critics, but so much potential promise – it will come down to the bitter end to see who is on the proverbial “right side of the fence”. There is a reason; there is a cycle here to point out, so bear with me for a moment.


There is a little known study which can express how “mankind’s thoughts effect their surrounding environment”. Masaru Emoto shared this secret with me personally, and many times we dialoged over a great distance; being as I am an ardent and passionate supporter and admirer of his work.

Ma81FUKQDSu8Lsaru Emoto (江本 勝 Emoto Masaru, July 22, 1943 – October 17, 2014) was a Japanese author and entrepreneur, who both claimed and then evidenced, that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto’s theory evolved over the years, and his early work explored then verified through tests, his theory that water could react to positive thoughts and words, and that polluted water could be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization. Below is a picture of his work (please get a copy it will change your life) and a second photo, which will both inspire and scare you beyond belief.

Masaru put forth that “words, both spoken and written, could change ones environment”. His method for testing his theory was to as follows: Emoto claimed that different water sources would produce different crystalline structures when frozen. For example, he claimed that a water sample from a mountain stream when frozen would show structures of beautifully-shaped geometric design, but those structures would be distorted and randomly formed if the sample were taken from a polluted water source. Of course, as with anyone defying science or standing traditions, Masaru was vilified by the scientific community and harangued to give up his science methods to others (yes someone prompting focus on the good was badgered to death as being bad).

In simple NON-SCIENTIFIC TERMS: Take a molecule of water, freeze it in an instant and under intense magnification, crystalline structures would appear BUT WITH A TWIST – whatever the droplet was exposed to, either in sounds, words or even writing, the form of the crystal would mutate. SEE THE PHOTO BELOW


Pretty amazing, and even more astounding considering our planet is 71% water and our bodies are about 71% water at birth and can vary in our lifetimes between 55% and 78%. THINK ABOUT THAT WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE PHOTOS!

Masaru’s work tells me the following “WE DO IT TO OURSELVES!” If words, images of words, audible things, written things and spoken things can so drastically change a molecule of water from something of impeccable beauty to something fungus like, creepy at worst and shattered apart at best; then imagine how this effect US AND OUR ENVIRONMENT?


If Masaru’s work is even partially correct, then imagine just how much “faith, amazing thoughts, and passionate human will and will power” Oak Island has absorbed! And Oak Island is saturated with water and is an island! The place emits power!

But before the Island and the spoiler, lets visit the other side of the equation.

Anyone who is a friend of mine or has worked with me knows I have had a wide and varied career and one of the hallmarks of such is I strongly believe in the adage “If you can think it you can do it!” Negative thinking and such is just not part of my fiber and thus I will dare to dream and take on challenges most would never attempt.

spielbergLate in my career I shifted from Television and Marketing to Technology and sought to undertake a huge endeavor. Connecting the physical world to the virtual word with the connective gateway of a simple bar code and special bar codes. It was an amazing adventure with some of the best partners in the world: NBC, ABC, Coke, Scripts Howard, Microsoft, Intel, Tommy Hilfiger, Mitt Romney, Steven Spielberg and countless others.

It was a new idea; a new innovative frontier and we were forcing the old medias (newspapers, magazines and broadcasting) to enter the new frontier of online, social media and connectivity. Needless to say, when you have thousands of employees, offices in Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, London and Hong Kong you not only have a huge reach, but also you have tremendoucuecatzap1s exposure (both good and bad). But to make the dream happen, we had to take bold steps and do what others were not willing to do, i.e., force the old media system to embrace the new world of the Internet. We made a difference and we made many detractors – especially in the media. For every media outlet that embraced my innovative technology there were 10 that did not accept it, thus the only thing they could do was bash it- because to bash the technology was to bash their direct competitors who had embraced the change.

Needless to say, both my technology and myself were mercilessly attacked. To make a very long story short, the stock markets buckled, my company had a $7m a month capital burn rate, we did not make our public offering and then 9/11 happened – bankers lost, associates lost, friends lost and the markets lost with a total evaporation of the capital markets. My company went down in a spectacular spiral of flames. A real technology titanic (to use a Nova Scotia example).

Not only the flames of 9/11 or destructions, but also the flames of online flame wars:

[A flame war is a heated argument between two individuals, that results in those involved posting personal attacks on each other during or instead of debating the topic at hand. Most forums have rules that forbid flaming. This is because the quality of conversation on a forum can be seriously degraded by a flame war. Topics can be “hijacked” by two people who would rather flame each other than discuss the subject of the thread.]

Needless, the worst that could be said, was said online and to boot, those who did not adopt our revolutionary technology, which was forcing old media to change and become new media, had their heyday taking shots and hacks at me. Not a pretty site and nothing I would wish on my worst enemy.

But one-thing flame wars, and those who spew misinformation, hate and half-truths bent on destruction can never conquer is “absolute truth”. Oak Island and my very own tempered by fire technology experience have and had an “absolute truth”. My technology flame out helped me understand and bring discovery to Oak Island. Here is a little context.

If you read the online flame wars about my technology patents, my dream for a connected world; you would of initially read of my “innovative new company and technology” and then after the company went down about “stupidest invention ever”, “dumbest company ever”, “product was a flop” and many more worse things. Why the swing from “this guy is a genius, to this is the worst invention ever”? It is simple, people tend to hedge their bets and no one really wants to out on a limb – because they are afraid of falling.

Fear of failure makes people hop on what ‘seems” to be the winning bandwagon-at the moment.

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But let some time go by and when there is “absolute truth” involved, that truth always rises to the top and all the naysayers are proven wrong. Lesson – haters never win. They can hate and be very, very toxic; but in the end they (the haters) are the losers. They will find something new to hate, someone new to hate and a reason to hate. Why? Most psychologists will tell you it is because they hate THEIR LIVES and THEIR BEING and are usually beating on themselves for their very own lack of accomplishments, therefor they have a need to drag down, beat down and try to knock those in the limelight from the limelight. How do I know this is true?

Bill Gates was hated in the hardware world for thinking that software was the real key to the flourishing of the hardware. Steve Jobs was hated for thinking hardware could be design minded, easy to use (most, at the time, equated “hard to use and operate” proved “you were smart” and worthy).   Steve designed for the user and not the geek and took tremendous heat for it.

Explorers, Adventurers, Treasure Hunters and History Seekers take the same heat and ridicule. They are called all kinds of names, made fun of, made a mockery of and ridiculed from head to toe, but what the detractors are really saying is:

  1. “I wish I had the career you have!”
  2. “I wish my life was exciting!”
  3. “I wish I had a dream to dream!”
  4. “I wish I had the guts to adventure and leave the safety of a regular paycheck!”
  5. “I wish people talked about ME and what I am doing!”

It is easy to see the pattern. Hating on people is easy, supporting people’s dreams and encouraging dreamers to dream is a risk! How is it a risk for a bystander? Because when you dream with the dreamer and for the dreamer you are putting yourself out there as well and you too, want to see those you support succeed and you don’t want your hater friends to tell you; “See I told you so!” and laugh at you for believing in someone elses dream.

It is TIME, which is the eventual supporter of those who take risks. It is the lot of the explorer to the innovator to be misunderstood by contemporaries and to be heralded in the future as time passes.

As time marches on it is my strong believe (and I posses inside knowledge) Dan Blankenship and his 50 year quest will be the tipping point that changes history and causes a cascade of support for those on the new cutting edge of exploration and correcting history.

Scanning QR code with mobile phoneAs for me? Here I am a full 20 years after my initial development of my scan commerce and scan to connect technology idea and 17 years after deployment and even though the company went down in flames and the haters hated to the extreme, there are now 2.5 BILLON GLOBAL daily users of my scan to connect and scan commerce technologies and patents. Now one sees the unique codes on almost every retail product, flyer and brochure and everyone knows you can now just snap a photo with your cell phone of any barcode and find information, savings or promotions for the very product in your hand. So was it the “dumbest invention ever” or the “stupidest idea ever”? Only if you think there are 2.5 billion daily users of stupid around the globe and that every company that deploys a scan enable code is doing so because they too, are stupid.

Is Dan Blankenship stupid or wasting his time over the last 50 years? Are Rick and Marty Lagina and their partner Craig Testor idiots and wasting their time and money chasing a pipe dream?

To read in the Facebook Groups and see the comments, one will see the tremendous support for the brothers and the quest on Oak Island, but at the same time one sees a surge of posters who comment very negative and hurtful things about the brothers, the search, Dan and family and the steps being taken to attempt to solve the mystery of Oak Island. But, WHO really is the disconnected one here?  Those such as Rick, Marty, Dave, Dan, Jack and others who put it all out there for the world to see and put their lives and dreams under a microscope for all to see in the pursuit of a fantastic dream of “what if”? Or are the real disconnected ones the people who hate the idea, hate the hunt, hate the search, hate the idea and hate those who dream about Oak Island YET – THEY INTENTIONALLY JOIN THE SUPPORT GROUPS FOR OAK ISLAND?

Think about that! They HATE the very idea, thought, and process, some of the people or all of the people YET they JOIN THE ONLINE SUPPORT GROUPS for the idea and dream! How whacked is that? In truth, it is not whacked as much as it is a way of getting attention for themselves and drawing attention to themselves.

In conclusion, it takes a particular type of person to hunt lost history, bet their savings on a potential lost treasure and to commit their lives to chasing the unseen and unproven. It is not for the weak of heart and the weak of will or constitution. It also takes a special kind of person to support the dreams of others and to send well wishes, and positive thoughts to those putting it all out there and on the line.


There are two more episodes of “Curse of Oak Island”, it is my prediction (from first hand knowledge) that you are going to see many haters and naysayers “change their tunes” when it comes to Oak Island being a folly, sink hole or empty black hole.

thecurseofoakisland_2014_danblankenship-EYou are going to see a sequence where the “telling moment” in time will come when you see the man that matters the most in this – Dan Blankenship’s – and his eyes light up and see his thoughts, dreams and visions come into clear focus as he gains for what may be the very first time the “irrefutable, undeniable, not debatable, visual and verifiable proof” of what he has maintained for 50 years. The smile on his face, the light in his eyes and his words at that moment of reveal, made every second I spent on Oak Island worth it and had made every flame war I have been forced to fight with bundle naysayers and detractors worth it.

As time now drifts into 2015 you are going to begin to witness an unfolding of events which will set into motion a complete rewriting of history as we know it. You were here and you witnessed it happen. You can say decades from now that “you saw it happen with your own eyes” and your children and grand children will proudly say “When all these people around the world thought the guys on Oak Island for all those 219 years were nuts, my folks (grandparents, great grandparents) were loyal supporters and just knew Oak Island was monumental!

Just as the Movie TOP GUN inspired many to join the Navy or Indiana Jones inspired many to pursue archaeology or art history, the “Curse of Oak Island” is going to be the tipping point to inspire a whole generation of youth to adore, explore and chase history with passion. I know this to be true, because I was there!

The discoveries we made on Oak Island and in the pursuit of Oak Island forced us to write Solomon’s Secret and share all the information that cannot be shared in a simple on hour weekly TV program.treasureforce_Metal

P.S. Take one more look at Masaru Emoto photographic evidence of his discovery and ask yourself the following:

  1. Is what we say important?
  2. Is how we say it important?
  3. Do I create “crystals of wonder” in myself and the world around me?

In 2015, think about your words and their impact on all that see and read them! WORDS MEAN THINGS and WORDS MATTER!


What is it in our distant past that made the ancients behold it with such impressiveness?

Who has not, at one time or another, wondered “where do we come from”?

It is human nature to wonder about our nature, our origins, or place on the big blue and green ball called Earth.  Has any one period, society or station in history held the monopoly on providing the answer to “who are we” or “why are we”?


The following is an article written on December 13th, 2014 by Zakaria Bziker.  Zakaria is a student at Ibn-Tofail University (Kenitra, Morocco), currently pursuing a master’s degree in Education. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in General Linguistics and something in his writing, and or questioning, stirred me and I am presenting his work here on our blog.  We will only take you part of the way, and then you can clock on and go on to read the “rest of the story” as they say.

Kenitra – “Why should we be so arrogant as to assume that we’re the first homo-sapiens to walk the earth?” (J.J. Abrams et al., 2010)

No one remembers one’s moment of birth and neither does humanity. The beginning of man is a scientific mystery. This article, however, is not about how man came to be, but about shortly after that; it is about the dawn of humanity, a missing chapter in human history. People, in this forgotten chapter, mapped the earth and sky long before there were ancient Egyptians or Jews. They are not to be confused with Australopithecus, Homo Habilis, or Homo Ergaster. Instead, they are remembered by ancients as ‘gods’ because it is they who first engineered societies, leaving baffling traces on earth.

The idea of how humanity’s progress began is relative. Before the enlightenment, human civilizations throughout history viewed the past as glorious and expected the future to simply resemble and repeat the past. Mankind did not think highly of themselves until after Kant declared the motto “Sapere aude,” – dare to think for yourself. But the question remains: what is it in our distant past that made the ancients behold it with such impressiveness?

Scientific and technological progresses do not necessarily take thousands of years. The pace can be exponential, slow, or even regressive – exponential through accidental breakthroughs and inventions, e.g. the 20th century, but slow when impeded by a major force such as the Roman church or the Black Death that prolonged the dark ages for a century. Regression occurs due to a massive loss of knowledge, e.g. the burning of the Alexandria Library in 391 A.D. The idea that scientific and technological development takes millennia is an impression that we get from our assessment of the known history. Progress is inevitable and desirable for any civilization.

David-Vs-Goliath_crop_exactThe progress of science and technology changes the way we live presently as well as how we see the past and future. Our expectations of the future change based partly on the breakthroughs we make and the pace of the scientific development. Our visions of the past, too, change as we develop new ways of investigating facts. The current worldview of the past is that things were primitive, and that mankind emerged from a state of barbarism to become smarter and more capable. However, emerging evidence suggests otherwise beginning with Plato’s account of Atlantis, although, across the past two millennia, his account was considered fictional. In 1882, U.S. Congressman Ignatius Loyola Donnelly published his book ‘Atlantis: The Antediluvian World’ in which he gathers the then-available evidence in favor of an early mighty civilization that was far more advanced than they had any right to be. He mainly studied ancient myths and believed Plato’s account of Atlantis to be historically accurate.pob_fig005b

Forty-seven years later, in 1929, a medieval map called Piri Reis was found at the Imperial Palace library in Constantinople (Istanbul). This map inexplicably depicts, with unprecedented fine details, the continents of South America and Antarctica corresponding to present longitude and latitude albeit it dates back to 1513. It was not until after the Piri Reis map discovery that other maps of high precision started emerging, eg: the Ribero maps 1520-30, the Ortelius map 1570, and the Wright-Molyneux map 1599 (McIntosh, 2000:59).

The Piri Reis map was thought to have been based on Columbus’ explorations, though he never surveyed South America. Later, Charles Hapgood studied the map intensively and concluded that a remote and advanced civilization had existed and mapped the unexplored parts of the world before Columbus’ time (Hapgood, 1966). Hapgood’s unorthodox theory of earth crustal displacement also accounts for a preexistent civilized culture in Antarctica. Albert Einstein found that Hapgood’s ideas had scientific worth (Einstein, 1953).

Years later in 1978, Brad Steiger’s book ‘Worlds Before Our Own’ rekindled the issue of past advanced societies. Steiger studied the OPA (out-of-place artifacts) to support his theory which challenged the well-accepted idea that if humans were primitive in the past, common sense then says the deeper one digs down into the earth the more un-advanced artifacts one finds. What he actually found was that some advanced human artifacts are located in the lowest primordial geologic strata whereas primitive ones are located in upper strata (thus labeled Out-of-Place Artifacts). He also presented evidence that strongly suggests the cohabitation of dinosaurs and humans. Steiger’s unconventional book fueled other subsequent works such as Dead Men’s Secrets (1986), Forbidden Archaeology (1993), The Orion Mystery (1993), Fingerprints of the Gods (1995), and Technology of the Gods (1999). But, Steiger’s book was also met with a great deal of criticism.

Today, theories such as Steiger’s, along with supporting evidence, call into question the current worldview of the first people. When one subscribes to this unconventional and unaccepted theory of history, one is then driven to speculate two possible past events that put an end to these historical societies. Either they were so advanced that they destroyed themselves, or they were destroyed by a global cataclysm from which a few survived. The first case seems less probable than the second although there might be some clues that imply ancient warfare.

“When the first atomic bomb exploded in New Mexico, the desert sand turned to fused green glass. This fact, according to the magazine Free World, has given certain archaeologists a turn. They have been digging in the ancient Euphrates Valley and have uncovered a layer of agrarian culture 8,000 years old, and a layer of herdsman culture much older, and a still older caveman culture. Recently, they reached another layer, a layer of fused green glass” (New York Herald Tribune, 1947)

worldsbeforeourownThe assumption of uniformitarianism makes scientists attribute the current features of the earth surface to a slow process that took millions of years. The alternative view however suggests that these features are the result of a worldwide cataclysm that took place mere thousands of years ago. In this regard, three pieces of evidence in favor of the past cataclysm will be discussed.

First, we have the problem of the carbon dating method. Most geologists use carbon dating to determine the age of fossils and geologic strata. The reliability of this method requires a balance between the forming and decaying of radioactive carbon that has been maintaining its equilibrium for millions of years in earth’s atmosphere. However, carbon’s forming and decaying has not even yet reached equilibrium on earth for the amount of C14 that is being produced is greater than that which is being decayed. As a result, we cannot use today’s C14 ratio (0.0000765%) in the atmosphere as a benchmark to measure the presence of C14 in ancient fossils. Plus, it is hopeless to correlate earth’s epochs with the geologic column since the latter is based on fiction (Huse, 1983:15; Smith, 2012:242). Vertical petrified trees are the whistleblower that exposes the invalidity of the geologic column. Many petrified trees running across multiple geological strata have been observed in nature which could only suggest that these strata formed in a short period of time, a result of a rapid cataclysmal sedimentation for example, but not millions of years (Harold 1969; 1971, Rupke, N.A, 1970).

Secondly, there is scientific evidence of a past near-extinction event, also known as population bottleneck event. The two researchers William Amos and J.I. Hoffman from University of Cambridge found genetic evidence for a sudden and drastic decline of the world population to a very small number of people thousands of years ago (Amos & Hoffman, 2010:131-7). This is speculated to be caused by a worldwide cataclysm.

Third, there are stunning similarities among several ancient myths and legends of different people across the globe on the event of a past global catastrophe, more specifically a global flood similar to the one mentioned in both Biblical and Qur’anic accounts. Some of these myths are Sumerian creation myth (ca. 1600 B.C.), Ancient Greek flood myths, ancient myths of Kwaya, Mbuti, Maasai, Mandin, and Yoruba people in Africa, Yu the Great (ca. 2200 B.C.) and Nüwa in China, Tiddalik in Australia, Hopi mythology in North America, Unu Pachakuti myth of the Incas in South America and this is not the end of the list for there are more than 500 ancient deluge legends (Cox, 1997:198; Dey, 2012: 112; Wohl, 2000:273; LaViolette, 2005: 235). These myths are traces of a global collective memory referring to an actual event in the distant past.


Secret Codes Hidden in Ancient Books- Do They Really Exist? Curse of Oak Island

Ever since the release of modern mega-best-sellers such as Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code” the art, hobby and discipline of finding and cracking ancient codes buried in long forgotten texts has become a popular pastime.

But do such mystical codes really exist?


If you were to skim headlines of various news sources here is what you would find:

  • British scientist uncovers ‘secret messages’ hidden in Plato’s ancient text – SNIP: “His works have been scrutinized and debated for more than 2,000 years by the greatest minds in history. But it turns out the Greek philosopher Plato still has a few surprises up his sleeve. In an extraordinary discovery, a British academic claims to have uncovered a series of secret messages hidden in some of the most influential and celebrating writings of the Ancient World. The codes suggest that Plato was a secret follower of the philosopher Pythagoras and shared his belief that the secrets to the universe lie in numbers and various maths.
  • Hidden Messages and The Bible Code – “Journalist Michael Drosnin, who claims that the Hebrew Bible contains a very complex code that reveals events that took place thousands of years after the Bible was written. Drosnin contends that some foretold events later happened exactly as predicted.”
  • Shakespeare’s Secrets: A Hidden Cipher in Literature’s Greatest Works? – “William Shakespeare has for centuries been considered one of the greatest literary figures of all time, but a secret cipher hidden within the very pages of his plays may tell an exceedingly different story, one of forbidden marriages, a forgotten prince, and most of all, the genius of one man: Francis Bacon. Born in sixteenth century England, Sir Francis Bacon was not only Lord Chancellor of England under James I, but was also a brilliant philosopher (British Broadcasting Company, 2012). Though not appreciated in his time, one of Bacon’s greatest achievements was a simple cipher he incorporated in his written works called the Baconian cipher (Sherman, 2010). The Baconian cipher does not possess great strength against decryption; instead its immense power and intrigue resides in its ability to make mystery lie, or appear to lie, in everything.”

If you are one of the weekly millions of fans who tune into “The Curse of Oak Island” you know my online friend Petter Amundsen has authored a book and theory about the works of Shakespeare and the theory they may be what lay buried beneath Oak Island.



Here is a bit about Petter an interview website: Petter Amundsen is an organist, a Freemason and co-author of the book Organisten (The Organist). Since 2002 he has decrypted a number of steganographic ciphers believed to be hidden in several first editions of William Shakespeare and Sir Francis Bacon’s books. In 2003 Amundsen excavated two sites at the legendary Treasure Island – Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. His findings didn’t go unnoticed as it attracted media attention and amazed many in the local community, among them landowner Dan Blankenship. In 2009, he was featured in a four episode TV series, Shakespeares skjulte koder (Shakespeare: The Hidden Codes) which broadcasted on Norwegian TV channel NRK1. In 2012 Amundsen published his second book, Oak Island & The Treasure Map in Shakespeare. In late April 2012 his full feature documentary “Shakespeare: The Hidden Truth” was released in Norwegian cinemas. In 2014, he was featured in an episode of History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island. In the first hour, Petter tells how he came to find secret messages in Shakespeare and how he learned to decrypt them. He’ll discuss key elements and symbolism. We’ll also discuss the controversy surrounding the authorship of Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, the Rosicrucians and how the ciphers lead to Oak Island in Canada. In the second hour, Petter explains how freemasonry helped him to decipher this mystery. He’ll speak more about Oak Island’s man made underground system, the finds, the excavations and its location, which is related to the constellation Cygnus. He’ll also talk about the lamp, or the menorah and the Ark of the Covenant.  (you can find or buy Petter’s Book here)


My personal answer: a powerfully delivered ABSOLUTELY YES!  But there are conditions!

There is always a but, isn’t there?  Yes there is and the “but” in this case it is the DOCUMENT you are using to decode your CODE with.  Recently, on Facebook I was challenged by a young “code and ancient cypher cracker”.  In commenting on my personal thoughts on “How to Find and Decode Ancient Codes in Lost Manuscripts” the comment expressed by me, is “most code cracking in literature is flawed, due to poor research results.  Not of the code and the Author, but of the PATH PUBLISHING TOOK.  Needless to say – online flame hell was unleashed calling me jaded and that was the nicest term used (no biggie, one gets used to it, when you live in a professional where scent and theory collide daily).

So what was my point in stating this.  The picture to follow – posted in an open public forum as a pice of “expert decoding: is what triggered the discussion.  Take a look at the photo:

decoding in texts


This photo was submitted as final proof of “code cracking abilities and the existence of a hidden code within an ancient published work”

Now, put your investigative eyes on and look very closely at BOTH the WORDS and the PHOTO ABOVE:  “codes within ancient published work”.

Go ahead, take your time, no rush at all – we are going to come back to this photo above, but to help you understand where I am headed with this and what it really takes to crack hidden codes within ancient works, lets look at the most logical ancient text, which happens to be the most commonly one used – The King James Version of The Holy Bible.


In the photo immediately above of the King James version of The Holy Bible, you are looking at as close to a original document as you could find or have access to without travel to the Holy Archives.

What do you notice about the wording, the style, the layout and the presentation?  Let’s rattle them off one-by-one:

  • Spelling of Words which are different than modern times
  • Non-columnized format with different spacing and indentation than modern times
  • Words which are no longer used in the Modern vocabulary

Why are these important?  Because the layout and many beginning and ending letters of words will be DIFFERENT in Ancient text side-by-side with modern text.

MY POINT:  Coding within texts (unless it is a modern book published with intentional codes) can only be properly decoded when using ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS and/or exact duplicates.

Now, lets go back to the photo which was first referenced (here below posted once again):  TO REPEAT: 

This photo was submitted as final proof of “code cracking abilities and the existence of a hidden code within an ancient published work”

Now, put your investigative eyes on and look very closely at BOTH the WORDS and the PHOTO ABOVE: “codes within ancient published work”.

decoding in texts


Here are the facts about the above photo:

The words are modern words of the ancient equivalents – therefore the coding cannot be accurate, but even more glaring?  Can you spot it?

The above photo, where the supposed secret code is revealed, is the CONTENTS PAGE.  The Table of Contents page.  NOTE TO RESEARCHERS:

In true ANCIENT TEXT there were NOT Table of Contents and Indexes – therefore by DEFAULT hidden codes cannot exists since the indexing (and in the case of above – columnized index) was never present in the original text and since it is in column SOLEY DECIDED BY THE PUBLISHER TO SAVE PAPER SIZE AND SPACE, how can the original author of have KNOWN this would occur a hundred years laters to these exact specifications?  There lay the pitfalls of hidden codes within published works.

This image may help further prove this point.  Remember, I said many people look for codes within The Holy Bible?  Well take a look here at a redlined copy of JUST ONE modern bible to the next and see the difference in what has been changed and deleted over time!

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.52.05 PM


The moral of this story?  The ONLY WAY TO DECODE code which are hidden within text – specifically ancient text, are to obtain or travel to study such ancient texts in the original published formats.

YES YES YES Hidden Codes are buried within ancient text, both in word and symbols.


UPDATE:  although I did not publish the name of the “author decoder” of the wisdom of the ancients” book page above, he has joined in the groups and claimed his work.  So you might be able to see how this type of decoding goes here is his decoding (along with how he now post all over my postings)  anyway, lets analyze : Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 8.36.29 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 8.47.14 AMScreen Shot 2014-11-22 at 8.47.48 AMScreen Shot 2014-11-21 at 1.13.44 PM

Now IF we follow this decoding logic, here is what we must assume:  The “positioning” of the letters in the document (see photo below) are what spells out what Mr. Gallagher decodes as “Ps” “Vino”  and so on.  Now personally I cannot follow the logic of how a letter, then transcodes to a word, then transcodes into a different word then transcode into a modern synonyms ?  And MOST of such synonyms are modern word creations which did not exists when the Author wrote the work?  So how can this be the original decoding?  Lookout the “decoded photo” once again:

decoding in texts

Now look at the original content page as formatted in an original republication dating many many years before the photo above:

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 8.51.50 AM

Notice what is key?  Different spacing, formatting, words, positioning and NO COLUMNS – thus which one could possible contain a hidden code?  A modern republished book where a publisher is trying to save space and paper (then how to the doodles on the page make the same formations??) or the Original works of the Author?  My experience tells me it is the original work which contains codes – hidden codes – IF THERE IS ANY HIDDEN CODE TO BE FOUND!.

POINT:  Always go back in time to the source material.


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Treasure Blaspheme or Boustrophedon Treasure? Curse of Oak Island and

You know when something becomes a POP CULTURE phenomenon when people get into heated debates over the topic and people begin to have a full-on-vested-interest in the outcome of something or the way something is portrayed.

For me personally, I have ben sitting at my Mac for 6 hours straight trying to answer emails, message and social media questions regarding the “90 Foot Stone of Oak Island” {90 foot stone referring to the stone found at the 90 foot depth level of the Oak Island Money Pit}.



 This is the story and segment that created the stir (just a clip not the whole bit, visit for that)

What is amazing me is just how “personal” people are taking the goings on with The Curse of Oak Island. The overwhelming majority feels as though Rick, Marty and Craig is their personal friend and they are rooting for them to win; and then there are a handful of others saying things like “grave robbers”, “looters” “fake and scripted TV”. Now there is no way to convince any serious and convicted “doubting Thomas” if they are intent on “ill words” and “falsehoods” or just “stirring the pot” BUT, one can comment on the real facts.

First and foremost, one is impressed when they stand back and look at the admirable measured patience with which Rick and Marty Lagina and Craig Tester display in getting to the bottom of this world gripping and current HOT ON TV mystery! As displayed in past Oak Island efforts, they are NOT ripping apart the island, but methodically searching for real clues, and real answers so they might become “convinced to dig” and uncover once-and-for-all the answer waiting below. The ONLY one sure thing about Oak Island is how thorough and professional it is being managed and handled by the Laginas.

Now for the “controversial soup de jour” – the “90 Foot Stone”, here are the facts:

  1. The stone is real and was cross confirmed by more individual eyewitness accounts than any other single artifact ever found on Oak Island, and;
  2. There were countless rubbings, drawings and recordation’s of this infamous stone made in the 1800’s and recorded with local archives and newspapers of the day.

But here are some facts even more important than the two above:

  • There is more than one stone with the same language
  • There are numerous locations around the Island, and;
  • The stone is 100% – yes 100% matched to an ancient language that was:
    • Thought to be extinct at one time, and;
    • Totally unknown and related to Canada, Nova Scotia of any North American languages

10409511_1573316166216333_5909212237460878814_ngroup banner

Now for the complication:

  • The ancient language is boustrophedon in nature and orientation. This simply means – it is not read left to right as we currently do AND the discovery and original orientation MEAN EVERYTHING!

Wikipedia says this about boustrophedon writing (the links have been left connected and live):

Boustrophedon (/ˌbaʊstrɵˈfiːdən/ or /ˌbuːstroʊˈfiːdən/; from Greek βουστροφηδόν, boustrophēdon “ox-turning” from βοῦς, bous, “ox” and στροφή, strophē, “turn”; that is, turning like oxen in ploughing) is a kind of bi-directional text, mostly seen in ancient manuscripts and other inscriptions. Every other line of writing is flipped or reversed, with reversed letters. Rather than going left-to-right as in modern English, or right-to-left as in Arabic and Hebrew, alternate lines in boustrophedon must be read in opposite directions. Also, the individual characters are reversed, or mirrored.

The name “boustrophedon” is taken from the Greek language. Its etymology is from βούς, bous, “ox” + στρέφειν, strephein, “to turn” (cf. strophe), because the hand of the writer goes back and forth like an ox drawing a plough across a field and turning at the end of each row to return in the opposite direction (i.e., “as the ox ploughs”). It was a common way of writing in stone in Ancient Greece.

Many ancient scripts, such as Safaitic and Sabaean, were frequently or typically written boustrophedonically, but in Greek it is found most commonly in archaic inscriptions, becoming less and less popular throughout the Hellenistic period.

By analogy, the term may be used in other areas to describe this kind of alternation of motion or writing. For example, it is occasionally used to describe the print head motion of certain dot matrix computer printers. In that case, while the print head moves in opposite directions on alternate lines, the printed text is usually not in boustrophedon format.

The Egyptian language, represented with hieroglyph texts and wall reliefs, is the major hieroglyphic language from antiquity; the only other language that also had a hieroglyph version, was the Luwian language and its hieroglyphic Luwian, read boustrophedon; (most of the language was in cuneiform). Other languages that appear to have hieroglyphs are explained as glyphs that make up a language with “script characters” or sets, (with some characters that are virtually identical to varieties of hieroglyphs).

283px-Example_Boustrophedon_(Ancient_Greek).svgCurvy_boustrophedon_example_by_ndgmtlcdgreek boustrophedon


It is bad enough we have to “plow” through the decoding (pun intended) but with the original orientation unknown the decoding is about 39 to the 18th power of possible “decoding”, thus we have solicited help from the three best Universities in the world for solving this, so we make sure we present the one and only true decoding of the Oak Island 90 foot stone.

Alas, there is more much more to come and with last night’s episode airing, the local politicians were back on the local news. Watch for this to heat up.

As one fan and one “hater” online asked me in messages this morning: “Why are you against the government getting involved?” My answer?

“The Lagina’s as impeccable pros with incredible standards, ethics and solid practices. They want the history solved, the mystery solved and the World to know the truth.” I continued, “History shows, when local, state and federal governments gets involved and what is found is history changing, then – in almost every single instance the results are hidden way – if not forever, for half a century or more! Just look at the Dead Sea Scrolls”.

“Yes this is history shattering and mind bending, and when politics, traditions, entitlements, current thinking, degrees and history books collide with what is found, most of – if not all- of the findings end up in the proverbial “crate in the warehouse” just like in Indiana Jones!”

adjusted oi groupoak island reach meme

As for me, my mind wants to EXPLODE with all that we know and can’t share yet. But, I for one DO NOT WANT my history – the World’s History locked away and never see the light of day! WHAT SAY YOU?

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